Secret Garden; A Place of Healing

The "SECRET GARDEN" is a Gift From God to Anna and Peter. It is an Oasis in the Desert, a tropical garden miracle of mature growth, a holy place of Healing and Grace. The Secret Garden has become a place where people come whether they be Friends, Patients, or Bothers and Sisters looking to learn of the knowledge Anna and Peter have been blessed with the last thirty-five years of active treatment.

In the heart of the Sonoran Desert, this oasis has been transformed in only 2 years from a dry and arid desert landscape to a garden paradise of cool grasses, warm inviting flowers, and God's gentle creatures that frequent the grouds continually. Much of the same theory and application used in our Spiritual Therapy applications were used in the production of this garden; blessing the waters, speaking and even singing to the plants, and when possible using their gifts for the daily meals we and any of the many guests who come to our home partake. 


We actively use the "Secret Garden" as a place of consultation, exercise, prayer, meditation, instruction, and learning. The temperate Phoenix weather allows for almost year-round usage of the "Secret Garden" as a true place of healing.

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Our Current Private Out-Patient Consultation Locations;

The Corridors of Pinnacle Peak                       Home Office:

2155 W Pinnacle Peak Road, #201                     3445 West Valley View Trail

Phoenix, AZ 85027   (Closed)                            Phoenix, AZ 85086

                                                                                        602-315-6894   602-459-5318