Who’s The Soldier Now? Peter’s Story Continued

But by this time I am beginning to suspect that when my mother tells me to do something, “it may?”, just might be somewhat prophetic, and most certainly blessed!

So I reluctantly promise to go, but when I hear it’s an all day deal, I said “NO WAY!” With a great deal of prompting and a bit of insisting on my mothers part I reluctantly concede, promising only to stay one hour, and deciding if it was good, I would order the cd on their website, and then just listen on my way down to Phoenix. Actually, I was needing some new material for that daily trip.

I go to the men’s meeting at my moms church.

Absolutely amazing!

As I walk in, there is a man who greets me and I swear he looks like Christ himself. I notice you are supposed to pay, but I didn’t bring anything, so I said “do you want me to go get some money?”, he says; “no just come in”.

I say “ok, well I’m not staying long, but I will bring a check with me Sunday for the event”. But the man (Robert) insists; “don’t worry about it, just come in and enjoy!”