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Who Poisoned the Water

Many of the same people out there that share the same question’s as to the why, often ask what possible benefit would it demonstrate for a small group of individuals, corporations, or even countries, to desire to kill so many innocents’? If even there was one or two individuals, or a few that wanted to accomplish such a diabolically ruthless destruction of the innocent, how could so many collaborators be organized in secret to perpetrate such an act, undetected, on so many levels, by many unrelated companies, over such a long period of time. It seams impossible to think how long it would take to set such an act up, let alone pay for it?

Let us suppose there is an entity out there that utterly and entirely hates all people, and wants nothing else than to either kill, control, or enslave all man kind for one reason, because we, people, are created in the image of God, and he is not.

Isaac Newton said; “energy can not be created or destroyed merely converted from one form to another.” So here is this poor, pathetic entity, this large bundle of potential energy, that by it’s own choice, and “free-will”, walked away from God, and doing so also walked away from everything that was good, loving, light, truth, peaceful, tender, joyful, giving, healing, life filled, compassionate, satisfying, restful, and honoring. And since this entity can not be destroyed, it was doomed to an eternity of living in complete absence of God, you take away all good, and all you have left with is the opposite… bad. How sad the entity is, when it has to exchange everything that is good for evil, love for hate, light for darkness, truth for a lie, peace for war, tenderness for harshness, joy for terror, giving for theft, healing for sickness, life for death, compassion for cruelty, satisfaction for thirst, rest for anxiety, and honor for all forms of belittlement.

We can give it a name, does it really matter which one, for even the least of man kind, being created in the image of God, is infinitely superior to anything that is not. We could call it lucifer, a cockroach (fitting), or an amoeba, a wisp of air, a rock, a pretty stupid choice, the devil, Darth Vader, Ronald McDonald, or maybe something more fitting to it’s true ability to effect us, especially if we just decide not to let it; Boo-Boo the imaginary killer bear hiding under our bed.

Then let us also suppose, since this creature is away from, in essence the opposite of God, it exists within a realm that exhibit’s all of those factors, bummer for him. While God love’s, he only hates, everything, even himself. While God is about peace, Boo-Boo is about war, strife, and aggression. While God creates everything even life, Boo-Boo only wants to steal, destroy and kill.

Boo-Boo can’t create anything, he is only a stuffed bear, but can he steal? In John 10:10 is says; “the thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy.” He “only comes to” do that, it doesn’t say he actually does it. I have also heard it spoken in church, that he can steal that which was created by God, but can he really? For if he could, wouldn’t he have long ago stole everything? Or maybe can he only take what man has freely given to him by us?

Can he kill, create sickness? If he could, wouldn’t he have killed all man, created a super bug or cancer that would have destroyed us, destroyed everything long ago? The Bible teaches in deuteronomy, among others, that disease is the curse that comes from sin, our sin, sin that people do, maybe that we create. Sure we are being tricked and prompted by satan, but we still do it. But Boo-Boo never minds taking credit, it can add to our fear reverence of him.

Gen 3:17; “Cursed is the ground for thy sake”, we sin, our sin has an effect on the ground, the world around us (see; Visions of Reality), with the choices of our sin, disease results, and this result then prey’s on the innocent and wicked alike.

So here is a Good God that gives so many diverse gifts to His children, why?, because He loves them more than all of rest of the universe itself, more than He even loves His own life. What good Father would not gladly step in front of a bullet for his child? Any Good Father I know!

God gives us all, all of us, an infinity of everything we can immagion, every sort of wisdom, knowledge, raining blessings down on heads of His many children, as we play joyfully in the soft grasses of gardens blossomed on the breeze of His own breath, we dance through this wonderful life holding hands of other children, His own son’s and daughter’s, shining eyes of diamond sparkles bright in their perfect design each and every one of them. The blessings are as infinite as the creation of the universe He has so freely given us, all for the use and benefit of us, for to bless us and each other, and in so doing give glory to the giver.

Well ok, it’s getting harder and harder to see the dance, through this neck deep muck and mire of sin we have to wallow through all around us. We can’t blame God, we created it with all of our sin. No wonder the world is at a point of regurgitating from the sickness we have polluted it with (next blog).

But then there is Boo-Boo and his other little buddies, the rest of the “beanies”, whispering into God’s children’s ears, coercing them to miss-use that which was designed for good. Prompting them to use God’s blessings in a way that is not about growth or good, but dwell’s in a more diabolical outcome, one that will ultimately be bad for either the person directly, or someone around him, and thus ultimately for himself as well.

Yes this creature, this immortal stuffed under the bed hiding bear Boo-Boo, has powers that men can hardly comprehend, a diabolically complex ability to manipulate on a worldly scale, either directly or through the other lessor minions he has power over. It can, mirroring as God does, whisper into the ears and minds of people, louder for those who listen, but a mere nudge for those who don’t. It can prompt through the gifting’s of things it has already acquired dominion over, things of this world, but what it can not do, is create! For to create would put it in a class, or image, that it is not, one with God and man.

People on the whole have a natural tendency to know what is good for them and what is not, and they certainly wish, for the most part, to give their own children what is good and necessary for them to grow up healthy, and continue on long past their own existence. So if Boo-Boo is going to get the children, he is going to have to do it under the watchful eyes of the parent’s.

Ok back to our original question, and we will stick with just one; why would corporation’s or nation’s put poison’s in something like immunization’s or our water?

So here comes Boo-Boo, and he comes up with a diabolical plan, forged in the minds of greedy men, men or families Boo-Boo manipulated centuries ago through power and greed, promising rule, a cold loveless crown of gold and gems, so he could manipulate them into positions of power he could use when the time was right. Boo-Boo gave them riches and power, at least the ones he had control over, all a while whispering in their ears, telling them what he would have them do, “dominate over the people, for they are under you”, he would tell them.

“Enslave them for it is your right by birth”, he would tempt them, for they lust for power. And eventually; “kill God’s children”, for the ultimate lust for innocent blood is the perverted end of all power. But never forget, it was always their choice! These men, these puppets, when they would give him an inch, an idea, Boo-Boo wanted a death, a sacrifice, a theft, a baby thrown in a fire, some poison in a well. Attack God’s people any and every way possible, to the ultimate destruction of all people as a whole.

But these men are not fools either, for what happen’s if a ruler is found to be to cruel, or too many children turn up missing, and the mob figures out it’s the rich guy up on the hill? The mob grabs their torches, pitchforks and storms the castle. It doesn’t matter how many troop’s an emperor has guarding his back, if the mob decides you are dead, your goose is cooked on a stick, or dangling from a rope. Even the great Julius Caesar fell to the mob! History is a dark teacher, full of ghost stories and tales of terror to those who live in the dark places, especially when they are sitting without the luxury of a lamp.

So here we have these very rich guys that have been in Boo-Boo’s pocket for centuries, they know they can’t just do something that is to direct, as to wake up suspicion, but must maneuver in secret, through many channels, using many levels, covering their tract’s and keeping their ultimate identity secret.

They long control as much as they can, and realizing what is the best thing to control, if you want a greatest deal of influence, answer; money, and thus be able to buy up all the blessings of God. So they strive to own all the major banks, maybe even production of money itself, the markets, the oil, all the wealth, and they eventually lust to own, or at least control, the various governments around the world.

Of course it has been only in recent times that this was even possible to control nearly all of the monies, countries, and ultimately the people of the world. Many have tried conquering the world throughout time, and I am sure through more than a prompting or two from Boo-Boo, but the vast distances and enormous man power it would require to not only take control but to keep it, would make it impossible to enslave the entire world at the same time. Plus there would have to be something that everyone, everywhere needed, and if you controlled this, you controlled them. Oil does allow this for the first time in history.

Caesar, Montezuma, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Oprah, when they all realized they could’t rule the world it wasn’t long before they fell. If any one country gets to strong before total domination can occur, Boo-Boo get’s working, I mean whispering, and starts destroying it from inside as wells as out. Once he find he can not achieve his goal of world domination, adios muchacho’s, or muchacha’s in some cases.

Boo-Boo’s ultimate plan is bring everyone over the entire world under his control. That is a big plan for a little bear hiding under a bed! He is crafty, you have to give him that!

In order for him to accomplish this, since he can not do it himself, for he is but a stuffed bear, he must stick his “lackey”, his puppet, his pathetic little toy, in that place of total domination, it is only then, that he has any hopes to rule. How sad is that he hates the puppet more than he even hate the rest of us! How do I know this?, because Boo-Boo just wants to destroy all of us, he wants to not only destroy puppet boy, he will betray, turn on him, and ultimately feed him to the wolves when his usefulness is exhausted. History!! What a moron puppet boy is!

So here is this small group of puppets that control all of the money, oil, and basic treasures of the world, it is through the money they also try control the armies. the puppets are constantly being whispered to, for as things heat up, so do all of the many complex interactions of the cogs involved. It requires a constant bombardment of voices, like a stadium of screams and demands, pestering on the inside of the poor children’s brains, that have foolishly given themselves. I am sure it must sound like a swarm of venomous insects. What started out as a greedy little tickle, ended up as Kaleidoscope of loneliness and deprivation that could push anyone beyond the boundaries of sanity. How could a person not pity the puppets!

Little do these fools know, that everything they have, everything good, was a blessing from God, and what an opportunity they might have had to really make a difference for The Kingdom, and ultimately in their own lives throughout eternity, had they just listened to a softer, loving voice, instead of Boo-Boo.

Very soon just controlling a vast multinational company is not enough, maybe control over entire industry might do it, or maybe a small country, but that’s not enough, a large country, or many? How can we blame these poor puppets, for he is just chases worldly gold, like a crazed dog chasing it’s tail. In his heart he longs for a gift from God, attempting to feel some kind of completion, but little does he know satisfaction in this life can come from one place only, and that is through doing something for which a person was designed to do. A man could own the whole world, and if it was not what God had designed, no satisfaction would come, for satisfaction comes not from Boo-Boo, only thirst for more.

Then there is Boo-Boo whispering in his ear again, find me a way to kill children, and some scientist comes up with the brilliant idea; we will have this or that company put mercury, or some kind dormant virus in the inoculations of children. Boo-Boo’s top men make it happen! Boo-Boo whispers in ears of other men, other puppets, what would be good to add to drinking water? An idea come from a man; hydroflourosilicic acid, more toxic than lead! More ideas, more money, body scanner are used to irradiate children’s bodies, because of some made up terrorist threat, that the average American has a greater chance of dying of a bee sting then dying from terrorist attack’s. Dormant cancer causing viruses are animated by the radiating (public record), and the cases of cancer in children in America goes up 3000% in the last ten years. No problem Boo-Boo gets the media to lie, and blame someone else, “the wrath of God maybe.” Boo-Boo is excited.

Boo-Boo talks to key people in the educational system, promising fame and wealth if they will demise a way to reduce the population, so they write about the need for population reduction, the necessity to get rid of people, all stemming on the backs of what is good for the world, environmental. Little do they know as they conceive ways to destroy God’s children they add murder and lust for blood, to the already feverish state the world is in. This world was created for man and not the other way around.

“The company you control with your money, or the grant’s they rely on for their success, they will do what you tell them, or you destroy them.” Boo-Boo then continues by telling him to talk to the media, they will make sure that only the information he wants released get’s out, the truth will be squashed! Whisper in one ear, make a suggestion, a promise with no intent to fulfill, help another’s career, just to destroy when they are used up, create an army of puppets ruled by another puppet. There is always plenty to whisper in his ear, the one puppet that has proven over and over to do what Boo-Boo demands. There are many ways to get what he wants these days, plenty of ears to whisper in. Most will sell there devotion for much less then their fathers did, for it is gold Boo-Boo has, but souls he desires. How pathetic they all are, Boo-Boo must think, selling their souls for much less than Judas did.

Boo-Boo talk’s to the politician’s and if he doesn’t directly, the men who control them with power and money, do the talking. Getting them to vote on bill’s forcing people to use their poison. Writing in this or that law that rob’s the children of God the provisions given them by the Father, and deposit’s it into the bank account’s of the puppets he has under his thumb. Signing law’s without even reading them, for they show where their devotion lie, and it is not with the people, but in the thirty pieces of silver.

Boo-Boo puts the squeeze on all the people by inflicting harder and harder conditions in which they try to provide for their families. But it is never Boo-Boo, he can’t do anything, but men; because of their sin, that’s why the squeeze happen’s, Boo-Boo just whisper’s in men’s ears so they think they are profiting from it and squeeze even more.

 Genesis 3:17 “And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;”  18 “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;”  19 “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

Families are destroyed, women are used, father’s loose hope, visionaries close their eyes, men of power become pawn’s, other’s who once stood for honor sell their devotion for thirty pieces of silver.

What does Boo-Boo do, he just keeps whispering.

The question is not, who or why?

The question is; how could it be any other way?

So what do we do? Well, we can storm the castle with pitchfork and torch? Not a bad idea, but God did say “Vengeance is mine”.

Ok, well if everyone started to open up their eyes and just spread the word, light would shine into dark places, and we all know what happens; the cockroaches scatter!!

The funny thing is, as the puppets get further along, it would seem like they are getting sloppy, or maybe they are just starting to feel like they have to communicate to get some kind of order in the chaos. Perhaps like some pathetic prison cell mate bragging about the number of bikes he stole before getting caught, they just seem to desire to gossip (not surprising), what ever it is almost everything is readily available on the web, and miraculously right from their very hand.

Is it possible these old rich puppets hiding up in their castles or down in their not so secret bunker’s think they could be safe from God when His vengeance come’s knocking. Pharaoh did!

Well hopefully they will realize one day, that they are also children of God, and no matter how many babies have been killed no one is beyond forgiveness. Everything that has happened has done so as predicted in the Bible, and only God knows the future, the end is already spelled out clear as day.

So the real question is do you believe a sure thing, truth, or do listen to Boo-Boo?

It is never to late to believe, even at the moment you are hanging on the cross.

By Peter Colla

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