Who Is The Greatest Sinner

The man given everything he has ever wanted or needed, loving parents, all the abilities to guarantee success in life, the best schools, a beautiful safe and secure home, a loving and faithful wife, healthy beautiful successful children, a great career, all the money he could ever want, or use, then one day he finds himself walking along, maybe a bit more frustrated then usual for a day perhaps a bit more challenging then average.

As he glances up his path, he notices a another man lying on the side of the road, derelict, dirty, unshaven, his appearance on the outside of his ragged and torn tweed coat mimics the condition inside paralyzing his life. Maybe he is even drunk, most certainly the man has pissed himself, because the stench of his life is already finding its way into our man’s nose, even at a distance.

Their eyes meet, the unfortunate man calling with eyes of hunger, need, want, quickly finds his glance to be met with contempt, repulsion, and even loathing. The only thing worse is the immediate turning away, as if he doesn’t even exit, further confirming what has long been whispered in his ear, he is insignificant, unloved, unwanted, and dirty.

“Why did he do that to me? What have I done to the other, how have I hurt him merely being there?” our perfect Creation asks himself as he receives yet another lash.

Our man turns his gaze away, and as quickly, steps into the street to cross, rushing a bit faster then normal to hurry along, as an attempt to dodge the inevitable confrontation inside his own spirit. Better to ignore, and act as if he didn’t even see the child in need, then to feel the pangs of guilt as he rushes past in his corner of his world. Just around the building and turn the corner, and forget he ever seen that creature.

Another man approaches from the adjacent street. His life not so blessed. Pain, and ridicule, coupled with abandonment where al