When Did I Compromise To The Point Of Double Standard’s

In day’s not long past, a child of God with particular belief’s, those possessing virtue’s that had a resemblance of a moral institution, taken by most to have one’s particular behavioral obligation’s, could in instance find himself, for whatever prompting imperativeness, stepping back and forth across the divide of an ever widening chasm, ever trying to continue to keep one of each of his ill-granted feet planted in the soil of the respected yard’s. This, in no way would ever have much effect on the environment around him, or the ultimate destination one might find one’s somewhat dense head, and said pillow one could rest it upon, or so one might think, other then the inconvenience of widening the ever strained gap between his now pondering feet.

This fence hopping, has the unfortunate and most uncomfortable result off leaving “One’s private part’s” dangling over the unforgiving rigid barb’s of the spikes lining the top of some fences, those cold cruel teeth ever poised to snatch destiny away from an unsuspecting fence hopper. Any wrong move, and the ability to have children, this foolish child’s very future, his destiny could be called into account, leaving our perpetual fence hurdler with the uncomfortable result of becoming eviscerated in many ways, a eunuch of sort’s.

Two choices present themselves; either don’t do the mad bunny leap, or don’t make any mistakes, thus the common denominator; “don’t”, why?, not because it is being denied a child by some cruel Father somewhere saying “a person can’t do something fun”, no, He is merely saying “don’t do something bad for you”!

Let us examine for but a moment today, such a fence jumper. The child could be most of us, any of us, all of us, any denomination, any color skin, any sex, any rank of officer, all of us, well at least once in our short lives. Finding our not so rigid believer falling into a snare of action’s even if by association, often initially prompted by the need to be accepted, even loved, will prompt our young mark to go places, do thing’s, even compromise certain core belief’s, all in the hope of acceptance, adaptation, and even belonging.

We could call him/her anything; Peter, Max, John Doe, Esther, Samson, but for the simpler case of this simple text Mark will do.

A few assumption’s should be stapled on his forehead first, just to make it clear who he was, going into the foray;