What Is The Process In Which A Man Suffer’s Himself Into Slavery Without Even A Fight?

Running down that rugged path, straight as it may be, granted by the time’s we live in, make it anything but smooth, difficult it is to keep your eye on the goal, when there are so many obstacles, loose rocks, slippery spots, and uneven terrane to watch out for, less you may fall. Not so difficult as one might find, considering the majesty of light that plays out in symphonic rhythm’s before me.

No, any difficulty lies in the yet developing strength and skill my leg’s must muster in order to catch me from falling. And while everyone stumbles from time to time, it seem’s like the easier the running is, the faster a person might go. When confidence and rhythm sometimes seem to just set in, an unexpected tumble will most likely result in pain and injury. How surprisingly reassuring it is of late to feel the recently developed strength’s, the power that erupt’s from within my leg’