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What Is The Process In Which A Man Suffer’s Himself Into Slavery Without Even A Fight?

Running down that rugged path, straight as it may be, granted by the time’s we live in, make it anything but smooth, difficult it is to keep your eye on the goal, when there are so many obstacles, loose rocks, slippery spots, and uneven terrane to watch out for, less you may fall. Not so difficult as one might find, considering the majesty of light that plays out in symphonic rhythm’s before me.

No, any difficulty lies in the yet developing strength and skill my leg’s must muster in order to catch me from falling. And while everyone stumbles from time to time, it seem’s like the easier the running is, the faster a person might go. When confidence and rhythm sometimes seem to just set in, an unexpected tumble will most likely result in pain and injury. How surprisingly reassuring it is of late to feel the recently developed strength’s, the power that erupt’s from within my leg’s just as they reach and find firm ground, conditioning response, granting stand in solid firmness on the rock. The Rock of ages!

I have learned, maybe out of more then my share of falls, that keeping a watchful eye, at least partially on the path before me, is alway’s warranted. Peripheral vision has more then only one advantage other then keeping you from the habitual face plant, and that is allowing a person to spot a blessing along the way. Tossed out like the random sprinkling’s of wild flower’s, so does a perfect God entertain a serenely majestic gift of each day for His son. So was such a day.

Basking and meandering along a path converging along my own, is a wiser, more mature brother. First and foremost a servant of God, dedicated in Him with any and all task’s or hat’s, the Lord might have him wear. And while the Father has bestowed on him many great and kingdom-ly important task’s, never does the pride associated with carrying such an important office in His End Times Army boost the image this person may wish to express of themselves. Fortunately, with this man those giants have been slew long ago.

Strive often are the servant’s of God, seeking approval for the task’s God has given them, and even within the knowledge that any talent’s they have received from the Father, truly are from the Father and not granted them out of some kind of entitlement, often can be forgotten the simple fact; that any and all from God, even unto our very breath, remain but a gift. So easy is it, especially within the ministry, to substitute a sense of entitlement, translating from an expression of gift’s given by God into some kind of special lifting of themselves up. It is in this instance failure, the downhill progression of the habitual snowball, tumble’s initiated and fall is almost assured.

But not so is it with Peter from Pagosa, lesson learned years ago, the gentle nudging’s are areas of teaching for student’s, rookies, recruit’s, yet to come. Gift’s for the completion of task’s at hand, are all they will need to be, granting each only what we will use, not to waste in the kingdom any provision we may receive, tougher still is to present this to an underling for a possible teaching, Peter has mastered the skill!

How comfortable do I notice Peter jogging along his own path, that which has mercifully converged with my own, smooth as the most polished glass, golden in reflection an almost transparent road of gold, illuminated with a soft light that glow’s from within. How interesting to me the fact that he has such a smooth path with little, or none of the obstacle’s I have constantly in threat to stumble over?

Do I but glance again, just to notice him this time resting in the magnificent garden his life’s soil has so plentifully produced, he sit’s within the flowered field looking up with unveiled eye into the brightest radiance of the spring light. Peter’s pleasant addictive laugh, beckoning broad smile, and comfortable in gesture as he casually invites me to come sit for a moment. Unfortunately rest is not the purpose of this sit down, but to convey a message of grave importance.

“I had a vision, should I share it with you?” he casually ask’s me, more of a statement to invite, like a Father reaching out for a child to take his hand as they are about to cross a busy road, then an actual question expecting an answer.

“Yes please!” is about all I can muster for a response, as I take a comfortable seat in the garden.

“I saw an enormous mountain of garbage, dark, rotting, and all around were a great multitude of people’s from throughout the word, they were frantically seeking, searching with almost hungry lust, through the garbage for something, a need, a morsel” he said with a solum almost sad tone.

“But as they find something of interest, a filthy piece of garbage that interests them, they immediately devour it.”

“Some falling into an almost sexual frenzy caused by what they eat, other’s descending into a lethargic melancholy clearly demonstrating sever depression at what they just experienced.”

“There is all kinds of fighting, people throwing spouses’s, children, their wealth, books, their cloth’s, into the heap for just another handful of dirty garbage.”

“So fanatic were they on their eating, they didn’t even stop biting after the filth was devoured, continuing to even eat their own flesh from the bone.”

Peter suddenly add’s without even the slightest reduction of smile or deviation from the heavenly direction of his gaze; “Then I heard the voice of God say to me; These are some of the people’s of the world, some of my children, and what they are feeding on is the mountain of garbage given them by the new’s media.

As one of the seven mountain calling’s in people’s live’s the media, particular dealing with the new’s has an important role, being the eye’s and ear’s of the people that entrust access of their mind’s to.

There was a time not all to long ago, when people would only believe what seen with their own eyes, or maybe at least ears, but somewhere along the way these same people began to accept what was told to them as truth, for no other reason then because they have grown accustom to getting their information this second hand source .

What is the process in which a man suffer’s himself into slavery without even a fight?

Take any institution, and for sake of this particular mountain, “media” which works nicely, over the course of the last few thousand year’s, various introduction’s have been initiated, resulting in a standard in which reported statement’s are taken as fact. Where and when did this begin?

Two thousand years ago, as was seen in Rome, reportage of event’s found form in announcement’s placed in the forum of a city, used informatively to give particular fact’s to the resident’s, the most important of these even being nailed on the senate door. It became quickly apparent that a sort of manipulation of the mob’s thought’s was not all that difficult to facilitate.

The process is simple; first bring the people information that is important to them, such as to speak to their future or livelihood. Speak these fact’s in a truthful and unbiased presentation to initially gain the public’s trust, in the ability for said reporting entity to relay all the needed information.

Then procure all other forms of in-fluxed information, as to have all content, resulting in the citizen’s waiting for the statement of “what’s new”, or the “new’s”. Any or all new’s must come from then it’s source.

Once trust is established, and dependency, coercion can begin, starting gently like feeding a baby milk or soft food. But the influence is immediate! If a news media report’s fact’s tainted with slight exaggeration’s or seed’s of pressing to one position or another, the result; a lack of hearing or reading any other contra position, said reader will ultimately believe what is read as truth.

Of course there will alway’s be people who don’t just take statement’s as fact, and question what is actually said, but in subtle injection cases, they remain but the minority, the largest portion of the mob believing pretty much what they have been told or read.

War’s have been fought, president’s made and destroyed on the blank pages of parchment with nothing other then a pen in hand, wielded more destructively then any sword. Many a mind can be influenced with the media’s word’s.

Not all to long ago, it was public opinion and coercion that forced a governor of the most powerful empire in the word, to condemn to death an innocent Man, that only day’s before was being acknowledged as King, as the Son of the Living God.

Greed presses for dependency, a sort of bowing down, but soon this comfort in which people casually lie in, like the soft receptive grip of mud, envelopes them in a suction hold that pulls them into it’s drowning gully.

Dependency can find it’s foul breath stinking the nostrils of the Father in various forms; casual acceptance of certain ideas as truth without question or discussion, approaching the great alter of the new’s on a scheduled and dependency-listic regularity, sometimes starting to develop an actual physical sensation with or without a daily influx of information as presented, and finally it’s attempt to make us believe that the use of said earthly material is just normal, needed, and as regular as eating or drinking. All of these represent placing an idol before God.

Soon manipulation in the form of hype is added. A junkies high, a frenzy as a result of clever word, spiking interest with sweet subtle tones of manipulating prose tainted with existential emotional stimulation like the almost en-distinguishable sugar high or worse yet a drug induced high. It is usually at this point the addict will actually fight for their right to posses that which they are already addicted to, even to sacrifice his own destiny, his family.

Now we all know, the problem with any kind of drug that can lead to dependency, starts with the initial response, or feeling, and is always the greatest, the most satisfying when first used. Later, and further stimulus always seems to fall short, needing greater and greater shock to the system, higher doses, in order to substantiate the same high. Thus so does common and repetitive use lead a more constricted and restricted abuse.

Volume and venues in which to gobble up the information that are being fed us through this enema like infusion, become the shackles and chains that not only weigh us down to the earth, the very dirt we spring from, the flesh, but also bind us to the dark desire we happen to be indulging in.

So there you have it, the demon first wants to introduce it’s product, I would say it’s “good’s”, being that everything is made by God, thus being good, but the enemy only can steal those things created by God and turns them to it’s dark use.

The enemy uses priest’s and priestesses, all highly paid, highly attractive people to initiate a desire in children like ourselves to have what they have. As time progresses the dark creature no longer only wants membership, it strives then for common and regular usage, an almost blind acceptance of not only what he says is true, even to the point of an overall social acceptance of a particular irregularity being accepted as the norm.

It is at this point, especially in the case of the media, manipulation is injected, fear being it’s greatest tool. Fear sell’s, and while any scandal, sex, or sport’s splash the popularity frenzy into the faces of even the innocent bystander’s, the fringe benefit is it also sell many papers, nothing draw’s the peoples eye to new’s media like fear. It is fear that people will then cast aside even those things they love most, just to have another taste.

Recently the tsunami in Japan, horrific as it was, the shock adding to the exposure, did nothing until the injection of our own vulnerability was added to the mix, and then all you heard on every channel, every paper, was the doom for us in America to possibly have a similar event take place, radiation clouds, economical fallout! Once it was apparent that these were not going to happen, the new’s vultures went on to the next rode kill.

Fear build’s up desire, and places a trigger on the very emotion’s that reside within. It is at this point that true addict’s are made, the demon becomes so fat with follower’s he is no longer even satisfied with common use and acceptance, he now seek’s to enslave. It is a fantasy display of smoke and mirror’s with but an agenda to promote the enemies purpose. This is what is happening today.

The demon wishes to enslave as many of God’s children as he can, and that is what he has done.

But it need not be so!

As children of God we are never restricted to just stand by and let the enemy steal and control that which was created by God. Again everything is created by God, the enemy merely steal’s it and pervert’s it to his purpose, but it can be taken back.

The believer’s that have been called to the media as their mountain calling only have to recognize the importance in presenting God, the fact that in everything He show’s His face, which by the way is everything!, to be truly successful in conquering said mountain.

Standing between any of us, and our mountain calling is a giant of proportion’s that would make Goliath look like a toddler, but as explained in earlier writing’s, just taking a stand instead of running is the first step in victory, turning momentum and leading to a defeat that will not only insure a fulfillment of a calling for one of us, but will make an enormous effect in the entire kingdom.

One man or woman makes a decision to no longer report lies, but speak’s the truth! Especially when God’s hand or His face is clearly demonstrated, as is the case so much these day’s. The call to arm’s must be; “have no fear, tell it!”

The battle will be great, but so is the fall of the giant! The victory will resound throughout the land, causing greater and greater act’s of reporting that precipitate; courage, goodness, and truth. Enemy horde’s will be set back in a defensive posture, front line troops will disperse out of pure fear, and the overall battle will change momentum.

Other children will have manna to feast on instead of garbage, live’s will not only be free’d but saved! And you may be a key player in this event, what a jewel in your crown!

As a result of the enemy pulling back into defense mode, their effectiveness in attack diminishes greatly. The Children of The Most High God will be able turn their back’s on the the mountainous garbage heap that is stinking up the neighborhood and look for other sources that report truth, moral’s, and a commitment to God.

Let us break the chain’s, easy as recognizing the game plan of the enemy and asking Jesus for freedom!

When we call out to Jesus for answer’s He always respond’s!

So are the addiction’s broken, so is the demon defeated!

So are mountain’s conquered, so are king’s and queen’s given rein!

By Peter Colla

‘Dear Lord Jesus, give me the strength to take my mountain, grant me wisdom to see though the smoke and mirror’s of the enemy, turn it’s very plan and action’s to Your good. Thank You Lord for the very breath of this life, and the opportunity and privilege to fight in Your end time’s war.”

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