What Is Taking So Long For The Great Reveal?

There is a great deal of speculation these days regarding the revelations of truths that have been revealed recently throughout the internet, via various social media, behind the scenes researchers, whistleblowers, and even believable accounts from people who have survived these horrendous crimes perpetrated against the most innocent of society, our smallest of children. Yet with all of this, the big day of revelation seems to just linger along?

The common belief is if all of these truths, revelations, and published accounts are all conspiracy theories or speculations, even when evidence is right in front of us, why do the politicians, main-stream media, and social media sites work so hard to hide the information, shut it up, or even risk social and financial ruination censoring them? Is it perhaps because the truth is Truth, and these lying puppets really are either in the pockets of the perpetrators, or participators of the guilt themselves and thus cannot help themselves but must follow the path they have found themselves wallowing on. Again all the more reason to spill the beans!