What If Superman Bleeds (part 2)

God knows what the outcome will be, He has seen the path and destination our own steps have led. He knows what devastation that will come out of these steps, the pestilence. He has His prophets even write about it, so those who would see, recognize the hand of God in everything around us through this most horrific sign. He even tells us when; it is at a time when mens hearts will become cold, they will kill their young, darkness will prevail on the world.

But the devil is also at work, he is busy spinning his own tale, taking that which he can not create, twisting it into his own dark agent of death and torment, then use his media puppet, his Hollywood coven of priests and priestesses, or those foolish egotistic gongs we call the scientific community to talk about, write about it, spin their own natural sort of explanation that usually represents some kind of natural spontaneous cause that has happened before millions of years ago, “oh look, we survived then!”, or somehow saying it is man made, and what we make we can fix!

They make movie or a documentary, millions, no billions die, but if the star some how survives, and gets the girl, it’s going to be a happy ending! They write disaster books, describe it to the hilt, even show us picture, after picture, after picture on some far off land we hardly know exists let alone feel the sting of. They show us faces upon fly decimated hunger ridden bodies, we forget the over fed man that is to busy snapping photo’s to help or give food to this starving child. Yes they give us images, faces the general public can’t identify with, never a small blonde hair blue eyed baby dying of some horrific decease. They warn us with false alarm over and over, predictions and warnings, that don’t pan out to the point where the public stops caring. Until we just stop listening. Until we we have heard it so much it is old news, and the shock is gone, the effect is nothing, no tears, no sorrow, and if it doesn’t happen directly to us or our children, oh well; seen it before, it isn’t even as bad as was depicted in the latest mass destruction movie we just watched weeks earlier.

The first time we see something truly shocking, it has a almost physical effect on us. Tears, anger, people get physically ill, wo