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What If Superman Bleeds (part 1)

All of this magnificent power, a result of something equivalent to the spoken Word. Wow, if the Bible is merely the writings of men, what genius that these men knew, without the aid of modern instrumentation and centuries of learned reference, that the universe was “Spoken” into creation. So Moses with out the advantage of thousands of years years of scientific research and advance instrumentation, was able to guess that everything was created from sound, when he wrote “God SAID let there be…”, and we are supposed to believe this was a random “guess” on his part, not inspired by God Himself, I think not! Everything that is seen, touched, smelled or tasted, can speak to the glory of God, if one will just take the time and look close, even science.

Lets suppose for a moment suppose there is someone or something out there that not only hates us with all of his being, but has the feeling that he was passed by what he feels to be a lessor creation, unwilling to bow to beings created in the image of God Himself, and thus proving his unwillingness to bow to God Himself, satan is banished from God’s presence. Just like darkness, when satan became dark, through the pollution of his beliefs and actions, he fled from God, from Light, and God didn’t have to send him away. This may explain satan’s ability to come on occasion to God with his accusations. But further realizing, the ultimate slap in Gods face, would be in taking Gods most loved creations and causing them to turn away from Him also.

There are many ways he can accomplish this goal, through temptation, then ultimate accusation, leading to condemnation, and guilt; such as with the guilt that resides in making a small child much to embarrassed to look in his Father’s face, when he or she has made a mistake, and had an accident, we have all been there.

When a child does something wrong, makes a mistake, sometimes this so called “wrong thing” is not even of their own choosing, such as when they might get sick. Maybe they might have eaten to many Easter chocolates, or their mother gave them a piece of meat that was just a bit undercooked, children are such pure and honest believers in the complete assurance that everything their parent give’s them, in every sense of the word, it is good, in addition, they will take these things and eat them even if they taste strange because the parent gave them it, it must be good. What foolish trust God saw fit to entrust in us when it came to caring for His precious children, as a result of love.

Eating something, taking into themselves something that wasn’t necessarily good for them, they then throw up. They cast that bad thing out of themselves, that bad thing that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. God’s own built in protections inspires the young body to eject that foul thing before it can inflict further damage, He placed this loving protection in each person. Many protective natures, that any loving parent would gladly take the place of, if his dear child’s in pain, if that only could be, “take their place”, I wonder how many parents really would, if it was ever possible?

A bit of a mess occurs. Just a little mess, that can easily be tossed in the wash or wiped from the floor. Yet, what do we do as parents most of the time; get upset at the inconvenience, raise our voice at our own frustration, maybe even punish the child for messing up the bed? The poor little perfect being, can’t lift her eyes, head down, eyes full of tears, fear, to meet those of her parent out of a feeling of accusation, condemnation, guilt, shame!


Is it because a whisper of something or someone cruel, who is softly speaking in her ear telling our precious little child; “it’s your fault, your bad, your not good enough!”? How as a father, I would love to take a sword to the throat of that creature that spoke such words into the ear of my little child, my mercy would be measured in milliseconds!, only to realize I may have inadvertently done it myself with my own actions. My Father loves so much greater then this, and has forgiven so much more horrific outbursts to the innocent child, He loves so much greater then I could possibly fathom, with out the out-burst, without guilt, only with loving arms to wrap around and lift the sick sad child, me!

Let us again suppose that God in His infinite mercy would reveal Himself in His entire creation every moment of every day, He knows the outcomes of ever terrible and idiotic choice we stupid men will ever do, out of our greed, our lusts, and still manages to work then all out in a masterful chess game for His ultimate victory and glory; the glory of good, light and love! He is even so good as to then go back and give us a view of things to come, like the program of a play. That program is open for all to read, the Saints and the sinners.

What would be a better deceit of the devil, then to explain these observations as random, natural, and generally nothing special, the very thing the media and science attempts to do each and every moment of every day. While the devil is not omniscient, he knows the Bible better then we could ever hope to, and he knows all the prophesies and predicted outcomes, even if he hopes for an alternate outcome, he has even gone so far as to try to eliminate the players as to change the possible outcome.

The devil has read the Bible, he fears what is predicted to come with all of his being, and ultimately hates those who would play a part, especially members that end up on the winning team. He hates the opposing team with a level of malevolence that would make any mass murderer look like a preschool cry baby. But if he is unable to stop it, what then? He would be smart to put in back up plans, that could take out as many players as possible out of the opposing team, as many cheap shots as he can, and the the crueler, and more destructive the better.

One thing, he could do is explain these events away. Take everything that seems Godly and supernatural in God’s creation and events, and explain them away from a scientific point of view. Make them understandable, even simple, predictable, then they become uncomplicated, natural, even accidental, and ultimately having nothing to do with God.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, please allow the plans of the enemy to be discovered by your people, open the eyes of the scientists of this world and give them the courage to say no to the lies of the enemy.”

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