What Happened to Morals

When did everyone stop having simple common morals?

Not long ago I sat one late evening talking with my aging Uncle Buzz, seventy five years old, suffering from Non-Hodgkins Lymphocytic Leukemia, he was but a shadow physically of the man I knew and loved my whole life, yet in spirit he was as strong if not stronger then I could ever remember.

Not often did I hear him speak of his youth, yet as the end seemed to approach in his own life, more and more these late night discussions seemed to be ever increasing in necessity more then a mere casual convenience.

I recall one particular night Uncle Buzz recalling with more then a single tear in his eye, the hardships that he had to endure as a young boy during “The Depression”.

His mother and her two children, alone in one of the toughest economical times this country had ever endured. Poor, uneducated, and abandoned, with virtually no hope for sustaining themselves, in a time when many fought for any means to sustain themselves. Yes there was government programs, but for most this direction was not only a last choice but fell below a level of self dignity that many just could not venture.

He spoke of a mother that no matter how bad it was, would not take a hand out. Working all day cleaning houses for a mere nickel a day. When they could no longer afford the home in which they lived, being forced out into the street, they at least were blessed with the ability to rent, at a nominal rate, maybe five cents a week, the basement of her sisters house.

He said rent, because he knew his aunt had often offered to let them stay for free, but it was his mother knowing the dire financial situation of her sister as well, that insisted on paying and would only stay if she could