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What Does Health and Wealth Mean to You?

When asked this simple question from my mentor Peter Laue, the answer is not as simple to state as the deep seated emphasis that draws to the surface from the spirit within, answering such a question. Simple as it may seem, the highlights that are among the thoughts of Kristi my dear girlfriend, His wondrous daughter; gentle touches of harmonious dreams, precisely placing vibrant color on a blank yet darkened landscape, gives life to the more earthly tones His son Peter, myself, display in his more earth toned broader strokes, these trusted colors that everyone not only see but recognize as real.

And as the colors come together, it is clear to all, all that will see, that the One and same Masterpiece develops from a supernatural Hand and a truly Godly vision this painting becomes. It is a stand back and observe type posture whereby Health and Wealth are but among the results of the production resulting from the process. Flowing waves and radiant blue flamed fires of glorious response radiating from the center of the creation our Father puts into action with each and everyone of His creations.

A living mansion growing like a blossoming garden of perfect scented harmony, producing like fruit from the abundance that is His ground a ground ever growing in foundation and faith, releasing further the Health and Wealth for all to share, those at home, those coming home, and those at far way land’s, as we ride on silver wings of majestic angels carrying His son and daughter down the path that the Father has seen even from before time itself was.

That is what we see!

Father it was asked of me what is it I see.

What is health and wealth?

In your heart knowing who we are made in the image of, relentlessly striving and becoming one with the image and knowing faith relies on unforeseen realities. Because when all this aligns, health and wealth follow suite in Thee. This abundance is up for grabs when all aligns in Thee.

This is what I see.

Traveling the houses breaking free to align us in Thee, this is what I see. An enormous wave, a fire in me set free to walk amongst the houses to release health and wealth for Thee.

Your kingdom, Your light in me. Returning home, Your Love set us free. In this jet I fly, go and take them with me.

This is what I see.

Peter wrote;

Health and wealth are the same thing.

Striving to give ourselves to God fully and utterly, is a constant process, it is a cleansing of sin, the earth, flesh, even ourselves! and giving ourselves completely to God in every way.

It is a constant death to everything that is not of God even ourselves, and a steady and gradual completion of Jesus in us, in it’s completeness…

A striving to see Christ staring back at us out of the mirror …

This can only be accomplished when the walls of our temple have become pure and then transparent we become, showing completely and unclouded the Christ that reins within.

And because we are at a place of purity, Health; It is at this moment we have health, and everything that is in our lives is that which God has given us!

So if we have everything that God would give us, we truly have wealth! Health and Wealth.

They are the same.

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