We Are All Flowers

I knew a man once, a long time ago, he was a younger man, naive yet full of faith. Faith in God but also in the world! This man always loved God, even walked and talked with Him his whole life, but often knew not how to show it.

Then one day he found himself in a far off land, and the last thing he expected happened; God decided to bless him by allowing our young traveler to meet one of Gods “truly wonderful flowers”!

It didn’t take long for this man to fall in love with the flower, because everyone who ever met her loved her. But another true miracle occurred, she actually loved him as well! Giving up school, home, family, even country, in a place that didn’t speak his language, for a gift given by God didn’t seem like a sacrifice at all, but more a privilege.

Days and nights filled with laughter, most of the time at nothing at all, coupled with the sweet scent of fresh dew on new blossomed flowers, misty morn of a cool spring day, so was her breath. A touch so soft yet graced with strength, that it lit a flame in this man’s heart that encircled said heart as gently as a warm feather bed snuggles shoulders on a cold winters night.

Every curl, every curve, the every glance, her mere touch was as perfect as the speckling of beauty marks on her legs that randomly adorned her being like the stars of the sky. Perfect, maybe not by worlds standards, but to him as perfect as any glorious creation his young eyes had yet witnessed.

How sweet it was to sit across a crowded room and have her look at him, mouth a word, and he would know exactly everything she said. How sweet was it to come from a feast every day that was her, and be so full he couldn’t even glance at another morsel.

She was his love, she was his heart, she was his friend, she was his life. She was his wife!

A man would risk, even sacrifice his life, gladly!, to protect the precious pearl, that God has blessed him with. She does as well; risks her own, sacrificing body, risking life to joyfully bring child into the world.

Blessings beyond imagination!

Some would say our young traveler had it all; when you have everything you need, all the extras are just extra, and really only amount to simple pleasures that rain down from God as simple flakes of snow in a perfect winters scene.

But suddenly one day which should have been glorious, being only a single one before the scheduled day of birth of their second child, turned to tragedy! A stranger who would rush to beat a red light, would cross her path, and life for her as well as the child would disappear from her blue eyes.

To understand the depth of what he experienced, only those that have experienced similar losses, can feel the pain, and through this common feeling, this tragic experience, can relate to what he went through after that horrific day.

When I say those of similar loss, I mean someone who has a part of themselves taken from this world.

Not to diminish anyones loss, whether it is a parent, a dear friend, or close love one, but nothing seems to compare to the loss of a spouse or child! This may very well be due to the fact that a child is created with a piece of ourselves. In the same way, when two people become one flesh as is the case in marriage.

The loss of either of these kinds of individuals in our lives, can leave us not only depressed at this loss, but left with a sense of utter and unexplainable incompleteness. We feel lik