“Warriors, Come Out And Play”

Accident or example, why this particular possessed man did Jesus ask? It is clearly documented that Jesus cast out demons in many people. Even the pharisees admitted it with their own accusations, when they accused Him of casting out demons in the name of demons, as in Matthew 12:24.

But why was this particular man commented on, noted and described, not only in one, but two Gospels? Was it perhaps to teach? God doesn’t just teach with a single action, but with His entire creation, enveloped in every documented event, there is teaching within a teaching, within a teaching, within an entire philosophy. Is that not so God? Where can we not look in His entire creation, and ever finding more examples of His beautiful creation, evidence of teaching, as we peal back the layers, like a majestic onion.

No the demon just didn’t give a single name or even many, Jesus new this, He wanted the demon to reveal important information about the structure and even the makeup of our enemy. He solicited out all the information He wanted known, like interrogating a filthy spy, He got everything with a single question.

The demon responded “Legion”. Not braggingly, almost as if he had the information was ripped from its mouth. “How silly”, our Lord must have thought, when He considered these creatures that tormented His children. How foolish their plans must appeared to Him. What did they think, send a entire legion into this poor soul and perhaps make Jesus seem foolish trying in vane to exorcise them?

Of course He knew their names, He recognized their foul stench coming down the path a mile away. He created them, He knew them very well, but we didn’t!

In that one statement the devil’s man gave more information away out of its own mouth, then might have been needed to be reveled by Jesus Himself. Why would Jesus even have to dirty His own m