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“Warriors, Come Out And Play”

Accident or example, why this particular possessed man did Jesus ask? It is clearly documented that Jesus cast out demons in many people. Even the pharisees admitted it with their own accusations, when they accused Him of casting out demons in the name of demons, as in Matthew 12:24.

But why was this particular man commented on, noted and described, not only in one, but two Gospels? Was it perhaps to teach? God doesn’t just teach with a single action, but with His entire creation, enveloped in every documented event, there is teaching within a teaching, within a teaching, within an entire philosophy. Is that not so God? Where can we not look in His entire creation, and ever finding more examples of His beautiful creation, evidence of teaching, as we peal back the layers, like a majestic onion.

No the demon just didn’t give a single name or even many, Jesus new this, He wanted the demon to reveal important information about the structure and even the makeup of our enemy. He solicited out all the information He wanted known, like interrogating a filthy spy, He got everything with a single question.

The demon responded “Legion”. Not braggingly, almost as if he had the information was ripped from its mouth. “How silly”, our Lord must have thought, when He considered these creatures that tormented His children. How foolish their plans must appeared to Him. What did they think, send a entire legion into this poor soul and perhaps make Jesus seem foolish trying in vane to exorcise them?

Of course He knew their names, He recognized their foul stench coming down the path a mile away. He created them, He knew them very well, but we didn’t!

In that one statement the devil’s man gave more information away out of its own mouth, then might have been needed to be reveled by Jesus Himself. Why would Jesus even have to dirty His own mouth by explaining the structure and attack mode of the enemy, when He could have one of the devil’s own spill the beans for Him.

Oh there must have been an angry devil that night, and probably a reckoning paid when the devil found out how one of his underlings spilled the beans with it’s big mouth.

Anybody remotely interested in learning about the structure or makeup of the enemy merely has to examine the word Legion, and the picture that word paints; organization, rank, a particular form of attack, strategies associated with it, weapons used, the training and intelligence the participants held, along with the strengths and weaknesses presented with such a military type organization, all find their way to the canvas layer by layer, brushstroke by masterful brushstroke .

Lets examine for a moment just the structure.

The Roman Army was a highly organized very structured ranking of soldier all methodically grouped for the purpose of following the instructions and eventual wishes of the supreme commander, usually the emperor. A ruthless horde that was bent on one goal, to bring under servitude all people who stood before their supreme leader.

The smallest group of soldiers eight or so, consisting of the least trained, lowest ranked individuals was called a “Conturbenium”, and could be perhaps compared to a small platoon. Ten of these small groups would be banded together, this larger collection was called a “Century”, because it held approximately 100 men, when you counted the support troops and standard bearer. These men fell under the leadership of one officer a “Centurion”, or a captain.

Six Centuries together formed a “Cohort”, then ten cohorts would be combined to form a “Legion”, the basic military unit! This great group of approximately 6,000 men, and was all under the command of few Tribunes, high ranking officials, perhaps like majors, one or two Prefects, or a single Legatus, all under a General, the Proconsul and eventually the Emperor.

The army was typically deployed in a three tear linear system of structure attack. the first group, “the first in!”, where called the “Miles”, these were fatigue workers, they had other names but most significant was “Gregarius”, which translated; Herd Animal. Represented by the least trained, most disposable, and least effective individuals.

The second tear was comprised of greater skilled, better trained soldiers, these soldiers, received greater equipment, support, backing of the army itself, power.

The third group was reserved for the veterans, those with the greatest experience, fighting skill, strength, ability to problem solve, these men were highly favored by the commanding officers, they were the ones that received any spoils of the battle if a spoil was received, but with great reward came great responsibility. If a battle was lost often the blame was placed on these, they were the example made, it was their fault. Of course the leadership, would never take responsibility!

We can learn an enormous amount of information by studying the enemy.

The supernatural is always represented in the natural.

If we are going to battle the enemy, we should strive to understand him, and one way to do this, is to understand the structure of their deployment.

First of all the enemies ranks are divided into organized groups, of which the smallest are deployed into small groups of likewise educated, trained, and ill equipped entities. These, which are considered almost live stock like, don’t think for themselves, only react, they are stupid and prone to making dumb mistakes, they have explosive tempers and at any sign or feel of fear, will go running.

Like the Roman army, and even as seen in the natural, the creatures that have the least abilities, also possess the least intelligence, they have the least adaptive skills, and must join forces with large numbers to have an effect on greater skilled opponents.They Attack in groups, so unless their numbers are great, they will only pester and never attack. Herd animals!

I would equate these with demonic irritations, the kinds that attach themselves on a host or in a particular area, and pester, tempt, oppress, or sicken. These are the kinds that inflict chronic pain or irritation to individuals, maybe even addictions, these are the stupid little ones that do nothing but follow you around and nibble on your ankle all day long. These are the ankle biters!

Spot these cowards, and they are likely to take off merely because of being spotted. Just speaking out loud that you are aware of their mischievous dark nature, may be enough for them to go running for the hills. It probably wouldn’t hurt to command after them, as they are running; “Don’t come back, I’ll line all of you and your buddies and give you a real Jesus beating!”

Some people will read a scripture such as mentioned above, and might assume to themselves; “What good would it do to cast them out, pray them out, attempt to command them out, if there is thousands of them, or as spoken in another scripture, to be replaced by a new group that may have more numbers, or stronger members?” The enemy would deceive us and have us believe that they are stronger then we might think. Remember like the animals, they were created to serve God and likewise us.

A second fact one might observe from studying the Roman structure is that it is a finite number, the ranks are numbered! There is just so many troops to go around. Satan can not afford to waste his best troops and his strongest, most skilled soldiers, on battles that can’t be won.

He only has so many Centurion’s to go around and needs those kinds of skilled and equipped officers to do the real big stuff, like inflicting an air of satanism or godlessness on important institutions where the battles can have a broader effect on his over all cause.

These guys might be better used to influence universities, large business, perpetrators of heinous crimes, news, politicians, judges, drug lords, porn sites, used car salesmen, areas of town where crime is so thick you can cut it with a knife. These dogs may not be as apt to run just because of discovery, they will just lie low and hide waiting for the heat to settle down. These might even have the boldness to manifest, voicing their own loud ramblings as a means to intimidate. But being the energy hogs they are, this desperate move would surely be a sign that they truly fear being bound and cast out, weighing the shame and persecution they would surely face from their superiors makes these final steps almost an act of mad desperation.

Jesus Himself made reference to “some that can only be cast out by the use of prayer and fasting.”

Surely demons bound in the “Name of of Jesus” carried out by authority not only given by the Holy Spirit, but granted by The Father Himself!, would find themselves in a pickle that might keep them bound for the rest of eternity. How could such an enemy ever bound in this way ever become free. The absolute shame and ridicule they must then endure for being taken out, must drive them well past the edge of absolute madness.

These higher ranked officers would command an arsenal of lessor soldiers, as is demonstrated in the ranks of the Romans. Possibly Centurion level. Considering their position, rank and importance, they would be very difficult to enter into in a one on one battle, they were pompous and arrogant, not necessarily because of their skill, but because of the many under their command, being that they surround themselves with ten’s of lesser soldiers. But this fact should no way deter a person from praying for a city or larger entity that is under siege.

When a Centurion was under attack he would have to keep his troops close for the protection of his own skin, many of the small skirmishes that sit on the fringe or even the larger battle itself could be eventually lost because having to allocate his foot soldiers back to protect himself. The soldiers hunker down into a protective mode. (discussed later in methods and attack strategies of Legion’s)

Larger and more powerful are the officers that rule entire cities, making a particular city bend to a certain kind of sin such as; New York which caters to greed, Los Angeles the spirit of the media, molech, Los Vegas gambling, New Orleans witchcraft, Miami vanity, San Francisco homosexuality, the list goes on and on. If you sit quiet and just listen to the subtle whispers in your ear you can hear the specific temptation in each and every city.

For years I could almost see the dark shadow that loomed over Phoenix as I would drive down from the mountains into the city, a spirit of divorce, maybe getting a glance of the legion that rests over the city.

This would be a perfect post for a Legionnaire such as a Tribunus or even a Praefectus, commanding thousands of lesser foot soldiers. The problem with trying to confront these cowards is they are often nowhere near the actual battle or insurrection they are leading. Often as a people who have a tendency to concentrate on what we can see, smell, touch, or taste, taking the battle, the prayers, the rebukes to someplace completely removed from the visible place of attack, seems like somewhat of a waste of time. Rebuking and binding the demon causing the infidelity results in binding one foot soldier, just to be replaced by another in the horde. Not to mention, its hard to attack an officer who is hiding in the forest, watching his soldiers doing all the fighting in the valley below.

Again this should in no way deter us from praying, fasting, entering in worship on behalf, supplicating continually for the delivery of an entire city, a country for that matter. Our constant bombardment of arrows, our continual pressing of their lines from all angles, the constant threat on those cowering creatures hiding like rats in the dark bush, the gentle requests of His children and the subsequent delivery of Godly angelic retributions can without a doubt eventually topple even the greatest demonic horde.

Then there are spirits that rule entire regions or countries, these cruel gluttons are not satisfied with mere sins perpetrated by individuals, but seek a nationwide move of cruelty and carnage, such as seen when one political group tries to commit genocide against another, nationwide pestilence, famine, war.

There are even higher ranking demons who have control over major industries such as the insurance industry. Their ultimate goal is not mere misery and torment, abuse or greed, but their ultimate goal is total control. The insurance industry wants to control every decision regarding our health. Their eventual goal to make us all slaves of pharmaceuticals, and basically slaves to them, where every person must bow down and ask them for permission to even take an aspirin.

The transportation industry being controlled by oil demon, the monetary exchange being controlled by the banks, food industry, communications, information, schools and education, government, military, even the very words we may say to our children. All areas of control where a few extremely powerful entities are attempting to seize total control.

These blatant monsters have even gotten so large and powerful in pride because of their swollen ranks, from all the garbage we inflicted through our own greeds, the feast we have freely given by buying into their particular indulgence of sin, of which they happen to feed on, that they don’t even fear discovery any longer, as a matter of fact they turn their noses up to discovery, maybe even promote it, so confident they have become. The Prince of Persia as spoken of in Daniel, is not the good, glamorous, or honorable character that Hollywood would have us believe, he is a demon of enormous power, because he commands maybe even many legions.

Gregarius, Discens (Trainees), Legionnaires of various ranks; Sesquiplicarius, Duplicarius, Triplicarius, Centurions, Tribunes, Praefects, Legatus, all the way up to the Generals even the Emperor himself, they were all men, the main difference was not personal strength or even skill, but how many soldiers they commanded.

So is it in the supernatural, as it was in the natural two thousand years ago, the Roman soldier was feared over the entire civilized world. Even the simplest foot soldier could bring on horrendous assaults against untrained and unarmed civilians. The officers received the greatest fear because of the many they commanded.

Again Hollywood has portrayed the greatest of demon as being gigantic indestructible entities where us mere mortals have no chance of defeating without the intervention of some kind of fictitious superhero. This is the furthest thing from the truth. They are only powerful in the way they can move and manipulate in the supernatural, some can fly, some are fast, some are very, very strong, but none have gained any power on their own, all they have was originally them by the Father, they are incapable of getting anything, creating anything on their own.

Of course even the weakest of demons can bring on a devastating attack against an unarmed opponent, because they attack us in a way that we ill equipped and uneducated, but thank Jesus we have been given all the armament we need to defend against any attack.

God has promised in Ephesians 6; our loins are Girded, our feet are Shod, we have a Breastplate, a Shield, a Helmet and finally a Sword. We have been given all we need to enter into battle with these, we merely need to be trained for successful battle.

Take up your weapon, step up to fight, but know your enemy is much more frightened of you then you are of it. Not only that but fear comes from the enemy, so we not fear at all!

To be continued…

By Peter Colla

“Lord Jesus, thank you for the opportunity, no the honor to serve in your End Time’s Army. Open my eyes to the wisdom and skill to take it with success to the enemy. Hand me your sword, and strengthen my arm for quick and decisive Holy retribution.”

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