There Is No Such Thing As A Homosexual

Let us just examine the fact that God is Light, Jesus Himself said in John 8:12; “I am the Light of the world: he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of life.”

Darkness being the absence of light, should be something that we might examine just to understand the substance of that statement.

Take away all light, every fraction, every speckle, even a single distant star, and all you have left is complete darkness. In this “complete” absolute blackness, it doesn’t seem possible to make something darker then the darkness that is produced from absolute dark, as a matter of fact, you can not add dark upon dark to make a darker dark. If this darkness can not add to itself, then one might suppose it has no substance.

But then subsequently the supposition that darkness flee’s from the light; other things, beings, objects that reject God, sin, all these desire to move away from or flee from the light towards darkness.

All the many creations of God, just like the angels for example, make their choice, and subsequently those angels that rejected God, rejected all light, even in themselves, and move away from it. They being spiritual beings and not physical, when all light is removed, or in this case turned away from light, all that is left is darkness.

As creators we can create in this universe, and our mere words can create. I believe it is in this realm that we have an enormous amount of responsibility