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The Simple Truth About Health Care and True Rehabilitation

The simple truth about health care is that unless a person looks to the cause of an issue, and then concentrates a subsequent treatment plan to fight the affliction in a likewise rehabilitation plan, they have a blind man in a boxing matches chance of overcoming the attack or sickness.

The evidence and mind manipulation is all around us, constantly coming at us in every possible form, presenting a complete bombardment of poisoning of our bodies through our eyes, ears, mouths, minds and bodies with one purpose, to manipulate, negatively affect, weaken our body, at the same time confuse and lie to our minds, distracting us from the truth, eventually manipulate our beliefs to the point where we give up all freedom, and become slaves to them for any health or hope.

First and foremost the present health care system in its basic pharmaceutical insurance driven presentation cares nothing about curing anybody of anything, they are merely interested in treating the symptoms of the afflictions we suffer from, making money, and enslaving us into a belief system of total dependency and hopelessness. The basic fact is, there is not a single medicine on the market that cures anybody of anything, they all merely reduce the symptoms that the injuries or sicknesses cause, and we sit back, hope even pray that sickness will then just go away.

In a time not so long ago if a person started suffering from an illness they did just that, they “came down” with, suffered from, or caught this or that. Now people are told they “Are Sick” instead of suffering from a sickness. This is a very slight and mild form of manipulation of the mind, significant, because if a person now believes they “Are” or have become something within themselves instead of merely “suffering” from something, they tend to give up hope, and relinquish much easier their own willingness to fight, the result; they will just sit there and take it as the abusive suffering, or worse yet the attacks’ continue.

Now, today people come and say; “I have this or that”, “I have a Rotator Cuff”, “I have pain”, “I am a cancer patient”, “A Diabetic”, “Disabled”, “An Amputee”, “A Schizophrenic”, “I AM SICK” having resolved themselves to the belief that the sickness is a part of who they are, who they were created to be, they have given up all hope to a possible cures, and merely seek treatment to help them function with this new life’s sentence.

Well I am here right now to tell each and every one of you, that you are not these diseases, these afflictions, these ailments, these injuries, you are not predisposed or destined to suffer from this or that, and you certainly are not a slave to anyone, including the fool doctors who tell you different, or the insurance company that just wants to control every aspect of your health care faith, or the pharmaceutical company that wants to give you one poison for one ailment while possibly causing three others that further push you down a rabbit hole of despair, until you end up with an entire list of so called medicines, a loss of every gift you have ever received and complete enslavement as loss.

The problem with the majority of the health care providers of today is; they have only a very limited ideal and specific one directional education into the possible aspects and treatment options of the ailments they treat, they have very little if any personal experience in the feelings and specific situations of the people they give advice to, the driving factors for health care in most cases is money and not primarily the health enrichment of the person they are treating, and finally, and in most cases would not render the same treatment they give to others to their own mother, father or family member, speaking very specifically to the essence and quality of what they believe they are delivering.

Now people go to the doctors so they can be told what is wrong with them, the doctor does his examination within the limits of his training or his experience, and then sets up his treatment course of action using the tools or medicines he has been told he must use. The testing, the diagnosis, and the course of action must all be authorized by the insurance company, before a person can receive their so-called healing, and the course of action must be narrowly observed without any deviation, no matter what a particular person might find they need, unless again consulted with the doctor and cleared by the higher-ups.

Now mind you, these authorizing agents, these are the same people who are profiting the most by limiting a persons care, directing them into treatment facilities they might own and profit with, giving them one pill that might lead to a lifetime of use rather than merely a short-term use, and why would they possibly do that, they either own the pharmaceutical company or at least are in the same snake pit as they are.

There is not a single medicine or medical application out there that can make a person heal, become a better human being, or give any person a single day on their single life, not one, not anyone, that function comes completely and solely from God. They all just reduce the symptoms that are the result of the initial injuries or attacks.

I know this fact is true because I have seen it with my own eyes, over the course of tens of years, and with the direct experience of treating personally thousands of patients. There is one simple fact when you look at all of them collectively, in our now present health care model; some get better, some don’t, a few almost miraculously, a few drastically fail and even tragically. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, or is there?

The Initial Goal of True Health Care

The first and foremost goal must be to identify what exactly is afflicting the person seeking help, and then obtain advice as to the best way to move forward through his or hers’ immediate days, how to avoid further issue or reoccurrence, what they might eat or drink, how they might rest or move, or basically what slight but subtle immediate changes need to be made to move the life of the person towards the positive healing result.

The goal must be to become better, become well, and to then take on a future course of action as to not suffer the same attack again.

If people would take this course of action whether it be a combination of herbs and teas, (of which most of the present day medicines are based and synthesized from), implement a remedy or action that has worked in the past, and facilitate a plan that moves them away from what is harming them, they would in fact change their life styles that may have precipitated the injury in the first place, they would in the process of overcoming the injury actually lay the ground for a better life and in getting better become better.

I know this is true because it is promised.

The Truth

Let us take ourselves for a moment out of the equation and examine it from the outside.

We could seek wisdom as to what this might be? Take them to the doctor, at which time the doctor prescribes an oil-based ointment, to rub on the wounds. He might say; “Make sure you sterilize your hands when touching the wound, your hands are full of diseases, you might even apply the medicine directly without touching yourself.” There couldn’t possibly be a disease on the All-Mighty oil tube filled with its antibacterial and cell destroying chemicals!

He might tell us trusting caring parents, friends to bring the child home put her in a dark room, he does prescribe rest, “Don’t worry the fear will leave with a little rest” especially in the dark lonely room! Gives us another prescription for a pill or two to dull the pain, and maybe one for sleep, because she is scared! “She may have anxiety or even depression, keep an eye on that” he warns as if by looking at her you can somehow identify depression as it occurs?

“Let the child stay home from school for a day or two, don’t worry, I will write a permission slip to the school allowing her to miss a couple of days, and don’t worry the school will allow her to make up her missed work.” A new scared look suddenly appears on her face!

Do you feel better? Does the child?

Even if the child doesn’t share or maybe can even remember where and exactly or how the bruises appeared, in such a scenario the actual cause of the problem is not only ignored the many possible aspects of fear or depression of the child are also ignored; the obvious bully, the eventual actual return to the realm of the attack, the fear of getting behind and failure in school, not to mention a possible association of fear of the dark with the pain of bruises. Basically to any sane or rational parent such a diagnosis and prognosis would seem like buffoonery! And does this treatment do anything at all for the possibility of stopping the bruises from reappearing when the child goes back to school?


Maybe the bully disappeared, maybe the child will step up and fight back, maybe God will do what the parents should have?

Probably not!

This is exactly what happens each and every time any of us becomes afflicted with an injury.

We are attacked by this or that sickness, injury, or affliction, we know usually exactly what we are doing at the moment of our first recognition something is wrong. This moment is so very important, to truly understand what exactly is afflicting us, and more importantly from what direction! Thus giving each and every one of us truth and invaluable insight into a possible cure, teaching us; if we but open our eyes, as how to shore up our personal defenses to not allow this to happen again, not only can we scare away the attacker, we may get “better” and future attacks are thwarted.

The Therapy of True Health Care

If we will further suppose that all injuries of any type are attacks, then like any attack, there is a specific direction from which it comes, there is a weakness in our own personal defenses that this attack and others like it may have breached, and if we can identify exactly what direction and in what manner the attack is occurring, we can use this information to fight back!

I can remember with not such fond recollection living up in the forest and deciding one day to take the kids on a picnic for the evening. We made a whole bunch of baked chicken, packed up all the supplies and headed off to the lake many miles away.

What I didn’t realize was we left one of the containers of the chicken out on the counter cooling. There were a few, so missing one was not noticeable. Neither did the boys notice the window they left open earlier that day. We didn’t notice anything until we got home late that night and saw that the house had been ransacked, the cushions were destroyed, everything had been toppled over, and the place looked and smelled like a garbage bomb went off! We had been living in this home, in the forest for years and never had such an attack before. Amazing what a couple of little raccoons could do.

First thing first, make sure the raccoons were gone, the attack is over!

Next, find out how they got in?

And finally try to identify why today, at this particular moment in time, why they came?

Now if we just cleaned up the mess, and didn’t examine these other issues, one thing is guaranteed; they would be back, and maybe in numbers!

The therapy for the Great Raccoon Epidemic; chase away the pests, close the window, make sure the bait is removed and doesn’t reappear, and then start the long process of cleaning up the mess!

God is so perfect in His creation, and just like in the earthly world, the spiritual world is created very much in the same manner; as much as there are extremely complex animals, such as elephants and dolphins, there are also extremely simple organisms that are indiscriminate and lack any apparent conscience thoughts like bacteria or viruses.

In the spiritual realm it is no different, angels of enormous complexity and power, and spiritual creatures all the way down to simple indiscriminate irritants no more powerful than the simplest scorpion or spider, or germ.

When we get a pain, or attack, the place on our body actually afflicted is in retrospect to the whole quite small; a low back disk, a meniscus in the knee, a lymph gland, an artery in the heart, an infection in a tooth, a stubbed toe, a bug bite. But it is us, our minds, our beliefs, our fear, our years of taught self-doom, brainwashed hopelessness, that immediately turns our entire focus from this beautiful world around us, and places it directly as well as completely on our sore little toe.

In this world when I speak to people who have an affliction, it is a real and very common occurrence that their entire world becomes the injury at hand. It’s all they can talk about, want to talk about, see, hear, feel or consider, they become their little injury. They become obsessed with the issue at hand. It is like their whole world suddenly starts to revert, to concentrated and focussed staring through the microscope, and nothing or anyone can say to get them to stop staring.

If germs are like bugs, let’s say like cockroaches the first thing you have to do is put the light on!

When in doubt ask God.

In war when a spy comes in and tries to do damage, all the good guys have to do first is identify there actually may be a spy sneaking around. These things are like animals, very basic in their contemplations, but animals and vicious they are, and like animals, they also know when they are being hunted! We start looking for the raccoons guarantee they are out the window long before you get an eyeball on them.

When the light appears, the darkness flees! This is a truth that is evidential and constant in the physical, psychological, and spiritual worlds. Putting into our life the truth, shedding light on a situation, bringing the attention to a particular direction, is basically the same as turning the light on!

In many cases, just knowing what exactly a person is dealing with, and changing the thoughts as well as beliefs regarding it, is often enough to scare away the sickness or injury for good!

“For Good” what a wonderful choice of terms, funny people never say; “for bad”.

Next, Find the Way They Came In

The great part of this investigation as to how the creature come came in, is it is usually obvious! With the raccoons, it is clearly obvious, with a probable trail of destruction and garbage right to the window sill!

The child coming back from school; the window is the direction of the school, she came home from school. Again obvious! Not so obvious when you are dealing with an injury or something as complex as depression or is it?

When a person is afflicted with anything, regardless if it is a direct physical attack, a systemic realization of something wrong, or a spiritual manifestation of fear or anxiety, the answers to the questions of where it comes from ALWAYS presents itself. We merely must examine what we were doing at the time of the specific injury or problem, and if this is not clear, what we are thinking, or dreaming, or experiencing, at the very moment of the attack. In every case, the answer of what direction the attack is coming from is made apparent to us.

If for some reason the meaning of information seems to elude us we can always ask God. “We have not because we ask not”, or so it was said in the Bible by James.

Many spiritual, and even new age teachers would agree that words have power, and speaking the words with intent will produce results, and in this case wisdom. I have from time to time asked people who have suffered from this or that affliction to recall what they were doing or further what they were thinking at the time of the attack, but the specifics, especially when linked to severe trauma, or any memory whatsoever was gone. In this particular case asking God for wisdom usually results in a direct and usually clear image or dream appearing in the persons’ mind. This intuition or miraculous insight, I have found is often exactly tied to the issue at hand.

A woman wakes up with episodes of anxiety in the middle of the night, scared, heart fluttering, cold sweats, confused, and goes to the doctor. Get from him her sleeping, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety meds go home and sit in fear as she waits for the next attack like some poor cowering child coming home from school waiting for the bully to pop out from around the corner at any moment.

When I ask her what were you thinking when you woke up in fear, she said; “That’s easy, the same thing I am always thinking, about the problems occurring with my son!”

I asked her; “Can you solve any of those problems when you are sitting or laying there?”

She says; “Of course not, I can’t help him with any of his problems, he never listens to me anyway?”

“How does that make you feel, that you cant help him?”

“Sad, I wish I could help him”

“It makes you sad or it makes him sad?” I ask.

“It makes me sad, of course, he has no idea I am waking up.” She says further; “You believe I need to tell him this, burden him with more problems, how his mother is having sleepless nights?”

“No” “I think you need to stop burdening YOU with this.” “There is nothing you can do to help him.”

“What you can do is forgive him for what he did that cause you to worry!”

“And forgive yourself for not being able to help!”

The next time it happens, get up and turn on the light, ask God to forgive you and him, that will close the window if it isn’t already closed now.

Now Kiss the BooBoo

So what do we do after the attack has happened after the raccoons have left after the damage is already been done? Easy clean up the mess!

The beautiful little child just a year old starts to walk, crawl and basically explore the new exciting world around them, and quickly goes forth into the great new world of the rest of the room, touching and exploring everything they can get their hands on. And in her excitement, she grabs the heavy closet door and closes it on her own fingers.

Immediately there is an eruption of pain and sadness that fills the entire home with such a loud sound, there is no doubt everyone including the long deceased ancestors of many generations had no problem hearing it.

The good loving parent swoops her up immediately into their arms, and instantaneously begins to give comfort, love, attention and most importantly kisses the boo-boo! Why?

Why does the pain suddenly and almost miraculously disappear just from the mothers kiss? Well, science would say in a common Bio-Physical explanation called Gate-Theory whereby two adjacent neuron-receptors both stimulated at the same time, pain and pleasure sensation, the pleasure sensation goes through first because it rides on larger, faster running neural pathways, thus the child ceases to feel the pain and only feels the soft pleasurable sensations.

I would agree but only in part.

God created us with the same Light and Darkness laws, whereby an injection of love, tenderness, care, kisses, basically Light, chases away the darkness or in this case the pain.

The mother in effect turns the child away from the attack, the pain in the finger. Takes her away from the open window, in this case, the closet door rains the child down with a blessing of love, tenderness, comfort, and kisses. She may even bring the sweet child over and rinse the precious fingers with cool soothing water; clean up the mess with the worlds best and purest cleaning agent, and hold the child even sing a soft melody until the child utterly and completely forgets the attack ever happened. Only settling into the sweet warm chest of her parents comforting love and relaxes enjoying yet again the beautiful perfect world this wonderful God has given her.


By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help me to help every person you bring to me seeking help for their issues, help me to see past the symptoms and look to the causes of the issues themselves, and thank you for the gift of them as they each give to me, and I to heal in this experience.”

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