The Need For Change in Healthcare

The American Public who have always been on the forefront of the pulse of not only liberty but hold in their collective heart a deep sense of what is wrong and right, and ultimately when given the choice will side, at least with the majority, into a direction that at least hopes to venture towards what is right. And while many may argue whether or not the election of President Trump represents right or wrong, there is no doubt that it represents a desire and even drastic “Hail Mary” shot for the hope of change.

There seems to be a steady and unrelenting current of discussion in the area of Health Care reform, particularly the need to facilitate change into a program that has seem to have rolled downstream in such a destructive and imminent way, that the majority of people not only recognize the seriousness of the dilemma we all find ourselves in, but are coming to the bleak conclusion that the healthcare environment as a whole is so far gone, that it seems to the typical bystander, as an image of someone who wishes; “now to live in the scraps of a house that has long washed down stream after the great and horrendous flood.” Low and behold if you as a person, you somehow find yourself floating rapidly downstream in this flood because in a flood you know at any moment you can become overcome or sucked under by the hidden dangers that rest just below the surface.

Health Care now, that is a difficult arena, and I myself as a practitioner as well as someone who has profited from the dispersant of medical recommendations and procedures to the people who suffer from ailments needing these bits of advice, feel at times like a hypocrite as I speak of the need of change within the very program I have participated with for over thirty years. But as I venture down this road myself and witness the care and options being delivered to my brothers and sisters, my children, I am left with a strong sense of sadness at the insufficiencies of the whole thing, and thus the urgent need for change.

As with any flood prevention, if real change is to occur an upstream application solution must be implemented to have even the slightest hope of effect on the overall status of the environment. I have seen as a Healthcare provider a steady decline in the decision making process surrounding the actions taken by people as it pertains to