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The Healing Touch Chapter 5: Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

The Healing Touch

When individuals are given the question, wondering about the possibility of healing someone, or themselves for that matter, almost instinctive awareness arises in which people associating the thought of healing with the sense of touch. People especially love ones, feel the need to initiate some kind of touch in order to facilitate the process of healing.

If we consider the natural world and look carefully, it is almost immediately clear with each and every injury a person responds almost naturally and immediately to touch, whether receiving or giving.

A child hurts themselves and the mother almost instinctively takes the child’s finger and kisses the hurt, caressing them, holding them in a comforting manner, always trying to embellish love while giving compassion, with the ultimate purpose to fulfill comfort. The child receives this and immediately responds, there is an immediate calming of irritation, a relaxing of tension, an understanding as well as acknowledgment of love, and an ultimate realization that everything will be all right.

Science would say the stimulation of the fine touch sensing nerves overwhelms the slower aching pain receiving nerves and the result is the child receives comforting stimulus instead of pain. I would like to also believe the child receives love in the way of warmth transmitted in real perceivable energy by the mother that mimics the spiritual essence of caring emotional love being given through her concern, kisses, and compassion. This the child feels this deep within, and experiences as not only a superficial warming sensation on the skin but a penetrating radiating feeling of love that perpetually courses through to the bone and caresses the spirit of the child with Godly love and joy. A belief is expressed and generated in the form of love, life, peace, and joy, and all these feelings overpower the recent sensations of destruction, pain, fear, and sadness. Light penetrates souls and shadows are driven into distant memories.

Inject love, light, care, and goodness, and the darkness, the essence of the injury immediately flees.

While admittedly, I am not in my opinion one who considered himself a praying individual, the simple; “Please help this person,” seemed to be all I needed to facilitate a sort of concentration of wanting that the person would feel as warmth in my hands. This simple statement as I laid my hand on them even for the most simple mobilizing or reflexology technique, seemed to be sufficient to elicit an immediate and palatable response from the person being treated.

I was amazed at the reactions of the people, they almost always immediately became aware that my hands became warmer and even in many cases a hot feeling, a sort of deep heating experience much deeper and more pronounced than they had ever felt before. What was amazing was for me, I could feel no discernible difference? Different and more pronounced was this awareness, so common and intense, that this sensation prompted many of them to comment, feeling it for the first since starting treating of any kind with anyone else?

But what now, did the people when they felt this warmth, did they heal? This was the question resonating in my own mind? Many often felt better, some significantly better, even to the point to where the pain or irritation would simply and almost miraculously disappear, but often and in many cases the pain would only reappear later or the next day and the person would come back for another of the same experience of relief. This left me with only more questions, what is the purpose of this revelation, and how could it be used in the process of helping heal people? Where my hands doing the healing or where they merely being used as a sort of conduit for the transference of healing energies, and if not here, where are these energies coming from?

I soon became aware that the warmth I felt in my hands was not completely uncommon, finding so many others who seem to have had a calling into the healing arena, they too would receive this gift, a sort of sign that they are possibly engaging in a path of righteousness. I soon realized everyone who has been healed is called then in their own turn to help heal others, this is how a sort of healing gene seems to be engaged and mobilized.

I have over the course of my years of practice heard of and even met many who have received this gift of “healing hands”, some have been hailed as healers, but many the gift was not sustainable, working for some and not for others, this too is a perplexing issue to consider, especially when these same people later come to light as being perpetrators of hoaxes or fraud merely as a means to extort sums of money from believing and gullible audiences.

But doesn’t God’s blessings rain down on all His children’s heads like raindrops being scattered in the winds, regardless of the boundaries, whether they be countries, races, or even religions? It is people who place boundaries on each other attributing qualifiers as if God’s love needs a qualifier. If God gives life to any and all of the children of the world would He not rain down blessings also indiscriminately?

Is it not typical with us as individuals, when we have received one or more Gods blessings, such as the honor of being used by Him to aid in the healing of another individual, and then take this honor upon ourselves, somehow believing that the healing powers come from us instead of Him, do we not risk polluting the purity of this gift with our own selfish desire, and perhaps even place into the risk of being lost at all? I believe it at this moment we elevate ourselves above God by doing so fall, losing the ability for us to command the action, for if we command in our own names and not His, the gift will not and cannot come.

Unfortunately for many, especially among the most successful and seemingly talented healers, whether they be spiritual or practicing medicine in our present accepted healthcare system, the most successful among us sometimes and often fall victim to vanity, finding the need to regurgitate the healing event for an ever-increasing paying audience. This is a slander against God, resulting in a sort of bowing down to the spirits that drive vanity, greed, and lust for power. These dark spirits have one goal in their own existence, and that is to be seen, lure followers away from God, steal and destroy the very gifts that God has freely given.

Yet I have also experienced practitioners of true or God-centered faith when receiving the healing gift, whether being healed themselves or students of healing instructions, experience a true desire to be a part of this experience at least in their own desire to support the experience in others. When they admit or merely confess the gift they have received giving credit to the True One they receive it from, there seems to be an overwhelming desire to share what they have received. I have also seen unfortunately an almost supernatural ex-communication though when a practitioner steps as it were into the light, often these same practitioners seem to receive the most denials, rejections, and even false persecutions as a means to not only discourage them but to discredit them.

Did not God Himself warn; “Remember they will persecute you because they persecuted me first”?

“Healing is like unto sowing of the seed, and when this then comes on to harvest will grow, multiply and become bountiful even unto feeding many others.”

People who receive true healing and recognize it as from God cannot help but look further into the meanings and the greater plan in their own life for this gift. The evidence of this is perpetuated into a continuation of their own desire to examine creation, there is a sort of lure to it that is undeniable. People who seek light, goodness, and healing for others, seek all of these things for themselves continually. Light draws the light, and for all who seek truth, goodness, love, peace, if they look far enough and remove the veils from their eyes of man-made prodigiousness, they will find God calling them.  

That is why one must always remember where true healing comes from, and give credit, where credit is due.

Sicknesses are of the simplest of creatures, the smallest of spiritual essences merely whispers in the ears of the first breezes of a storm, it is fear and misconception that make these such small, invisible yet seemingly giant like monsters overwhelming and unstoppable. If we see these wisps of the first breezes and then begin to confess them or claim them into our lives as storms, is it possible we are creating them ourselves with our very Godlike creating ability? Storms become nothing when a person knows how to step out of the boat and stand above the waves. Simple as it sounds; healing is just as simple.

One thing is for sure “there is not a man who can recognize and understand the place in which he stands if he has never been there before, for all that is new is a discovery!” So is it in the area of Healing, so how can we help others in the journey of their own healing if we have never been healed ourselves, we cannot? And just because we have been somewhere before little are we to guarantee recognition of our own steps within those long past gardens or shores, so distantly crawled through in our so recent past.

I have known many people who suffer from injuries that occurred decades before, feeling the pains of yesterday’s storms daily as if they reoccur again and again for years? But the event, the energies of yesterday no longer exist, and science would tell us that our very cells are constantly being regenerated, in essence being renewed. That being said if the very cells are different than the ones of yesterday let alone a decade ago then the pains or injuries suffered can only be realized if we as individuals chose to realize them, or in this case, Re-Realize them!

Almost instinctively we all understood at a very young age that healing can be achieved merely by the injection of love, the need to clean it, and certainly add light or water across the area of injury. Be that a mothers kiss, a gentle touch, or a caring hand, that and cool clean water, cleaning the undesirable contaminants from the area, or bringing the affected area into the warm light, all have an amazing effect on the healing capacity of the young child as cries are replaced with love and compassion, suddenly to realize the bleeding has already stopped, the danger has passed, the world opens its arms and receives again the child to a waiting treasure of life touches, love, light, and creation.

While people can clearly and distinctly remember moments of the love of the past, trying to remember the pain or exactly how it felt is much more difficult, why? Maybe it is because pain is merely a warning of the imminent attack, being signals or signs and not the events themselves, and as mere signs lack definition, reality, and substance. In conclusion, pain is not a substantial entity but merely a signal of other outside attacking events. And if the pain is not a real event then we can make the correlation that it is not real, but imagine! All good things come from God, and I believe we can all agree that pain does not feel good, and while the signals for the waning of attack is good, the ongoing sustained and accepted pain sensation without contemplating a turning off of pain as a possible ideology is not of God. So if all good things come from God then logically every real thing is from God and every non-godly then must be unreal or a lie. Not so unlike maybe a shadow or a whisper of a dark spirit?

This chapter of my book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” by Peter Colla available for free download on our website:

This book is a compilation of twenty-five years of experiences, witnessed healings, and examples of how placing God’s Word and truths into the health care environment healing is available to everyone free of payment or ritual stipulation. 

A look at the healing process from a Quantum level examination along with a Therapist’s application of using these truths to facilitate Spiritual Ascension, Health and Wellness in your own life. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day a few chapters of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter. 

“Freely these gifts have been given to me, and freely I give them on to others.”

If any of my readers have contact information or a connection with Dr. Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin, Mel K, Simon Parks, David Rodrigues, or Michael Jaco please email me or call me, have them contact us, or give us their contact information. We would really like to speak to these individuals. 

Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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