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The Dam Has Broken!


It was clear the dam was being built up by the enemy, for it was grey and cold, its rough surface in no way demonstrated anything but harsh resilience against the waters that were behind. The sky was churning with darkened greys swirling ominousness of white towering clouds, not dark because of the enemy, but because of the anger that was brewing in the spirit of God.

God’s blessings of a very long time were sitting behind that dam, denied to the people down in the valley below! Gods waters were being built up, held back, denied from the people downriver who have been thirsty, almost choking for its few drops. The enemy could not take the waters for itself but could hold it back, denying the children its existence. Yet the flow continued and up the dam, it had to grow, higher along the canyon walls, the dams’ claw-like talons holding tightly to the rock walls as the accumulating reservoir continued to grow every day.

I looked at the grey rough face of the dam and suddenly I noticed small cracks and droplets of water forming on its vast cold now concrete-like surface. These watery appearances were becoming more and more frequent, a few even began spraying forth with popping sound as small rumbles of greater pressures hidden within suddenly erupted sending it small pieces of degree hurtling into the now vast chasm down the cannoned valley.

I saw more and more cracks, and in the darkened sky I suddenly heard the ominous sound of the alarm, a great siren warning the people below of some impending danger.

My eye immediately goes to the valley where I see the people down in the deepest recesses of the city, some of them looking up at the sound, a few casually dismissing the siren as “just another warning test, nothing to be alarmed about, they are just testing the system again.”

Many go right back to the business they continued with before, busy in the muck and mire of the very middle of the valley streets. The deeper within the valley the more prominent as well as dark the sewer filth that flows down the middle of these streets seem.

Especially the people in the lowest part of the city, the sewer filth is the strongest, they play and wash their clothes in the refuse. The high walled buildings and busy roadways make it hard for the people here to even see the fact that they are deep in the valley. Many of these don’t even take the time to look up from the sound but ignore it altogether.

A few of these individuals although, try to move out away from this deep center, the panic of the distant siren having at least some small effect on these. All these people seem to frantically ask each other if they should at least try to make it to higher ground?

Further away from the center, the people can hear the sirens more clearly and they are more aware as well as a bit alarmed by the loud sound, many more of them actually start moving towards the edge of town quickly trying to get to the foothills of the mountains that line the valley.

As we look at the foothills we see people who were slowly walking up now running up the mountains. Some frantic almost pulling their friends out of the way or stepping over others to get up.

Then there are those already at the top, some of these are actually coming down trying to help the others up to the top yelling out their own warning of the dam which is about to break.

I look back at the dam which is now squirting out water from many fishers simultaneously like many dozen high-powered fire hoses, a thick blanket of water is already pouring down the cold dark surface of the dam. The many attendants of the dam are now frantically leaving the facilities trying themselves to escape, they appear from the distance to scatter like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Many of these have no idea which way to go and run into each other, even throw each other off the road as they mouth their silent screams, which have no chance to be heard over the loud sirens.

I then hear a great rumble like thunder or the deep echos of an underground atomic bomb, and with a great cracking noise like a thousand explosions all at once, the ground shakes with a sudden movement as what clearly feels like an earthquake irrupts underfoot and the center of the dam immediately starts to shift with a screeching low pitched grind. A great wall of water over a thousand feet tall presses through all at once and falls through the dam, crashing into the open space right below. All the water of the huge reservoir that had been held behind flows through like a gigantic lake just following in one solid block, taring the cement, walls, buildings, and remaining structures of the dam with them, as they crash forward down the chasm of the canyon into the valley below.

All the people feel the huge sound and even feel the ground shudder as the sound reverberates through their very being like thunder striking deep under their feet. All are frozen in awestruck fear as they look up the valley into the canyon to witness the origin of the sound they already fear as doom coming.

There is an ere silence for a moment right after the initial shaking as people just all just stare in still confused realization as what their eyes are registering suddenly takes shape. The huge wall of water tumbling down the face of the mountain upon the canyon in front of them turning and plowing buildings trees and electric poles like they are toothpicks suddenly manifests itself like some sleeping elephant that suddenly rolling to its other side.

The people deepest in the valley are swallowed up by the churning debris which looks more like a sideways rolling tornado than any water wall now. Constructs of tumbling buildings and all manners of churning materials form a juggernaut of power and destruction as the front wall slams into more waiting buildings.

The crashing sound is quickly followed by a thundering roar almost like hearing an enormous lion roar with your ear right next to his mouth, the water flows past the more sturdy brick-built buildings clearly built on rock. Its cascading waters filling the streets in the center of the valley to the brim with the material, all forms of plants, soil, and cascading movement, creating a scene of almost solid movement. In the deepest center of town, the whole dark muddy gulley in the middle seems to now be sliding itself down the valley as if pushed up into a massive heap of muck dissolving as it goes under the churning waters and white frothy foam.

All the people running towards the foothills, while some seem to be pushed downstream a bit, other were close enough to the high edges or firm foundations to lift themselves out of the danger even as they realize how far they were in, or with what manner they can lift themselves out. Some even attempt to help others close to them especially the weak or young from the seemingly angry ravaging waters.

The very young seem instinctively to know how to climb trees or other structures to just get out of the reaches of the raging torrents. Some of these very young on the contrary, even jumped into the more calm waters on the edges playing in their crystal blue and white spray, satisfying weeks even years of thirst as theirs fear is suddenly turned for them into blessings.

As the rumbling torrent quickly passes people begin to walk out of the hidden refuges of their homes just to look with amazement at the now clear stream that has replaced the filthy sewer down the center of their town. They walk up to its edge with smiling amazement and reach down with expected hands as they cup for themselves cool fresh waters lifting it with eager anticipation to their thirsty lips.

The clouds part and the angry sky is replaced by light beams shining down along the glistening shores of diamond sparkled drops of heavenly waters, resting softly on the fingertips of leaves, grasses, the soft edges of peoples homes, reflecting the colors only moments away from the same soft touches of their own sweet smiles.

By Peter Colla


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