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The Black Hole Of A Soul; Adrenochrome

The Black Hole of the Soul

Excepts from “Quantum Levels of Awareness” as Related to Health and Wellness

 Nowhere is this ever so evident as in the hypothesis and description of the anomaly of Black Holes. As we have discussed in earlier writings the distances between the actual physical particles on a Quantum level, at least those we can physically detect, and measure, are vast compared to their relative size, leaving science with the realization that the majority of space even within our own physical bodies is for the most part empty space.

Without getting into too much of the actual astrophysical description of a stellar black hole, it is commonly believed, and taught, that when a star of much greater density than our own sun burns up a key part of its available fuel, the resulting collapse upon itself by its own sheer gravitational density surpasses the ability of the star to explode in what most stars find as their fate aka supernovas, and the result is crashing in even into the very barriers of the subatomic structure itself resulting into the formation of a black hole.

The process or the mathematics of this theoretical anomaly, and I do say theoretically because while the presence of a black hole can be observed, it is not the actual black hole which is being seen, but the effect the anomaly has on the surrounding environment that has led scientists to believe they not only observe them but also study them. It is these effects that the black hole has on the surroundings that I am correlating to the study we are discussing here.

All physical matter within the black hole is so compressed by the sheer force of the gravity the entity emits as that matter itself is compressed into such a small insignificant point that it is theorized that there may be absolutely no distance even between the singular pieces of raw energy, capturing and then suffocating any and all physical energy even light into a single infinitely small space. Physics would tell us it is impossible for two separate physical particles to occupy the same space, and in the case of the black hole, it is theorized that an almost infinite amount matter or energy in fact does. This would of course counters any physical description of space or time for that matter but for the case of our discussion; “this seems the most practical example.”

For the purpose of our discussion, I would like to make a correlation between the anomaly of a black hole and pure evil that can occur in the hearts of some truly evil people.

It is the belief of this author that when God banished the enemy “satan” and his followers, from his presence he stripped them of everything that would be considered Godly; Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Mercy, anything good. If we assume as God created the physical universe and called all of His creation in their turn; “Good,” then likewise everything physical was removed from this evil leaving only the spiritual essence of it to dwell in darkness.

Even the emotions or actions such as Truth, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, all come from God and thus fall outside the access of spiritually dark creatures who by nature must flee from anything Godly especially light when it is engaged.

Thus, also the necessity to articulate in even Anti-God emotional or energetic endeavors such as fear, torture, slander, murder, lies or deceit, because if these poor creatures with their very existence are to flee from God it is only within these remaining shadows that any kind of existence can be realized.

But now back to the black hole; it is my supposition that we are all universes in ourselves, entire galaxies, and trillions of star systems that harmoniously cooperate in this wonderful creation our Dear Lord has seen fit to create into each and every one our singular lives. For He did say Himself; “For I knew you, even before the first star was in the sky, or drop of water appeared in the sea.” This in itself would support the fact that we have always been here and we are, in the likeness of our Creator immortal beings. But this fact I will touch upon a little later in this book.

So as entities of trillions of star systems there is a part of us that represents the very heart of our living soul. In the physical universe, it has been stipulated that at the center of the largest of galaxies reside in the center a black hole. I myself have not seen evidence that this is true, and since these same scientists can merely hypothesize about it, without actually basing it on observed data, I will assume that in some cases this may be true, and perhaps in other cases, it may not be. Perhaps in some cases, a large cluster of stars so bright and correspondingly massive, drive the engines of some galaxies, yet in others, these driving factors are in fact dark and ominous.

But I also believe when we cross-correlate what occurs in human beings the same can be said; some people have brightness inside them that is so evident that it radiates literally out of their eyes. He also said; “The eyes are a lamp to the soul.” Likewise, people who have chosen a darker path for their lives also demonstrate more sinister and dark eyes, the worse of these even seem to lose what little whiteness that may surround the eyes leaving merely a spiritual slit of darkness where their eyes should be.

I have known people with what appears to be darkness in their hearts. As we look upon them with “Ascending Vision” it is apparent they may also have a small dark spot that seems to reside right in the middle of where their heart is. At first, this is the most insignificant of a small spot, leaving the observer with the notion; “Is it there, do I actually see something or am I just imagining it, that shutter, or small crevasse that seems to be forming where their heart is supposed to be?”

But as more and more evil is poured into the black hole that resides in the center of their chest the larger and more profound it becomes and likewise, the hungrier this ever consuming, never satisfied lust is, always wanting more, increasingly depressed, never happy with what it has. Seeking more darkness to fill the void.

I think feeding any kind of spirit that has control over a soul has the potential to manifest itself into a dark hole like entity, but truly sinister deeds perpetrated against innocence must risk crossing the line of “Sins against the Holy Spirit?” What holier spirits exist then them of newborn children? Obviously, no light can reside in a person who would choose to partake in such a ritualistic activity as drinking the blood of a traumatized child or eating human flesh merely for whatever physical satisfaction or personal gain they may receive from such an act.

I heard a lecture back in college from a converted ex-high priest of the satanic church who said when they would engage in ritual sacrifice, and thereby the most coveted person they would seek to acquire for these rituals would be the purest of heart. Of course innocent animals, later elderly, then children, eventually babies, and ultimately young virgin girls were among the most desirable, because of the pure essence of these spirits possess and that which these creatures wished to capture and use.

It was this high priest that said when they would capture and torture these poor victims the essence of their purity could only be held for a short time and thus they would have to continually search out more victims to feed the darkness they themselves served.

Even the great power of the black hole cannot hold onto the light, and after holding it for even a moment in time must release it into the vastness of space, leaving the grasp of the dark foe and radiating into the vast heavens of Gods entire universe. So in reality it is also in the spirit. These dark creatures even as they desire to take pure spirits they can not have them, hold them, or even contain them, good and thus light causes light to flee, not the other way around.

By Peter Colla

“Lord Jesus I pray your mercy on all of us that have purposely or perhaps even inadvertently asked darkness to reside within us. Turn on your light in each and every one of us, and help us take yet another step up in the ascension of our consciousness.”

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