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The Beginning of Ascension

And the Light came into the world, and the Light was Good, so that the men in the world could see and experience the light, and the light could experience men and the world through a man.

Men saw the Light and for many they recognized it and came unto the Light, thus taking the Light into themselves, and the Light dwelled within them and they were good. 

But for others when they beheld the Light they turned away, and fled, for darkness dwelled within their hearts, feeling the shame for the evil things they had done. They hid their hearts from the light, afraid the Light would reveal what darkness had formed within them. For darkness flees from Light, and as so do also the followers of darkness turn and flee. 

So began the great division of darkness and Light, ever fighting for the souls of men. 

A war began slowly to build over the millennium between forces of dark and Light, a great war that ultimately would lead to either Light or the dark being vanquished from the world for good. A great war, not one of only blood and bones, or even minds and sanity, but of spirits. The same spirits that decide if a man will choose the Light or not in his or her soul.

Then God sent His light again into the world, this time not to call men to Himself but to illuminate the truths that had been hidden from them. Those who were willing to look up from the ground suddenly saw the light and realized the truth, this even would become Revelation. 

Men saw the truth that was hidden by the lies he had been told, and he asked himself not only why was he lied to, but by whom and for what purpose? This was the first step up the mountain of enlightenment and freedom.

This is the End of Times War, and it is upon us.

By Peter Colla

#Ascension #ElectionFraud #Peace

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