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Soft Is Her Dream


I walk, no run along a path, soft to feet yet firm with stones, cobblestones of honed stones ancient but newly set. I run along this path with the legs He has given me with ease glancing at the many flowers that line the walk.

I softly yet distinctly hear His voice say to me; “My dear son, touch any of the My flowers you see, give to them as you please, take them with you or not, your choice, for this is your garden that I have made you.”

My eye still rests further down the path because there is where the bright Son’s shine. I touch many flowers as I run by their beautiful faces turning towards me for a moment as I pass.

Then suddenly I hear steps of another gentle but firm, strong in purpose and heart, running even as in stride coming closer alongside.

Through the corner of my eye, I see her softly striding up alongside, with the slender strength of her gait. Powerful are her legs that carry such a treasure through her life.

She is wearing pure white linen in the soft dress that flows across her tanned sculpted majestic line graceful as a gazelle in her stride.

I dare take my glance but a moment to look to my side and see her soft hair pure light and flowing lightly with the breeze. Her perfect neck straight and true as is her heart.

Her gaze on the light of the path, her stride set right next to mine, so perfect I can hardly hear the footfalls as they softly caress the stones below.

Do I dare reach out to touch her hand? For how can such a beautiful daughter of the King possibly show any interest in me? But her breath is so sweet flowers and the musk of her gentle flower touching the very depth of my soul! I long to hold that taste but a lifetime deep with every breath!

I must, so I reach out in excited fear, my hand as I run, and in jubilation, I feel her tender touch as the sweetest softest fingertips a man has ever longed to kiss, tenderly touch mine in stride!

I look for but a moment and to my amazement, she is reaching also for me! Smiling even playing in her charm.

“Beautiful are the feet of the One who brings you love, my son” I hear Him say.

What a perfect smile she has as she dances along the cool path. White smile like her hair and wet red rosy lips smiling in life and love made for kissing life into a children’s hearts. She is the embodiment of love and life. Carrying truth with her every raised chests’ breath!

Her eyes reflecting and at the same time sparkling with an intensity matched only by the brightness at the end of the path.

My heart beats with thundering rhythm as it meets my own steps in stride. Almost stumbling as I look on in amazement, but quickly resume my step.

We both turn eye down the path, hand in hand a few flowers gathered to take along and with a pure laugh and sweet sound we run on to the infinite distant ends of this magnificent garden!

Cool waters of distant shores, snow-capped mountains of distant hills to climb, colors unfathomable and tastes, some almost as sweet as her breath!


Written as Seen in a Perfect Dream

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord, Thank You for Your most abundant gifts, they so abound in this world, but so it clear that You have made so very much for me, even in my dreams…”

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