So Gloriously Difficult Are The Chain’s He Releases Us From

Interestingly, I recently have had the honor of coming along one who was battling, and finding it a most difficult struggle, a life’s struggle. And before we ponder the essence of the struggle, counter attack’s of the enemy, and definition of said victory or not, it might be of more worth a the line or two of this simple blog to recognize the element’s that would maybe define a key moment’s in the struggle.

For the sake of protecting the identity of anyone who might find the word’s that follow descriptive of themselves, we will call our character Ali. A more beautiful child of God, has He in this miraculous universe, yet to create. Frail but strong in her soft blonde ringlet’s, eye’s bright with diamond cascade’s of like, that reflect but a fraction of the purity that dwell’s within.

How sweet she sit’s pondering the flower’s that rest just within her reach, caressing with the softest respect the petal’s of the many colored hues God has given her. She has long grown accepting with joyous thanksgiving for all that God has chosen to bless her within her direct view, and reach. Limited as it is to the place she find’s herself.

She tenderly rest’s on a mat, feet comfortably folded like the graceful leg’s of a