Shake The Dust From Your Feet

Bring the image of Christ to a person, follow the instructions of Him, demonstrate His Light in every essence of your life even in the face of resentment, ridicule, hatred, misunderstanding, and you offer the essence of Christ as a witness to that person. Maybe not visible today, but even as a seed to spring into a beautiful garden at some later date.

Understand everyone gets an opportunity to turn toward or away from the Light at one key moment in their life, many have a few chances, some have a couple, everyone is guaranteed at least one.

There is that point in which the key moment comes, and I believe it is what Jesus said in Mark, “if they shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake the dust under their feet…”

At which point is enough, enough? When do you get to say good bye, when do you leave and shake the old sandal’s? When has God give a man His last chance?

I don’t know how he applies this Word to everyone else, but so has He spoken it to me;

On two separate incidents I have heard Him as clear as day regarding the passage above.

I knew a man, a man I loved, who seemed to love me, more of a Father then my own had treated me most of my life. When you see many of same qualities in someone you respect, those you hopefully wish to stare back out at you in the mirror, it is tough not to love them.