Rocking My Child to Sleep; an excerpt out of “A Father’s Love”

Among my most endearing activities of my parenting experience, one in which I had been truly blessed in participating with, shortly after the birth of son, was the activity of rocking him to sleep.

Hearing the young child cry, the saddened plea from a heart of utter dependency, dependent on me for her every need, how could a Father turn a deaf ear?

I couldn’t. He can’t!

Knowing that food, or the diaper was not an issue, the wife knew and provided most, but I tried to help when I could, mostly when she was so tired the extra sleep was as much of a gift for her, as the gift I was about to receive.

Not that I would deny him any need, how beautiful is the child when they desire the Father, coming with a need, and in this case the greatest need; love.