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President Trump, “Do Not Give Up; For God’s Sake”

With all due respect I beg you; “Do not give in, do not give up on the fight, for God’s sake.” Investigate every act of voter fraud in every State even when it finally shows you did win and won by a landslide! And please don’t forget about Arizona!

Do not forget about a single one of your people who love you, are proud of the many selfless things you have done for all of us, support you, don’t forget about those who voted for you? We all have been devastated by the many lies of the Deep State that have been brought to light recently, and this recent travesty of an election is just another example of it, another punch in the gut!

I cannot speak to the political motivations of people who would vote for Joe Biden, given the facts we have already been shown concerning his unscrupulous dealings abroad, nor the hatred and lies being tossed about our Great President on the airwaves, even references to Deep State agendas or participants, but I can speak as an ordinary resident of Arizona and a citizen of our great nation mine. 

While I may not know a great deal about politics, as a medical provider who treats people from every demographic, age, race, religion, sex, and economic social level throughout the greater Maricopa County of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, I do know people. And I can tell you for a fact that I indeed know many people, and the overall consensus here in Maricopa County was about one single person seemed to support Joe Biden, to at least a hundred President Trump supporters.

Then to be told on the night of the election those “traitorous ghouls” in the mainstream media already called our state for Biden long before a fraction of the voted were in made me sick. 

Now I do understand Arizona has more than its share of Deep State hardcore criminals, But there is no way the numbers of Biden supporters outweighed President Trump here! 

When it comes to Deep State operatives in Arizona, I am sure there are more than a few of which I have myself had my own head buts with, and perhaps they have more power here than I gave them credit for, but if it wasn’t for the fact that every single person I knew, spoke with, treated, or met during regular daily interactions said they were voting for Donald Trump I wouldn’t even bother to write this letter.

My wife Anna has since been in contact with many of her Polish lady friends, she recently being a new Naturalized Citizen and this her first time to vote, only to hear when many of them went to check online validations of their votes, only to find that many of them had found that their votes had not been counted even though every one of them personally went into voting stations, verified ID’s, or dropped off mail-in ballots in person. Now there is even talk about some kind of markers or markings that may have been on the ballots that allowed them to be removed or switched?

Seeing throughout the nation the numbers of votes received exceeds, in many cases, the total numbers of registered voters especially in these so-called swing States, gives me pause, and while I may not be a practitioner of higher math, I cannot see how it is possible that so many states had nearly 100% and in some cases in excess of 100% turnout!

I implore you to investigate this matter to the fullest extent possible and when you find voter fraud, which I cannot see how you couldn’t, please bring these villains to justice. 

But whatever you do; “Do Not Give Up; For God’s Sake!”

We Love You 

Anna and Peter Colla                                                                                                                                WWGIWGA

(copy of the letter sent to President Trump on 11/04/2020)

“Dear Lord bless our Great President Trump and empower him with your angels as the battle proves to be more than between Democrats or Republicans but between good and evil.”

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