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Pleasurable Days

Pleasurable days and the content that makes them a pleasure or in some cases displeasure, varies as the rapid intervals of a roller coaster. To the casual observer each day set forth before him, demonstrates little or no difference in content, yet to the buffoon which rides this whirlwind, in irony, I may add, the subtle changes in direction are as palpable as a baseball bat to the head.

You would think the generous smile of unknown beauty, or a good days visit to the gym, riding on the heels of a presentation above expectation, maybe even the timely receipt of payment for hard word previously completed, would raise the spirits following the plunder of downward plunge. But no, it’s the voices of my children, full of love and excitement, eager to merely hear daddies voice, moments before bed. Words of their day, inconsequential to the affairs if a world, the spinning insanities beyond their walls, yet in their hearts and minds, these simple events within, be them small, are all!

Then seeing the result of these morsels in my own heart, realizing the insignificance of all my other days events, I come to realize why our Lord Jesus beckoned the children not to be held from him. Maybe it’s the children who are the wise ones, they seem to truly know, and encompass what is right, good, and pure.

“Thank you Lord for every moment I have with them, even for the moment on the phone before bed.”

Peter Joseph Colla

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