A father, a brother, a son going about his business, he has heard the commotion, people talking about the show at the temple. But people talk. There are fish to catch, he has his children to feed. Not that he has a difficult life, work can be hard, but with good hard work comes good reward. Seeing the faces of his children as they smile at dinner, a dinner provided by the strength of his arm, the commitment of his work, and the love of a father who knows the lives that have been placed in his care, are worth every discomfort the efforts may cast.

The father of his house recalls to himself thoughts and memories of his life in front of him; “I’ve heard what they say, the dancing, the music, people go, and then don’t come back for hours at a time. My wife says that it has gotten out of hand, people lose themselves there, I don’t see how that could be possible.”

Beautiful brown eyes of his children as they play at his feet, how he loves lying on the ground playing with his son, picking up his daughter, holding her close to his chest, how beautiful she is. It is so easy to see his wife’s eyes in her, the purity of the child’s smile tickles his memory for the days of his youth, the sweet smile of his wife on their wedding day.

“My earlier years were less complicated days, the pressures of responsibility was only just beginning to shine its light through the morning trees. A man only had to think of himself in those early days, care for himself, work enough to feed himself, but the joys of a wife bring their own comforts and added tasks. Work for food, build a house, raise enough harvest, fish enough, carve and sand enough wood, to take care of the family we both wanted. Funny how a life will change one step at a time, a brick here, a table there, a babies bottle, children’s cloths, bedding, shoes, food, oh but it is so worth it, to watch my beautiful children eat and grow.”

“I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but I certainly have seen the pleasures of my labors, the gift of love, given to me by an adoring wife, and loving children that count on me to provide all they need.”

“I just don’t see what’s all the excitement about watching the priests and priestesses carrying on.”

The temple he was speaking of, is the temple of molech. People come and stare for ho