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Leave My Body Alone! Chapter 4

Leave My Body Alone!

Many people believe the soul to be the small consciousness that rests somewhere in the middle of their chest, softly and inconsequentially pulling them one way or the other, something that is often ignored and often debated by more modern philosophical teachers as to whether it actually exists or not. Modern medicine education teaches us as practitioners to examine and consider, ever-increasingly, the most basic physical aspects of the body as we endeavor to treat people.

There has been an increase of anatomization as well as the cataloging of individuals into regiments of treatment models and dehumanizing diagnosis codes, ever striving to refine everybody’s afflictions into the most simple and routine treatment regiment, at least from an educational and authorization standpoint. This has certainly found itself, at least lately, in an ever-increasing area of medical controlled authorizing of care. People usually don’t find this out until they fall knee-deep into the world of needing healthcare for themselves or a love-one.

Individual needs and deviation from standards of care take little into consideration as to the specific and variation of individuals, whereby there has been an increased desire by the insurance companies to have a label, again diagnosis code, or name placed on everybody, and thus plug in the corresponding recommended treatment regiment for simplicity and authorization purposes. This has, for the most part, turned medicine into a sort of fast-food drive-through window.

The flaw in this approach to treating, regardless of the affliction, is it leaves the practitioner and patient in a position of chasing the symptoms of injuries and not the causes of the injuries themselves.

If a person merely treats the sprain location on the body that occurs when an individual falls, without examining the cause of the fall, then no opportunity develops for the injured person to learn from their fall can be accomplished, the now recovered individual goes back to the lifestyle that caused them to fall in the first place, a time bomb waiting for the next possibly more severe fall to occur.

“Always examine the cause!”

Bob walks in not needing treatment but as a friend, for he was long before coming to the place of need a brother and a close friend. Bob always reminded me of one of my favorite uncles, my uncle Joe, not only because he looked like him and sounded like him, but also because his mannerisms and demeanor reminded me of my uncle Joe in almost every sense of the word.

Describing my uncle may set the foundation to the picture we may try to later create, and thus give the observer a better understanding of the colors and beautiful similarities as well as contrast these two works of art have in common. My uncle Joe, I always looked at him as a man of which I greatly admired. He was quiet, yet he had an observing nature that one might later realize had more to do with wisdom than any sense of lack of confidence because Joe had none. An extremely successful businessman, but for the life of me I didn’t really know what exactly he did, but whatever it was I knew he was successful, because his lifestyle was free of the usual worries others seemed to have when the question of work or career was brought up. Uncle Joe had, at least from the perspective of the outside world, of which I for that matter, in this case, can only speak, confidence in seeming to emulate the fact that when it came to business or supplying for the needs of his family he had absolutely nothing to worry about?

Like I said he had wisdom about him, yet had a direct and almost addictive sense of humor that brought people into his life with warm reception because it was easy to trust the man, you could just see it in his eyes, he was a good man. I knew this for no other reason than the fact that I saw goodness, light, a sparkle, difficult to describe but easy to observe, in his eyes. One might find this observation also a bit strange considering the fact I may have only seen my uncle a handful of times in my entire life, considering the fact he lived half a continent away? But, none-the-less an impression he made, Bob looked exactly like him, acted like him, and even sounded like him, at least to me.

Uncle Joe suffered from diabetes, and while I don’t believe I came to this knowledge first hand from him, I believe it was commonly known throughout the family especially related to me from my mother, this being one of her older brothers, but another fact was that he didn’t always follow the advice given him, in particular, to the proper diet surrounding this illness and the effect it could have on him. Uncle Joe, like many men of this just post-World War II era, liked to have his drink or two or three every afternoon and sometimes even into the evening “cocktail” as he would call it. This practice would have a profound effect on the illness especially the way it progressed in his life especially towards the end of his life, remaining to be clearly a kink in the man’s armor when it came to dealing with this.

Bob, when I first met him, never shared with me any fact relating to diabetes and to my knowledge did not participate in the cocktail hour regiment as my uncle did, yet I think I always knew he suffered from the same diabetes issues my uncle did even without ever being told, I guess I just knew? It was these issues with Bob’s back that brought him into the office at least initially giving rise to low back pain and a desire to remedy himself of this pain, as well as stiffness, and thus seeking the care of physical therapy to help.

But none the less Bob wanted some help with his low back pain and stiffness that was beginning to interfere with his ability to even play racquetball at all. I did ask him immediately how he could play so well against seemingly much younger and faster players? He looked at me with his casual smile and said; “When you hit the ball with precision very low, and fast that the confidence brings, and most importantly accuracy that consistent, there is no reason to run around, I merely stand in the middle and hardly have to move.” Precision, confidence, and consistent accuracy, he said he applied these also to his life and business, and they are what allowed him to have a comfortable and successful one, not having to run around too much.

To treat Bobs back issue, we needed to address the cause of the issue, and in this case, it was not only the stiff muscles of the low back, possible muscle strain he recently acquired, or the fact that maybe he was just getting older and needed to resign himself to the additional fact that he may not be able to do all the things he did when he was younger? No, we addressed the fact, at least at this time that he was getting too fat, and this was putting a strain on his low back especially when he bent over to get the shots low or next to him slightly out of range of his normal casual reach.

It was at this moment that he shared the fact that he hadn’t started gaining weight until he contracted diabetes, and since there was nothing he could do about it, at least according to the doctors, he just lived with it and gained weight as seemed to be normal for this disease process, at least that was what he had been told.

In addition to treating his pain in his back, we began to advise him on dietary recommendations that not only would help with his weight but also in effect had an influence on the diabetes process. He also began a regiment of exercises that built up the areas of the body he was strong with as a means to relieve the strain on the areas he was not. This was a case in my career while I did try to apply faith in the treatments, prayer, and positive applications of God’s goodness and such, I had yet to make the correlation of the spiritual side of sicknesses themselves yet? Basically, we were treating or trying to eliminate the pain rather than looking to the cause. In Bob’s case, it may have been diabetes that actually saved his life later.

The back pain went away, Bob got very fit again and went back to his racquetball and even played golf again something he had not even tried since his back started hurting. About two or three years after this first visit to the office, I walk into Bob’s office and he asks me to look at his leg which was bothering him immensely. He pulled up one of his pant legs and showed me his calf which was extremely swollen but more shocking the deepest shade of purple I had ever seen!

He told me he went to the doctor but the doctor told him there was nothing to worry about and just sent him home? When peoples extremities get really red or in this case purple like that it is usually because their circulation has suddenly been cut off either by some kind of clot, or perhaps worse a case where their own body starts to reject the limb in a sort of subconscious turning off of blood supply and the limb slowly, and painfully I might add, dies. This is a parasympathetic nervous system failure that many practitioners know little about and even fewer have any idea what to do about? I had seen it only a couple of times in my entire career and in every case immediate actions crucial so that things didn’t take an even more dramatic turn down. I advised him to immediately get in to see a circulation doctor and find out if he had any issues with clots or anything? What was strange was other than the leg Bob felt fine?

He told me he had just recently gone to a heart specialist and the guy checked everything and his circulation was fine, but he was going back again that same day. Three days later I saw Bob’s wife, she was clearly upset, and I asked her how was Bob? She said; “Didn’t you hear, Bob was checked into the hospital, he nearly died, they cut off his leg! It turned out he had a little spider bite or something just below the knee, which turned into a massive staph infection but thanks to God, it never spread further than his lower leg? The first doctor he saw examined it but didn’t think anything at all about it, that why he never even got a simple antibiotic otherwise it might have been fine? As it turns out diabetes that slowed or even halted the circulation of his leg also held the infection in place and didn’t allow it to spread through his whole body otherwise he would have surely died, or at least that is what the doctors said?”

If you are willing to believe that every person is ocean size spirit compared to a cork size body floating on the waves, then consider the fact that sicknesses and injuries have large spiritual footprints and only the smallest of actual physical effects on the body. And thus your ability to affect them in the area of healing has the greatest effect when directed in the spirit as only compared to the body.

Like all attacking agents, they have commonalities that for the persons who are looking are unavoidable. Remember these are the smallest most insignificant members of the spiritual world, they cannot create they merely desire to wreak havoc, be seen, be feared, and accomplish what they were sent to do. What drove the bug to bite? What drives diabetes to inflict its harassment on someone like Bob? Why him? Why then? These are questions that must be asked if we have any hope for true and complete health?

As spirits the dark forces driving the unsuspecting attackers, they also cannot create, so they must rely on the strategies and images they have witnessed in the past.

“You have not because you ask not, you see not because you refuse to look, you hear not because you turn a deaf ear towards the truth.”

So what I am basically trying to say is that all people have to do is ask, and it will be made known to them what is the reason or spiritual significance of any injury or affliction? This too is a promise of God.

Did God Himself say; “if you ask, I will show you,” but one must first ask, look or at least be willing to hear?

Before Jesus healed anyone the people looked at him, towards him, called to him, began to listen to him, reached for him, even pleaded to him for help for themselves or others they loved. They hardly knew who he was, some may have sensed it deep down inside, but many merely heard others speaking in astonishment as He passed by, calling in hope; “Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me?” And He did.

“A child that looks towards the light is the first single step in any healing.”

Chapter 4 of my book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” by Peter Colla available for free download on our website:

This book is a compilation of twenty-five years of experiences, witnessed healings, and examples of how placing God’s Word and truths into the health care environment healing is available to everyone free of payment or ritual stipulation. 

A look at the healing process from a Quantum level examination along with a Therapist’s application of using these truths to facilitate Spiritual Ascension, Health and Wellness in your own life. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day a few chapters of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter. 

“Freely these gifts have been given to me, and freely I give them on to others.”

If any of my readers have contact information or a connection with Dr. Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin, Mel K, Simon Parks, David Rodrigues, or Michael Jaco please email me or call me, have them contact us, or give us their contact information. We would really like to speak to these individuals. 

Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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