Jesus the First Therapist; Excerpt and Introduction

So was one such day, so is many such days, but are they all not just the same when corralled by then responsibilities and the ever encompassing functions that surround the regular day. A morning awakening, its ritual coffee with the ever present need to attend that schedule we have so feverishly attached to ourselves. Giving yet another day in the long list of calendar rehearsals as they play so solemnly past like the ever never ending march of soldiers following step from the one before pressing forward to not halter the ones behind, stepping on in silent but rhythmic procession, keeping step in their ever present form, the routine set down before them by powers not quite understood and seldom fathomed.

A person can find themselves on a journey sometimes hardly knowing the ship has sailed, little do they know they have inadvertently stepped abroad, some stowaway wondering onto valiant voyage to distant shores yet unknown and undiscovered. I think such a day was also for me in such days, because in and around the sets of days broader expanses of realization began to find their way into the supple dispositions of my mind. I guess I was on a journey to discover health.

Existing in the health care profession, as many would tell you, especially after many years of practicing, the stream of people coming through the door, all with their eyed wide in expectation for what; an answer, a little tidbit of information that may lead to ease of burden, a reduction of irritation, the subtle elevation of burden carried by them, in this present and clear torment the irritation of the storms journey has presented them thus far? And what, can you give them anything, you haven’t given to a hundred, maybe a thousand others prior to these, regardless of the situation or structures of the facilitator t