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Invitation To Our “GARDEN OF HEALING”

God’s gift of a Garden of Healing has found its place in the everyday life of a couple of Health and Wellness instructors since the very moment it began to spring up. Both Anna and I have spent the greatest part of our lives, at least lately, helping people realize the more spiritual side of Health and Wellness, and through this realization, insight to counter the affliction and infirmities that have gone unchecked attacking many of us especially the last few years.

The many visitors who have come to the garden, some of which, brought to tears by the splendor and natural beauty that presents itself, a God-inspired oasis in the middle of the desert. While we have planted many of the fruiting trees of papayas, nuts, apricots, guavas, citrus, apples, and berries of all sorts, many of the plants merely spontaneous sprung up, growing too astonishing heights in mere the last few months.

But more than this there it is a peacefulness that can only be described as mesmerizing, even our chickens roam carelessly, as do the many bunnies and sparrows that frequent the grasses and leaves of the ground cover, its blanketing cool colors always provide the most gentle receptive breezes and sweet scents in the otherwise stark dry desert.

We have made it our mission to help people realize the spiritual significance in the health and wellness of their lives. Addiction Rehabilitation and PTSD being among the many chronic physical issues we have seen the greatest success in treating with spiritual therapies. Our instructions are simple, help people realize the greatest significance this spiritual visualization has on their Healing, Health, and overall Wellness, then give them real tools to facilitate their own Ascension type recovery with merely the vast natural abundance God has so graciously given all of us.

We invite you, and our friends to come to visit our garden and dabble in discussions of Ascending displays, and as you experience its awakening into healthier vitalities, you will not but help witness its childlike play. And if we decide together to embrace new frontiers, with healing and therapies arts, casting off fears, and shedding of tears, you may find yourself Baking a Bread, or painting a picture instead, or perhaps dancing in grassy pools as your bodies mends, energies ascend, and by God’s Grace your spirit takes will take flight.

By Peter Colla

“Lord help us to notice you in everything we do, and by doing so ascend into your spiritual realm. And Lord Bless Our President Trump.”

Visit us at to download a free pdf copy of our book. Available on Amazon

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