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Investing As God Would Have Us, an except from “Investing with Hope”, a chapter to be ye

“He that believes in me, as the scripture have said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38

I heard the voice of God say to me; “write what I am going to say for any and all to hear.”

When the waters are clear, the true necessity of purity is so evident, opening up a window within, creating glorious views of shimmering waters with their cascading diamond like hues issuing out for all to see. Created and loved for Him and all to enjoy, experience, taste, pure in it’s design for all that comes in contact appears brighter, vibrant in thrilling clarity, a cascade of colors that adorn the many blades of earth shining in reflective clothing with an almost luminescent radiance of their own.

Purity is essential, for as within even upon the surface must the very skin of the water remain free of contaminants and foreign pollutants, keeping tightness the surface pure in essential origin, tight yet pliable in caress to keep its subtle surface tension receptive enough to receive the breath of life, permeable to the clear light of the sun, otherwise all the life that dwells below will be robbed of vital oxygen necessary for life, the life will be choked out of them. A thin film of black oil is all that is necessary to smother out all hope of breath below, like a almost intangible shadow so does this deep earth dwelling darkness bring death in an almost slow choking manner.

Murky waters in like wise, hide that which is under the surface, in some rivers they mask dangers; snakes, alligators, germs, all sorts of creatures that prefer to hide in darkened places waiting for one or another innocent passer-by-er that they might sink merciless teeth, it is the clear waters, and in the bright light of clear day from which they flee. These same cloudy waters can at times choke some of the life out from within its waters with their filth and sands, providing only a place where bottom dweller may feed off of the death and carcasses that collect upon the foundations of its depth.

When darkness abounds, brightness within closes in shaded veil, and the light granting all vision even within but inches of the surface dulls and fades to black, vision from outside and that even them within are dulled to cruel blindness, earth has been added to the water, the purity that once was, the newness of the childlike purity is now diluted by more and additional infiltrates, it ages and dies. Murkiness thickens and turns into a slurry, darker and blacker, slowing even the progression it’s walk, until no trace of light touches the depths of her soul, the fountains of living springs dry, cold become it’s depths breath. The once fresh streams in turn eventually thicken to the point of becoming mud, which eventually as the motion slow’s to stop, all the water dries up, it hardens, even to compress into a solid that has the potential to become harder then cement, wrinkles and cracks. Long past the fresh scent of cool life given water is replaced with the stench of death.

When water flows to a stop, or flow to a dead end, and there is only inlet without some kind of outlet another stagnation occurs, which most assuredly brings death, and is not pleasing to the Lord, it becomes as a Dead Sea. Waters in such a body as the Dead Sea have plenty of inlets, much of what God has created being brought within their body without any outlet, the accumulation, the hoarding without ever giving, causes an accumulation of poisonous wastes, a holding of byproducts such as salts. Their banks swell, but all in held even that which God would have released, an accumulation of wastes occurs, a poisoning of the water. Without any hope of removal of the diluting poisons in the way of an outward flow, the glutenous inevitability produces an environment that is hazardous to all life. This is an abomination to the Lord.

There are other abominations, but first among these is mentioned as first in His Ten Commandments; “I am The Lord Thy God… Thou shalt not have any gods before me.” So when waters are offered up to pagan gods as an offering to service and prayer, even if in innocent blindness, it is of no wonder why these treasures are not blessed and easily stolen by the enemy. That which is meant for good and life is used for purposes of dark, bringing no good to themselves or those around, bringing no good fruit, only being stolen and used for death. That which was given to man as a free gift from God, can so easily be stolen when first offered up to the devil in homage, laid at his feet, all to be used in his service, all for some hoped and prayed favor, a person might wish for.

If it so in all areas of life, so is it also in finance.

One way we can do this is when we offer our treasures up to other gods, sometimes knowing, and other times even unknowingly.

God The Father would have us all be as living streams even in all of the gifts He has so graciously given us. Money or wealth be not withstanding, when we are given a few grains of sand from His abundant supply, they are not given us to keep, bury in a jar in the yard, stuff away in our own bellies, or given unto agents of darkness to forward their evil ways, but they are given us to use in service of He who has given it.

“I will go into depth one aspect of this in this subsequent chapter, and then in others within each of the further chapters, until it is clear how God would have us handle our investments our gifts, as is pleasing to Him.”

But for today we will talk about the first He has shared with me, and that is in regards to IRA’s.

I heard the voice of the Lord say to me “Get up son and take that gift that I have given you and remove it from the hands of the IRA.”

“For IRA is an abomination to me.”

I didn’t understand what He was meaning, and so I asked; “what do You mean and why?”

After a day and night of prayer and deliberation, I heard The Father again say to me, and anyone else that would hear; “IRA is a pagan god, where by my children adorn her with their gold and throw their money at her feet. They do this in prayer to please her.”

“They have done this since the time their feet first tread upon the earth, and they do it still.”

Then he said firmly and suddenly; “Look it up!”

Apparently it was from this ancient god deity that the Greek god Hera came, and it was said that in ancient times people would bring their gold, adorn her image with golden jewelry, and lay their wealth at her feet, in an attempt to thwart the wrath of gods. She being the queen of the gods.

“Heav’n has no rage, like love to hatred turn’d, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn’d” by William Congreve’s The Mourning Bride. Was his creational prose perhaps inspired by a more ancient fear lingering deep within the essence of our spiritual knowledge?

Men have perhaps known for ages, and have given gold, adorning the image of the woman with gold as a practice in prayer to thwart her anger, is it so different today? Many a man have adorned their woman with gold and precious jewel, some out of adoration, but many out of prayer to thwart her wrath.

But perhaps in an greater collective, with a more sinister presence dwelling just beyond the horizon of conscience awareness, we put our money and blessings, the fruit of our labors, at the feet of IRA and then pray that it will multiply. we do so by releasing the control and use of this gift for but a promise of prosperity. All a while we know fool well that the markets are controlled by powers of earth, we have about as much influence over their outcome as we have on a roll of the dice. Evil is, and always has been, in control of these earthly rulers, but greater is their strangle hold today, and they are not driven by any supplication to the One True God, but are prompted by greed, selfishness and lusts.

Even the experts compare the stock markets to nothing more than a legalized form of gambling, but these same experts have also brainwashed all of the sons of man to believe that this is the only safe and sure way ensure long term growth. Safe from what? Destruction, ruination, wrath? With exception of the ones holding, throwing, and reading the dice, who happen to be the same ones who decide the outcomes, it seems to be common knowledge that the same groups profit with seemingly supernatural knowledge to when and exactly where to place enormous short calls on the markets just before they tumble, generating for themselves and their minions billions if not trillions of profits on the backs of the common peoples losses.

Sure the “powers to be” throw crumbs occasionally to the very rich, who we may have placed before our eyes in a public display, giving us the thought that they might actually be in charge, but these crumbs are only in exchange for their undying devotion, and finally in exchange for the dark tasks they wish implemented from the companies of the slaves who’s soul’s they have purchased with their token bags of silver. The outcomes are always balance just enough to steal as much as possible the publics money, only this must be done in the most subtle way as to not risk discovery or panic, and cause the masses to exit from the trust in IRA.

Ok we all know the problem, but what to do? How to invest money as is pleasing to God.

Take the money out of IRA, the stock market, and place it where it has a chance to flow! For out of the heart living waters will flow, abundantly, and be a blessing unto all.

Place it into a structure or environment that has the ability to be as unto living streams. Out into some place where it is clear to your own view, where you can see it, you the one for whom God has entrusted it to. Look with clear eyes, clean and pure as to unto the purpose and direction of Jesus.

Some place where you have hand and eye upon it, where you some kind of control over, as directed by your conscience, by the subtle nudging of the Holy Spirit. For it is a gift that has been handed to you, by God, for you to use for the Lord. Sure you can others manage your projects, you tasks, but never far from sight, stewardship, as this is what you are called to do with your gift.

Chose some place where if you decide to be gracious, you have the control and opportunity to do so. Fruit by definition has the ability to both grow into more fruit producing trees, whose shade, leaves, and fruit, when in season, can be given to others, sold, traded to flow, to sustain life. “It is by their fruit, you will recognize them.” Matthew 7-16

Where it can be channeled to promote life, and not death, not handed to them who would do evil, or laid at the feet of idols, only then do you place your treasure in heavenly places. Goodness not evil. Good will begat good, and evil only evil.

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal, But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:19-21

One example might be;

Buy a rental house, for within its door resides life. The great part is, in most cases the IRA can be transfer’ed into another form a investment without any penalty or tax.

And if a man comes to you and says “I can not pay on time this month”, you may have an opportunity to be gracious, as you are led by the spirit, in Christ, bringing blessing upon him and more importantly yourself.

Your acts of kindness will flow out as living waters and touch other through the man you have helped. The children that dwell within the walls of your gift can in turn flow out and bless others with like gift granted them by the Father even if and through your very hands. Gentle is the stream of life flowing from and through your hands.

But more importantly the gift you have been given has not been buried in a jar in the yard, it has become a part of the body and flows. It has not been offered up unto an idol, and it has not been used for the kingdom of evil. Oh sure there is always a chance some of the gift may end up in the hands of someone who would use it even in part for evil purposes, and we do live in a fallen world, but for the most part it is part of a greater body of living water, and the little bit of pollutant is quickly diluted by the rapidly flowing purity of the water flowing in and out.

All of life is like that of a river, flowing coursing through it’s journey, gently gliding and running around over all kinds of obstacle’s, at times bending with effort, at others changing direction with greater want, sometimes stalling, occasionally rushing, touching its cheek softly against the smooth jagged rocks of life’s many ups and downs. How peaceful she appears when meandering with an almost non-apparent flow, basking in the cool reflections of a tapestry of soft dancing clouds reflecting mirrored tranquility across its face, the sun warming its depths radiating rainbows of many artist shades crimson hues and gentle blues, the fruit of life blossom out of its shores, pressing joyful gaze up as they stretch wanting hand for yet another drop of water. Beautiful in its majesty the gentle slumber play pirouetting around bend and along shore, glancing but a moment in time, this blink, this gift, the spoken word a breath from the very lips of God, as restful and as the steady as breath of a sleeping baby, sweet to sound and smell.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help us always to see how and where You would have us put into use all the gifts You have so graciously given us to but stewart for You. Let them be stored up as treasures unto heaven, where there is no moth to eat, rust to destroy, thief to steal, for that is where we desire our heart to be.”

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