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Insurance or Spiritual Enslavement


Men and women soft of touch, firm of thought, rendered all types of healing arts with actions of professionalism, given not for prestige or money, even as this most usually and almost assuredly followed, but for the deep desires to merely help other people in need. This very desire being the driving force that released spirits into the sacrifice of reaching out a helping hand, a man could find a special calling, giving a sweeter meaning to a life, that without, would most assuredly lack taste or spice, a bland dish; unpalatable.

To answer such a deep seeded calling, when one could see, if they might, the life dwelling within the very eyes of the many he or she might help in this world, and perhaps aid through the seemingly impossible trials of sickness and despair, that is often brought to some, a quenching water to the dry mouth of life.

Was it not a simpler time when people paid for the medical services they needed, a fair price for the time spent, and while I may be giving up my age by saying so, many times people who were even a little short, might bring in eggs or a baby pig, or maybe do a little work on leaking plumbing in the Doctor’s basement as a payment in like, and to this medical caregiver; payment of such was just fine!

It was the gratitude expressed in the smile of a woman when she finally came to the realization her child was going to be fine, or the injury to her husband wasn’t as bad as suspected. And while the two chickens or newly finished quilt hardly made up for the relief they found, ever happy was she to know that the Doctor, the kind man, who had been such a Godsend, would sit for many a warm night inside the arms of that quilt it took her so many hours to produce, maybe presenting but a fraction of the warmth her love ones produce for her as well.

It was as sudden as a thief in the night, or maybe a dark mold slowly growing in a dark damp place, whose dark tentacles only show their intent long after the roots sit so far in the foundation, nearly nothing can remove them. A creature of dark hearted stealth started slithering its evil talons hidden right in plane view, only inches from the bare innocent feet of our children; “Enter the insurance company”, the heartless snake, who creeps in with their seemingly innocent statement; ““give us a little of your money each month for medical insurance, so you can be “insured”, or “assured”, that when you have medical needs, the money will be there to help pay the medical bills, the “care” will assuredly come, we will pay them!.”” But that is not exactly what was delivered?

Let me describe in the next few paragraphs the part of the story the media refuses to bring to our attention, even though they are quite knowledgeable about it themselves. I am aware of this information because I have wallowed in it for nearly thirty years, myself being a medical provider with my own private practice, as well as working through various specialties within this field for this entire time. I have witnessed the degradation of a profession, of a calling, of an industry, almost as it has unfolded in front of me, like watching a piece of fruit whither, rot, and eventually decay right in front of my eyes, all the while also seeing the attempts of the media to place the blame where it shouldn’t have even been.

Let us find a villain we can point the finger of accusation at, and granted a small fraction of truth can be shown, the Doctor’s, but most importantly away from the true culprits; the insurance companies.


Medical Insurance really did not become a term of common knowledge even in the insurance agencies themselves until the second half of the twentieth century, finding its foundation on the heels of accident insurance. This following a series of dangerous endeavors that seemed to injure or kill many people, while sensationalized and basically used by the media, early life insurance companies would capitalize on fear in order to make people became scared by earlier events, such as the Titanic, into purchasing insurance in order to purchase “assurance” against a future accident might occur. Soon the insurance companies saw the huge profits that could be generated by receiving small premiums, especially after they played and even feed on these fears, but there were still just so many of these tragedies, and it only affected a small portion of the public.

It is was about this same time a huge media propaganda campaign was initiated to basically scare the public into the need to stop trusting in God for their health security, but rather the entity that has through lofty promises, itself boldly attempted to provide security even in the event of the most tragic and fear-driven event; death. So maybe innocently or perhaps by design, the life insurance companies have tried to usurp for almost one hundred years the security only God can give, the security over death, and when this worked, why not try it with other areas; fire, transportation or auto, home security, mortgage, renting, business, loans, and eventual heath itself? In essence, take the place of God.

It is first important to realize that the same families that control the banks, oil, federal reserve, weapons manufacturing, who are the major stockholders in all of the fortune five hundred companies, including the media, and pretty much lust to control everything and every creation under the sun, that same creation of which God had originally intended for us, everyone of us, also started the major insurance companies, or have retained at least a controlling interest in every one of them, worldwide.

It was not long after insurance companies started providing comprehensive medical insurance, as a matter of fact only a very short time, by the early-eighties, that these same insurance companies began a campaign to acquire ownership in hospitals, and within a couple of years, by only 1983 had already purchased 20% of the hospitals in the United States, and today own almost 90% of them. Why?

This brilliant move grants two very important components for success, and guarantees expansion of the control of the medical insurance industry. Let me explain;

Now lets say you are a greedy old man who owns’s an insurance company, or worse yet a dark spirit whispering in his ear, and you know the goal is to make enormous amounts of money at the expense of the general public; problem is, if your company is a public traded company, (and why wouldn’t you want it to be public and generate a profit, you want to control the markets as well), there becomes a need to not show to much profit! First and foremost, for the justification of increasing premiums and reducing payable services can only be believed by the public, if a hardship is demonstrated, stating a necessity to raise rates must be made. But more importantly, is the absolute must, to make certain the peasants don’t grab pitchforks and look for a public burning, after realizing the vast amounts of Gods blessings that have all been stolen from the mouths of our children!

So where to hide those enormous bundles of stolen gold? Answer; buy the people who they pay the most money to, then pay it to them, thus themselves! As of today, insurance companies or at least the subsidiaries thereof, own almost “all” of the major hospital’s in the US, and are presently attempting to acquire the larger firms of general practitioners (Doctors), as well as specialist, and if not the insurance companies, then the pharmaceuticals. But we should not forget who own’s the major pharmaceutical companies as well, yes the same people who own the banks and insurance companies!

So the greedy old man, concocts this brilliant plan; buy up the hospital’s, drive the bills up so high the public becomes scared of absolute ruination if they find themselves or the need to send their children into such a place for life saving care, funnel huge portion’s of insurance premium sums of money to them, paying without question ridiculous fees such $250.00 for the little plastic bucket, or a one and half inch tube of tooth paste, the same products you can buy at “The Dollar Store” for much less than a dollar. Show fewer profits on the insurance companies book’s, and what a bonus, “we can blame the rising cost of insurance premiums on rising health care fees charged by the Doctors, and the stupid peasants will only have to look at their own medical bill’s to see the enormous cost. Blame the individual Doctor; “see he is rich, it must be his fault!”!”

Is it such a coincidence that about the same time the insurance companies began to obtain the hospitals, that the rates of the hospitals and all the care surrounding surgeries went through the roof; the early to mid-eighties!


Ok, people, I will say this one time!!!,

I have been practicing medicine for twenty-five years in my own practice, but the amount I get paid from health insurance, regardless of what I charge, has not gone up a cent! They, the insurance companies keep us, providers, settling for these frozen rates year in and year out, because of contracts; HMO’s, PPO’s, Industrial Insurance, and the like, and if we have a desire to renegotiate the rate, their answer always is; “if you don’t want the contract, the guy down the street will take our clients.”

You see my dear brothers and sisters, insurance companies could not care less how many providers or contracting doctors they have, as a matter of fact, the fewer the better. More waiting time for our appointments means less billed visits totally or the ultimate home run; we give up out of frustration when the clinic tells us there is a one-month waiting list. They love working with large companies, because the large company does exactly what the insurance company says, and charges the little squabble-ace, never daring to irritate the great master with a request to give the poor patient actually what they might need. But just shut up and do as they are told. The risk of losing the contract is too big.

Oh sure, there are groups out there that provide a service that is so rare, so new, that if the insurance companies didn’t contract, (at least when they don’t get away with calling it pioneering, or unproven, and denying it as experimental), there is the public threat of outrage is always what lingers in the back of their minds, so in these few rare cases they have to pay larger fees or are not be able to negotiate reductions. These doctor’s or procedures are rare, usually, specialist surgeon’s, new groundbreakers of one or more odd procedure, some new apparatus or medical treatment that very few do or can get their hands on. These are the only ones who usually become the few sequestering the highest paid and annually increasing payout’s, but for the most part insurance companies will strive to bring all entities and providers under contract submission, until such time that they have the market covered, it is only then that they can put the actual squeeze on.

And until that day actually takes place, the day they can control all aspects of our health, they will blame the rising cost of healthcare on the Doctors sighting the very few who might get full rates. Little does this poor surgeon know, but for his few years of walking on the top of the payout food chain, he is vilified by the big corporation owned media whore, and pretty well blamed for all the financial woes of an entire industry. In Jesus’s time tax collector’s where used much in the same way, also given a “pittance”, and basically made the enemy of the people, to take the true eye off the real villain, the one stealing the money in the first place; the Roman Emperor!

Ok, let us get right into it!


Amazing how all these false gods want the same thing; control, first fruits, and our ultimate destruction.

In the early kingdoms of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylon, Rome, just to name a few, Mitra, a figure of a woman, adorned in golden jewelry, was worshiped by laying gold, or the first fruits of one’s labors at her feet, for the assurance of getting through the next years harvest. Insurance against destruction, a promise, give her your first fruits now and she will take care of you in the time of need. Sounds familiar?

Does it surprise anyone, that Mitra was on the symbol, or used by the initial founding companies for the life insurance that later turned into the health insurance companies of today? Look it up!

Most insurance companies have no problem writing a check to deliver death and darkness into the vein through chemo, paying upwards of $10,000 per inter-veinous chemotherapy treatment, or paying for an abortion. But to ask them to pay for a woman to have an early preventative mama-gram, than the averages or computer screen says, even after she feels a small lump, forget it! Or an extra visit for a man trying to rehabilitate his back so he can return to work and support his family, no way.

You want the truth; I have seen it all; demographic denial approval based purely on where in town people lives, authorizing care then sending denials to the patient to scare them into quitting, bumping up patient responsibility or co-pays up until the point where the so called co-pay represents almost the entire bill, purposed losing of information merely to stall approval, waiting until the period of care is exhausted then making the approval knowing full well the care can no longer take place in the specified time frame, throwing claims in the garbage.. Another common trick is hiring secondary management companies that deny everything, and then the company itself doesn’t even have to take the blame for the denial. And on and on it goes, tricks after tricks designed for one thing; to steal more from the people in what was promised a paid in advance benefit, while they hold the gold in the fat coffins of the money changers that call themselves the insurance companies.

If all gifts come from God, then so did the knowledge that was given to our fathers and mothers in the form of advances in health care. And while Doctors should be paid an honest fee for their services, companies have no right delving out those gifts given to our fathers at such exorbitant fees that it would cost, it would put a family into lifetime ruination merely to perform a service that saves a child or wife’s life. A doctor has a gift, of this no one doubts, and they should be paid for their gift according to supply and demand. They should have the right to set those prices of their care, not insurance companies or their cloned servants the hospitals, and let the doctor look into the face of the child he is treating to see if his own eyes can live with the price he places on that service.


And what about the Doctors? Why should they be forced to perform surgeries in places that are so exaggerated in costs by the insurance companies, that a mere days stay costs the patient $10,000? While at the same time paying back to the insurance company malpractice insurance fees (a mandatory fee, often in the $100,000 or more range per year), fees for participation (contracting fees) with the insurance companies themselves. If there was a fair price paid to people who were the victim of malpractice, perhaps the doctors would need to be scared into believing they have to pay such exorbitant fees just to survive such a lawsuit.

What are we to do? Trust again in God, for by Who only through Him healing comes. Turn away from the dependency of Insurance spirit, and call for true health care reform; a return to a fair price for a fair product, putting an end to a few using those gifts God gave our fathers; treatments for the aiding in the healing of children, and share again that which people need for a fair price. A return to a fair price for a fair product in hospitals, where they are held accountable for costs that are nothing short of stealing.


Look to the days of the country Doctor, when almost every form of care was given at the office, a simple remedy or tea was enough to solve most ailments, instead of some oil based pill that while it helps with one symptom causes five others. And the cost, well if you didn’t have the money, for the most part, a chicken or baby pig or quilted blanket, or a heartfelt thank you was enough.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Jesus let us not fall prey to the greed and traps of dark spirits, free us from the fear that has been spoken into our ears through servants of evil. Let us remember He, You Lord Jesus, and through You, all healing comes only from the Father, help us trust, and thus give glory where and to Whom glory is do.”

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