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How We Became Spiritual Therapists

People commonly ask us what do we do? As easy as it is to say I am a physical therapist and writer, or Anna is an international pilates instructor and dance performer, but to describe what we do in simple terms such as those, would be like trying to describe someone 200 years ago who suddenly discovered how to build mechanisms that could fly people to other worlds, and then naming a person’s job merely by the limitations of times such as a blacksmith or a wooden cart repair mechanic. 

While Physical Therapy, Pilates and dancing, is what we did in the past, and it may have been the respected fields we had both learned the processes and instructions we use today, are far from adequate to describe what exactly we do now. 

In the past we both were deeply integrated into the “system” which prompted us to treat within the strict parameters it considered adequate people with afflictions and deficits in a very restricted, limited, and what later proved to be controlled manner. We seemed to increasingly be pushed to practice our methods with one purpose and that was NOT to help people seek cures or heal but to reduce symptoms and continue within the same insurance controlled and Big-Pharma driven system these individual have found themselves sunken into. 

Basically, we had realized all the people involved had become slaves to this “system” or programmed thinking regarding their health care situation, yet we both independently of each other now seem to have learned other more effective methods or spiritual-based truths that seemed to be held from us by the very people trying to promote the care into their own narrow direction and thus begun our own quest to help people to become free of their afflictions. Within this freedom, we realized a person could then manifest potential healing or in many cases miraculous alleviation of the afflictions, these enslavements of their bodies brought, a release of the veils of lies over their minds, and most importantly a spiritual ascension of their very beliefs, many of which may have been held captive their whole lives. 

It is unfortunately with few words, nearly impossible, to explain what we do or what we propose to facilitate in the form of an office, a business, or promotion publicly or with the written text without first describing at least in brief how we came to this ideology and why it is so important to facilitate it? But I can also assure you one thing; as we both began to see improvements through the implementation of more spiritual truths into the health care regiment, with each discovered healing so was a counter aggressive attempt to silence the announcement of what we saw. So began the attacks against us, the threats, harassment, and outright aggression from dark forces set to one purpose and that was to shut us up and deny us any ability to further the announcement of what we found.

We have been told by others that what we do no longer just alleviate symptoms but we “Save Lives.” That statement was as much, if not more, was a shock to me than it might be to anyone reading this. I can only simply describe the journey in a sort of chronological method which both my wife Anna and I ventured to give an understanding of how and why we saw these truths and likewise the efforts of those who obviously lied to us wishing the truths to remain silent.

Anna, at the same time I was making my changes to my practice, opened her own Pilates studio and taught pilates to hundreds of people over the course of at least 10 years. She too, over this time seemed to mimic my own desire to implement more spiritual teachings into her program, and even though her own teaching approach slowly developed from one of purely physical to one based more on empowerment especially for women, these newfound spiritual beliefs and applications resulted in an almost miraculous appearance of healings being witnessed, and even lives being saved.

How is that possible, by merely adding in seemingly minor adjustments in treatments such as prayer, meditation, or positive verbal input could such a radical improvement could be seen? The physical treatments or spiritual therapy treatments are basically the same, the only difference today is now we both instruct in a way that sets people free from the limitations, dread, or doom of the physicality that the world’s entire healthcare system seems to want to enslave us in. 

Let me describe how this change of thinking occurred basically Chronologically;

It started within my own Medical environment almost twenty years ago, as I began to see a sort of monotonous appearance of what the treatments seemed to have become, what was being asked by the “system,” and in many cases, the insurance-driven authorities would be demand. My own practice, as well as the many others around me, began to take on a sort of fast food appearance to them, where everyone got just a slight deviation of the same fast-food burger regardless of what they suffered from. And it certainly didn’t matter if there was any individual nature to the person, we as providers were actually slowly encouraged to simplify, duplicate, and treat pretty much in replication everyone the same way, with the same things, ever cutting costs, or specifically direct time with the person, increase documentation and thus reduce effectiveness even at increased administrative costs. If you followed these mandates you and your company thrived, as a matter of fact, it was commonly known by the patients, doctors, and everyone involved which health care companies provided the worst service, yet these seemed to receive the largest contracts, and patients were often pushed to their services first. If companies such as ours fought for patients rights, patients would slowly but meticulously withheld from us, first in the form of authorization denials, and later completely, until many small practices such as ours either dried up in funding, sold out to the become insurance owned offices, or quit. 

But with every denial or every aggressive refusal, it only prompted us more to continue push through prompting us to realize we must be on the right track otherwise why would they be fighting so hard to stop us? These attacks seemed to come seemingly out of nowhere.

But I was immediately hit with attacks from outside my office, entities in power immediately engaged in actions to destroy me, for no reason and without cause except what appeared by everyone around to be driven by hatred, and a deep desire to depress or destroy me and my business. Lies were fabricated and I was brought before government entities, in essence, to prove myself innocent without even the opportunity to face my accuser.

They were not successful in destroying me but a few things they did accomplish; they managed to distract me with their attacks for more than a year thus eliminating my efforts to open the free office. They managed to cost my business severely in financial costs defending myself in their kangaroo court, they managed to slander and diminish me publicly while this all went on, and when it was over, merely offered a small settlement as a means to sweep the attack under the carpet, send me off now beaten down. An almost “siege” like strategy seemed to be employed by these attackers, surrounding us, suffocating us, attempting to withhold any support, which ultimately has the effect of prompting us to give up all together not only my dream but my very desire to continue in my field. 

But we went on and the practice did continue but so did the attacks. 

As success began to build again, I ventured to begin once to dream again; instead of trying to open a specific free and godly office, slowly started engaging in more cause-based, even more, belief-based applications into my own offices’ health care treatment model. Adding or mixing eastern medicine, martial arts, even reflexology’s or herbal treatments, dietary advice, weight loss programs, and others into the regular programs my staff gave. This seemed to be tolerated as long as Christian spiritual truths were not incorporated directly or clearly, so we kept them under our breath. 

The results were amazing, people started in effect began to heal much quicker and sometimes even miraculously from what appeared to be these new treatment practices. Many of the doctors would hear feedback from their patients, wanting me to come in and show them personally what we did or explain it in detail, many of these same doctors entered into exclusive treatment contracts with myself or my office, not wishing any of their patients to see anyone else. Some of the doctors even came into my own office for care themselves for their own physical issues.

Again miracles seemed to suddenly appear, people being cured of incurable illnesses, orthopedic injuries would suddenly heal, and many miracles that happened outside the office by the very same patients would be reported to us such as near-death experiences or miracles observed in the communities. 

Anna on the other side of the globe was experiencing similar results; people with incurable spinal disorders finding relief, becoming stronger, pain vanishing, and in some cases healing in places doctors argued impossible. 

Again our offices began to flourish but the attacks also ramped up; we both found ourselves yet again being attacked by people who we both loved and trusted, attacks designed to not only destroy us, but being so close to home, removed our ability to treat other effectively, and in my case ultimately denial and harassment of my people significantly reduced our ability to treat anyone at all. These same attacking people, self-proclaimed rulers of our communities had used my services many times personally but now seemed to work to destroy them. In both, our cases some of our own family members betrayed and sought our destruction. 

In my case I was placed into an ultimatum by what I then perceived as a rich and powerful man; “follow me and my direct instructions or follow your God?” Basically, what he threatened me with was; if I wanted to save not only my business but my family, even keep my very own children, I needed to follow him? When I realized I was being put to the choice to follow him or follow God, I decided to choose God! Active constricting efforts were ramped up immediately, illegal holds placed not only on my assets but my business, and efforts seem to the purpose of my financial destruction, including threats on my very life. In Anna’s case when financial attacks were not at their disposal, as ludicrous as it may seem, they resorted to black magic. 

I could never prove direct involvement, but felt I was on the verge of losing everything, my home, family, children, my business even my desire to live, when in desperation I called out to God for help and He answered in a real and witnessed way. It was God’s intervention in both of our cases that not only save our lives but allowed us to continue even under seemingly direct attack.

After these early events, we both realized these attackers could not harm us unless we let them with our own feeling of helplessness, and in my case, it prompted me to even more immediately inject God into my office in any way possible, document and publish these findings, and in a real and significant way to see if the greater positive effect on the healing of the patients was duplicable. 

At first, our attempts at increasing spirituality in the treatment process was limited to merely simple godly paintings on the wall, soft uplifting music, or as simple as silently praying for people while we treated them. For the most part, basically being interested in the cause of their injuries and not just the symptom relief was all that seemed to be needed to facilitate rapid and complete healing. If the patients initiated a conversation of godly content I would as well, if not, I would keep silent. Again the miracles were astonishing, even people with incurable ailments began to heal right before mine and my staff’s eyes.

Amazingly, the miracles were freely dispersed regardless of wealth status, or sexual preference, church affiliation, or even religious belief. I had one Islamic woman who had her hip completely destroyed by a gunshot, within days she healed and began to walk normal, after being told she would never walk again. 

It was as if I was in a sort of “going back to school” where God showed me various aspects of the belief-based healing process from a slow but definitely clear stair-stepped nature. I began to incorporate various aspects of spiritual awareness into the healing regimens for the patients as they unveiled themselves.

More miracles occurred, people would just show up at the office stating they seemed to be told to just come, not even knowing we were here. People started seeing angles and in some cases other things that at the time seemed so supernatural. Teachers appeared and students out of nowhere wanting to learn what we were doing.

But the attacks continued, when the system couldn’t stop us from treating as we now realized we must, they tried to deny us refusal to renew our contracts, stating that we were now too small to participate. It was increasingly reported to us that authorization for treatment was denied to our office and then given to other offices for the same requested treatments. Delays on service authorization or payment became so frequent it even bordered on unlawful, ever stating if we didn’t like it we could either cancel our contract or sue them?

They tried moving other participating contractural companies closer to deny me direct patient access, but it didn’t work people came anyway. In some very aggressive examples, people were even threatened with being dropped from coverage if the person accepted care at my office, even if the care was free and the insurance was not billed? 

When that didn’t stop us, they tried other forms of attacks, they couldn’t get at me or my office, so they attacked those around me and made things harder for them. More frivolous court appearances or unnecessary burdens placed on the staff or our families, all seemingly designed to harass us. An one particular moment this lead to pressures being placed onto my landlord, a good friend of mine, and a patient himself, forcing him to sell the building eventually to the pharmaceutical companies, and them then demolishing it out from under us within weeks of acquiring it. 

Spies in the form of support first began to appear later to clearly show they all along were working against us as a means to funnel information and thwart any development plans we may have.  Betrayal was sold for nothing more than the promise of business in the future.

When I said to the new pharmaceutical landlord; “You cannot do this I have a ten-year contract,” their response was “sue us,” this seemed to be a recurring threat from everyone as I went forward. 

The office finally had to close, I couldn’t keep it afloat, the last year I went almost an entire year without pay, keeping my employees paid, paying all our bills, and trying to keep the doors open for the few people who still came in. 

In 2012, I subsidized the income of the office by ushering myself out to other companies helping them build their business, skilled nursing facilities, some small home health companies, or schools develop their own rehab departments, and help them grow while continuing my new purpose to inject God into the treatment regiment. 

After the final closing of the office, first I did integrate my new purpose exclusively in the form of Home Health providing direct care myself to the people and giving them additional Godly care in addition to the care prescribed. Again the results were miraculous, patient after patient reporting miraculous and incredible results like none other they had ever experienced. I saw people who hadn’t walked for years get up and walk before the amazed eyes of their family. Addicts walk away from opioid or heroin addictions of over a year claiming relief without withdrawals. Case after case of unexplainable miracles. 

But in each case, almost immediately, a person would emerge in the home offices, seemingly dead set to work to discredit these reports, in some cases remove me from care with them, and in others discredit me to the point of eliminating me altogether from the company. 

After this assignment, I was asked to help a new company in a home health arena specifically increase the personal care of the treatment department, become a sort of Director of Rehabilitation. I explained my desire to add in cause-based care and that was exactly what the administrator wanted. Two days later I was released without reason given, even though I had a signed employment contract. 

Later in 2012 was interviewed, asked, and presented a two-year contract to be the Director of Rehabilitation for a famous and new Cancer Center in Phoenix. The interviewing Director said I was perfect because my interest in adding godly treatments and prayer into the healing process was exactly what they desired, as well as what they as a company promoted in their advertisements. 

Within the first week, I treated a woman with a burned neck from radiation, she was in intense pain unable to move. She begged me to help her with her headaches and neck pain. After one treatment she claimed her pain was gone and had movement in her neck, she thought this would never return saying to me with a sweet laugh; “Your a lifesaver.” She said she couldn’t wait to call her surgeon, she said with such excitement. But when the surgeon spoke to her, he then called me, angry and threatening; “if I ever touched an area of a patient he was treating again, not only would he would have me fired, he would ruin me!”

That same day I had taken an extended tour of the entire facility a bit earlier from the call, and while looking into the vast hall of chemo treatment lounge chairs, I caught out off the corner of my eye of what I thought was a glimpse of something over in the corner of the room on the wall in the shadows; an almost ten-foot large black spider, hairy, and what looked like blood-red eyes. 

Startled, I turned to look back at it, as fast as a black widow it disappeared into the dark and was gone! I must have stood there with a confused look on my face because the girl who was giving me the tour even asked; “Are you ok, you look like you saw a ghost?” I said nothing. The next morning HR called me and said I need not come in, I was released. When I asked why they said they need not give me an answer it is within the first 60 days, I told the HR person; “I have a two-year contract” she merely said with a condescending laugh “then sue us,” and hung up.

I had at the same time that I interviewed with the Cancer Center also interviewed with a Pain Center out of California, passing earlier on it. So I called them back and luckily they could immediately offer me the job I passed on a few weeks earlier. I immediately began working with a Chronic Opioid Addiction Rehabilitation company out of California, they were particularly interested in my ability to open outpatient physical therapy offices. I explained my desire to inject God into the treatment program and described the little experience I had with addictions. The owner was excited and wanted me to begin immediately.

They asked me to join them as a minority partner, offered to buy office equipment as the equipment for their new office in Scottsdale. Solicited me to give them a program for opening physical therapy offices in multiple states that would match this one. The boss also was interested in my program for injection of Mind, Body, and most importantly Spirit (or Belief) into the drug rehabilitation equation. 

The immediate results were astonishing, again people began walking away from addictions of five years or more with little or no side effects and in some cases no withdrawals whatsoever. This opened us up for discussions to broaden our acceptance protocols to include all patients and not just people with specific minimal symptoms or the most desired outcome specifications, but also other substances, alcohol and/or illegal street drugs. It also immediately prompted the opening of a second office in Baltimore, as well as a third in Texas. 

Within a couple of days of this successful opening, I was locked out, my position given to the sister of the owner, not only was I not paid for all the work I had done, all of my equipment was kept without payment. After a year of litigation to at least retrieve my equipment the owner filed bankruptcy and closed the office without paying me or the other specialists who also were not paid anything, I lost all my equipment. It would seem he or his associate would rather close the entire company than include our procedures into the program.

Company, after company, year after year, I would be solicited to join their systems, mainly to expand on their Rehabilitation departments, some of them large even in excess of 250 licensed providers I would be in charge of, and some as small with just a few. The pattern was always the same; the owner or chief administrator would interview, even seek me out with enthusiasm, offer me a contract, always with not only the knowledge of injecting godliness into their health care programs but to train the rest of their staff to do so as well.

But the moment I would start to see some results in the public, miracles occur, or save someone’s life, my elimination would be immediate, and brutal often followed by the statement; “If you don’t like it, sue us!” Almost like they were taunting me to enter into the courts for battle. 

One woman begged me, not as a therapist, but as a person, a son, what should she do? The doctor had prescribed her 18 rounds of very aggressive Chemo Therapy even though she had been tested and found to have absolutely no cancer in her body? I was shocked and asked how could he justify that, she said; “He told her it was preventative for cancer she might get later in life, but also told her if she didn’t take it her insurance could cancel her!” Reluctantly I told her to get another opinion. The next day the owner himself released me. I began hearing reports of many others who had used our Mind, Body, and most importantly Spirit approach to simple treatment have the same healing effect when dealing with cancer. 

At the same time on the other side of the world, Anna was helping her friend apply the same more Mind, Body, and Spirit applications using forgiveness as a desperate attempt to help a friend and pilates client with “terminal fourth stage” blood and bone cancer. The woman was instantaneously cured, but the system forced her to receive the scheduled chemo anyway even though no cancer could be found in her body. Her friend died of pneumonia while receiving chemo. 

One woman, I saw here suffered from 15 years of daily anxiety attacks. I gave her Mind, Body, and Spirit advice along with the prescribed therapy in her home after two visits not only did the anxiety attacks disappear but she stepped away from her 4-5 pill a night sleeping pill addiction without withdrawals. That company released me and didn’t pay me for three months of work, also challenging me; “Then sue us.” Here too, efforts were expressed to not contact the patients or the company would sue me!

I was later hired by a large pediatric company out of Texas to open up their rehabilitation market for the entire State of Arizona. I informed them I planned on applying Mind, Body, and Spirit treatments even presented my ideas directly to the executive President who visited me, with his encouragement and green light. 

I had a couple children with autism and other so-called incurable ailments, one boy of six had nine out of the ten symptoms. In four treatments he was cured, went back to normal classes in school. For that one, the Principle of his school was so astonished he called the mother to beg her to tell him what pill or treatment she had received because he had twenty other mothers lined up wanting the same. The woman was so happy she called the company herself to thank the president of the company in Texas for what happened to her child. 

The company sent out the Regional Vice President the very next day, her response; “We are taking you off the case of the little boy, you are denied any contact with him or his mother ever, and if you do we will fire you and ruin your career!” Two days later the HR released me, I was hired as the Regional Physical Therapy Director for the entire State of Arizona for this company’s two-year contract. Three months after the release I spoke with the Arizona Executive Director who said what happened to me was horrible and suggested I should sue! 

For this one I decided to publish a children’s book to help mothers apply the simple same methods to help their own children be free of this issue, I am waiting for a publisher who will assist in publishing it?

Company after company I would be hired merely to inject what they themselves solicited me to do, and then suddenly release me sometimes within days of my hire? 

My wife and I decided to perhaps open our own, perhaps a Senior Living, or drug rehabilitation facility to implement more direct Physical Therapy and Mind Body and Spirit activities into the care providing a more nurturing place for the people at the same price. Each time we would find a facility, secure financing, it would seem just before we would close the deal, it would suddenly and almost mysteriously fall apart. Parties would suddenly lose interest or change their minds, banks would suddenly remove their support, even at the risk of a lawsuit, claiming the decision came from above and there was nothing they could do in it.

The last one was a company about one year ago called me after seeing my profile on LinkedIn stating; “that we worked to add godliness into the treatment process through departmental development,” specific training of staff, or direct care in order to bring a more cause-based practice back into companies and possible facilitate healing.

The owner came out from California and personally invited me himself to dinner with his wife and my own wife stating; “I want to give you the Direction of the entire State of Az, and my mandate is two-fold; first to reopen the 12 offices earlier closed, as soon as possible and at the least expensive or lowest cost-effectiveness.”

And second more importantly; “To regain the image of his company which has been lost, from one of only interested in money, to one that truly cares about people and their full and comprehensive care. Basically, inject God back into the healing process in his offices and his treatment staff in Arizona.” He was planning on using Arizona as an experiment and if it worked, expand the proceeders throughout the rest of his company in five states. 

This company I worked for only one month, barely had a chance to get integrated and meet all of the staff members of the 12 existing offices. I did manage to demonstrate in writing and with contract proposals a way he could open each of his planned offices for less than half of the 350K they already had been slated to spend on each. Within days of giving them this information, I was fired by the 2nd in command. Again stating we don’t have to give you a reason in the first 60 days if you don’t like it “sue us!”

While I am on the subject, the same man that basically put me to choose between himself and God also about a half year later after that event, which occurred back in 2008, showed up in my office again threatening a few months later. I had hoped the man wanted to move on now in peace or bury the hatchet, for I did love the man as a father at one time? But he quickly went on to threaten me again basically demanding I release custody of my small children to his daughter and his full control or he would ruin me! When I asked how did he propose this, his answer; “He would sue me and take me to court, and take me to court over and over again until I am ruined!” “He has a lot of money and I have a little.”

I would not do what he asked, and that is exactly what he or his daughter did continually. Many people know about his various efforts to slander us or stop us in any way possible. They have seen his thefts, and even his attempts to hold back efforts of us to then defend ourselves or protect ourselves, using his power and influence to stall or delay any efforts we may engage to help ourselves. 

I have on a number of occasions attempted to report, especially the clear and evidential examples of wrongdoing, slanders, abuse, clear acts of perjury, falsified documents, misuse of authority, or what many would call even “Racketeering,” but those too, in most cases, seemed to be ignored as the officers of the court or others would simply push any supporting material that warranted investigation aside or disregard it altogether. 

One time I was personally warned by one of their friends a man who I also called a friend; “What are you doing, going to court against these guys, you can’t win! You must know if they can’t win they will buy your lawyer, and if they can’t buy him they will buy the judge, and if not him then the politician who might be able to place influence over the judge? And if they can’t buy them then they will start killing!”

Over this last year, I have been engaged in developing an environmental and recycling company, a company that showed such potential for financial return and even proved to demonstrate a way to combine environmental improvements to the health care concerns of the people. About halfway through my partner suddenly gets cold feet and withdrawals his finial support of us, basically says he cannot pay us until we raise investors ourselves. 

About a month later my partner finally admitted to me that he had gotten cold feet when a man who he described as similar to the man I described above, the same one who constantly threatened me, suddenly appeared at my neighbors home, asking questions about his association with us. This man then basically began to slander us warning my friend away from doing business with us. Stating, most curiously, that he had seen to it, in a few words, that I would never be able to practice Physical Therapy in the State of Arizona, he has made sure of that. After investing our remaining savings in this company just to have it closed by COVID shutdown. 

In many of the previous court cases they would drag me into court for, they had also placed among the many things they wished to accomplish, was the removal of my physical therapy license? Leading us to believe he may have had perhaps in part or via friends of himself had some part in my dismissal from the many companies I had worked with. 

It saddens me to think of the many people who may have benefited from the care I was able and willing to provide, or at least teach in the many venues I had been a part of, and how that was denied to so many people because of the greed and hatred of a few.

Well, this is the whole abbreviated story, and what is so marvelous is with each attack it only managed to emphasize to myself and my wife how important that particular information is and the need to get it out. 

Today, not a day goes by when someone doesn’t step before us with a need or desperately needing the key to release them from the lies that have enslaved them into a position of fear and doom. We have many people, also daily ask and even beg us to open our office or provide a platform to get this message out for others.

We know the right people will come by who not only will wish to benefit from this advice but will also want to be a part of its delivery into the hands of those who need it. Strong Mighty Men and Women who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right even when almost entire systems or certain dark individuals seem to be against it.

Anybody interested can read more about some of our therapy practices and beliefs on our web site 

If you are interested in knowing more about my mentor Peter Laue you can visit his site at 

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