How Dare You Tell Me I Shouldn’t Smoke, It’s My Right!

Once said bully is spotted, or at least finds himself within striking range one of two responses for the would be victim must follow;

The first either, “Turn and Run”.

Turning represents a physical changing direction from the path in which one has been set. When a person turns their back on something, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to see it, thus the person becomes blind to everything that lies down that particular path they were on only moments before.

Turning ones back on the attacker puts them in a particularly vulnerable position, by presenting one’s back, inviting attack without defense, blind to any blows, tail tucked in pathetic attempt to protect private parts in the backside of running retreat. Protecting private parts, now that’s a statement; trying in some desperate way to protect a person’s destiny, their not yet conceived future, even maybe their children, holding tightly to a hope that not only pain will be avoided, but maybe another daybreaks warmth still might be found shining on their face, if only through survival.

“Turning and Running” demonstrates and grants most assured defeat!