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Healing, Chapter 1: Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”


Yet the body that God has given us, has the ability to heal itself continually, that ability while given, must also be accepted.

People like children only know what they have been fed, whether being through their mouth, or in the light in their eyes, sounds in their ears, or the sensations presented physically to their body, this awareness is a combined realization of the total stimulus that they have received throughout their own living experiences. This reality is then constructed within the realm of the understanding composited into them over the course of their experience. It is no different when it comes to healing.

People have come to the misbelief that healing like medicine is something granted to those who are deserving through payment or action, given them through a formally schooled and learned medical provider, authorized by the recognized authority who is certified by the state, these entities are given not only authority over the decision making processes of our care, but the responsibility for the proper analyzation, further education, and implementation of this care.

Thus it could also be said, that this entity outside ourselves has been given all the control of our health care options, and subsequently the control of our very individual health, leaving us with a beggar-like posture clawing for the crumbs it decides to give for our would-be health. In effect we have become, at least in our dispositions a sort of slave to then, basically, even with the most rudimentary decision-making freedom at least when it comes to healthcare,  this basic right has been given over knowingly or in most cases unknowingly to someone else.

I found it shocking as an experienced medical provider when realizing that the majority of the people who sat at the position of deciding who may be granted authorization for care or not, had, for the most part, no medical training what so ever, they merely sat in front of computer screens and read the acceptable limited treatment parameters for specific diagnosis codes as was reported on the computer of the insurance company. For the most part, their only job or concern was to keep the costs as minimal as to ensure if any benefit was to be paid or in some cases performed, they absolutely had to provide it, usually stalling or demanding enough red tape to possibly make the person in need eventually give up. But there was always a fine line, they could not delay or deny too much as to placing the company at risk of being in breach of their contractual promises with the patients.

Without getting too much into the political, ethical, social, or even spiritual side of who exactly is in control of our health care, or exactly why this shift has occurred, the fact of the matter is we have long given away the charge of our care. The very analysis of what happens to us, the choice of approved medical procedures, the very doctors that we have been programmed our entire lives to unquestionably trust, to provide us the truest and most effective medical treatment courses, no longer make the ultimate decisions regarding care, they also have conformed to the recommendations of what is considered approved, recommended, or more importantly authorized as care.

We have for simpler terms given away the freedom of our health, to the point where we have merely become complete events of fractional cost analysis and containment to the greater authority, and this authority is not God.

The first task is we must do towards health is we must take back the decision-making ability in our health care to ourselves. People don’t realize that they have the ability each and every day given them by God to decide for themselves. Healing is promised to every individual, promised by God, and since He always keeps all of His promises, we can either believe, choose to believe God, or not it is our choice.

We’ll start with an idea, that healing is up to God alone, just the contemplation that perhaps there is more to health and wellness than what we have been told is a great first step.

We are in essence lifting our heads up out of the muck we have fallen, picking them up out of the dark and looking at the light, looking back to the mountains from the deep desert valley we have walked into, or the violent storm we have inadvertently sailed into?

Chapter 1 of my book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” by Peter Colla available for free download on our website:

This book is a compilation of twenty-five years of experiences, witnessed healings, and examples of how placing God’s Word and truths into the health care environment healing is available to everyone free of payment or ritual stipulation. 

A look at the healing process from a Quantum level examination along with a Therapist’s application of using these truths to facilitate Spiritual Ascension, Health and Wellness in your own life. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day another chapter of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter and translate them for free distribution in multiple languages. 

“Freely these gifts have been given to me, and freely I give them on to others.”

Over the last thirty-five years, my wife and I have given everything we have to bring the truth to the many Patients we have had presented before us. As you will read in the next chapters it was the system and industry that worked the hardest to suppress the truth from people, literally launching a war against us to prevent us from giving people the information they needed to receive healing. 

Hopefully soon people will know the truth of who the real enemy is in the healthcare industry and their crimes against humanity will finally be brought to justice.

Bless You

Peter and Anna Colla

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