Hammock, A Representation of Love

That being said, I’m sure if Paul would have been a Hammock maker instead of a tent maker, Biblical text may have included such references as; “Consider men of God, if ye may or may not even dare possess a hammock, not being for all, one according to his faith, but if it is to be that a hammock being something you can not live without, then I should recommend you have one, but remember brethren it is a choice that can only be made with the deepest contemplation and reverence…” or something like that. But thankfully he wrote it not me!

So I being a man, of Jesus I may add, and the most reverent of respect for all of God’s spectacular creation, considering the possibility of a hammock just may find its way into my life someday, I am ever steadfast running my race, considering the King of Kings as He grants blessing upon blessing into the hands of this simple man.

The first thing I might consider if said hammock might even be a vivid thought touching the vulnerable ear of this man’s all to often broken heart. Is, do I want to risk, such treasure at this point in my life? Broken hearts can leave such scars, and while Jesus has the ability to heal all wounds, certain scars are more like battle wounds, worn as medals of honor well into the physicality of new body for all time… at least I think.

Let’s suppose our not so young warrior, yet again feels that taking the plunge into the void of losing his heart to the grips of a hammock is worth putting himself yet again out there in a vulnerable way.

The first thing that would have to occur is a long dialog of contemplation, serious examination of all parties involved.

An exchange of w