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Grace Is The Sound My Eye Sees

Revised writing from; “The Definition of True Worship” published Feb. 4, 2020

As we have already stated throughout this book and the many other writings I have already published, the Quantum Ascension is the process whereby a sort of facilitation of energies primarily connected to “Belief” are used for various aspects of our own individual growth in health and wellness. It is the realization that the environment within the spiritual is infinitely greater than that which resides in the mind, while the mind or thought is almost infinitely greater than the mere physical of the body of one single moment of time, that through the realizations of these God promised laws that we have come to realize as truths, an activation of our awareness can occur resulting in the further development of unrealized, stifled, inactive, or underdeveloped skills we may already have possessed from creation.

This activation while continuing in the physical realm of light, frequencies, and energy, may, in fact, perpetuate itself with a complete metamorphosis of the individual into a higher functioning status whereby issues that once plagued us in the valley no longer have any effect on the physicality of the existence we are experiencing now. Spiritual considerations and focused thoughts become realized as further activations of physical abilities manifest.

A few days ago I was sitting drinking coffee with my lovely wife, discussing the concept of “Worship” when we read it in the pages of the book we are reading together? To be honest, the concept, as well as the practice, seemed to be something I have struggled with perhaps the majority of my adult life, or at least from the time I can say that I have been actively engaged in the arena of at least trying to “follow God.”

What exactly is worship? And while I had the privilege in my own past to play a musical instrument and be a part of a “worship service” band, I can say that the actual feeling of worship as well as the desire to enter into it, seemed to escape me. Plus reading passages in the Bible where statements are made of people or angels worshiping God for extended periods of time, even weeks or years, not only baffled me but is some cases even scared me, as I contemplated the translations of my own guilt-laden boredom with the mere twenty or thirty minutes I had in the church and many times falling asleep, now expanded to periods over months if not more?

I went to bed or perhaps relaxed, and as I began to dose off an image came into my head from my own young family life experience, and I felt God may have been answering my own questions, even one I hardly realized I asked. I have an overwhelming feeling to put that image onto paper after discussing it with Anna this morning.

I say I can see myself because I am sort of watching her, and watching myself watch her even as the scene unfolds before me. There is a look on my own face, as I watch my sweet child just sit there, playing before me; of pure happiness. And while I probably couldn’t do it justice, let’s just say I don’t think I could ever remember myself as happy as I witness myself at this moment. But perhaps the only word that I could possibly come up with, that could even remotely describe the look on my own face I am witnessing is utter bliss.

My little daughter cannot be even a year old yet, because she doesn’t seem to be old enough to stand up on her own, but she is sitting unsupported. She is from the vantage point I am observing, right now behind her, clearly sitting looking or playing with something in her hands.

My own eye must have the supernatural ability to simultaneously look from behind her and at the same time, not only see what she is examining in her precious hands but also the look on her face as she examines it? She is just sitting there looking at a simple small rectangular toy, perhaps a small woodblock over and over in her hand as she looks at it, studying it, and turns it over again and again examining each side as if the new side is suddenly and excitedly being found new again.

Her face is one of complete contemplation but also happy and smiling satisfaction as she looks at the block, turns it over, looks at the other side, and then looks at the other side again, studying it and smiling in her thorough exam. I think I even softly hear her quiet voice a soft cooing sound as she again discovers a new side. “Hmmm, Ohhh, Shhh, Hmmm” The words she says soft are as relaxing to my ear as the wave of symphonic images that bathe my sight in beauty, love, and joy.

I am amazed at her complete peacefulness and thoroughness she places on this simple item, locking her gaze, not wanting to miss a single atom of the precious treasure that has suddenly found its way into her hands. Over and over she turns the block examining it and excited again to find a new different side, color, or image carved on it.

For a moment she almost seemed to get so enamored by her activity she almost forgot I was there, but suddenly she stops and turns, needing to make sure I still was. She looks up to me sitting on the couch next to her, watching her. She gives me a happy satisfied smile, almost as a response to me watching her, and just as quickly returns her gaze to the object of her attention. Because just as fast she looked at me, she was is right back looking at the block, again starting to rotate it around in her hand as she examines one side and then another.

Again my spiritual eye goes back to myself sitting on the couch and the look on my own face as I seem to realize myself she is just making sure I am still there; her father, safely watching her as she plays. A wave of personal satisfaction as my own fatherly self seems to know that she must have thought, at least realized with the look on his face; “Yep, dad is still there, I am safe, protected, loved, even being watched.”

Again she suddenly stops, but this time reaches out with the outstretched arm to show her dad on the couch the block in her hand. Looking up at him and lifting it up, she smiles at me clearly wishing to show the wonderful treasure she has just discovered.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I see on my own face as I look at the wonderful smiling bright loving eyes of my child, reaching up and wanting to share her new discovery with me, her precious treasure. At this moment she is giving me a true experience a true gift in my own life, one I will cherish as a true treasure, a gem, a real golden nugget, and love all wrapped up in a single “wonder”-“full” wooden block.

And if I can sit there and feel a wave of utter joy as she holds up the block to share the new discovery with me, how much infinitely more does our own father feel when we take but a moment in our busy lives and hold up our own discoveries to Him?

God loves to watch us experience his gifts, loves it more when we look to make sure He watching and loves it the most when we reach out and share our wooden blocks with Him. “Help me Lord to remember you are watching, eager, and loving in the discoveries we have each day, help me remember to take the moment to reach out and show you.”

As the spirit ascends visions increase that expands beyond the limits of time and space. Perhaps the caterpillar as he or she ascends the tree, as they ascend, begin to dream of times when they ultimately will fly?

As we ascend up the ranks of spiritual considerations and our focus broadens into the clouds that await us, this manifestation of expanding consciousness brings with it added burdens that result from our more lofty view of the world. With the higher vantage point of the mountainside, it becomes clearer all of the happenings going on below in the valley. We begin to see not only the real perspective of the environment we were living in only moments before, but catch a glimpse of the true nature of surrounding players. We see all of our friends still in the valley and more importantly, the enemy can also be seen as they muster various attack postures against friends still below.

With each truth that is made known, and the wisdom revealed related to the “who’s” and even “why’s,” patterns emerge suddenly understanding erupts in our minds revealing clearly what is really going on down there. With these newfound understandings come with it a concern for the many friends, loved ones, even strangers left behind still sitting in the valley, unaware, who might fall prey to the plots and attacks these dark entities are clearly perpetrating.

The first desire is to shout back at each of our friends, trying to describe the picture we so clearly see, but this is often met with denial, disregard, and in some cases even angered insults. It is almost impossible for people to believe someone or something is mustering to attack them in the valley when they have no idea they are even in a valley in the first place? Right now the world is as it has been presented to them, and they are busy with the particular task in their hands, unable to even imagine the picture we might be describing since they have never seen it or even imagined it could be?

“You want to help your friends, you cannot do it merely by telling them the truths of what is going on around them, you must show them, and this means you must go and get them, bring them up the mountain and show them for themselves so they too can see.”

My mind is suddenly brought to another child the same age taken from its mother and father perhaps only moments before birth. Now sitting in a cold cage, down in the dark recesses of a descended prison. Cold, dark, damp, void of any love, or compassion, she sits with her to the door of the cage afraid almost to look back out of fear that evil will appear again to torment and abuse her.

She is nervously wringing her hands not in play or examination but in fear as the screams and moaning cries of others lash across her young skin, their echoing pleas continuously bring her attention back to the distant darkness, not looking to see if a loving father is watching but silently gasping a prayer her tormentor is not. Her skin bare the marks of abuse’s past, the filth of neglect is the only garment her you brushed skin wears, but her eyes are clear even in fear emitting the purity that resides deep within.

My own spirit is filled with rage as I realize this could be my own child, sitting there in terror, with no hope or help, merely fear that life is not discovery but torment, not something that is enjoyed but something desperate to end. It fills me with rage as the thought that someone could do such a thing, and others know, support, even approve of such evil. I feel powerless to do anything, my spirit wants to rip these demon ghouls to pieces, but I feel powerless even to begin to see how. It is mercy for me I only have a glimpse before my eye returns to my writing before me, this too is Grace. If this image is true something must be done, and while I can’t storm these facilities, gun in hand, wanting desperately to dispense some kind of Godly vengeance on those who would do this to a child such as mine, I feel I must do something?

Ascension brings with it the visualization of the whole painting we as people have created in this world, and as we slowly see more vibrant colors of the surrounds, hear clearer the hidden sounds of angels singing in the chirping sounds of a mornings dawn, so do we also see the shadowed darkened hues of deep dark crimsons blood reds laid down layer upon layer until they look black to the observer. In the shadows, there are still screams that have been muffled within deep-hidden recesses from view, but if we concentrate enough and not ignore the dark but set our God enlightened attention on it even for a moment we will also find that as we do, so does God through us, and the rescue is already underway, the darkness must flee, and the battle has already been won.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord send your Angels to strengthen and protect the men and women you have tasked to rescue the many children taken captive worldwide. Send your Light into these dark dungeons and Illuminate them with your Truth revealing to the world the true nature of what is hidden there, driving out darkness, and protect the children as rescue arrives soon.”

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