Grace Is The Sound My Eye Sees

Revised writing from; “The Definition of True Worship” published Feb. 4, 2020

As we have already stated throughout this book and the many other writings I have already published, the Quantum Ascension is the process whereby a sort of facilitation of energies primarily connected to “Belief” are used for various aspects of our own individual growth in health and wellness. It is the realization that the environment within the spiritual is infinitely greater than that which resides in the mind, while the mind or thought is almost infinitely greater than the mere physical of the body of one single moment of time, that through the realizations of these God promised laws that we have come to realize as truths, an activation of our awareness can occur resulting in the further development of unrealized, stifled, inactive, or underdeveloped skills we may already have possessed from creation.

This activation while continuing in the physical realm of light, frequencies, and energy, may, in fact, perpetuate itself with a complete metamorphosis of the individual into a higher functioning status whereby issues that once plagued us in the valley no longer have any effect on the physicality of the existence we are experiencing now. Spiritual considerations and focused thoughts become realized as further activations of physical abilities manifest.