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Gods Gift Handed From One To Another

Indian Creek Main

I imagined somewhere left in this land, fashioned by the creative hand of God, there still is left properties nestled softly on the edge of yet still nearly untouched lands, preserved from times long past as memorials to a time of virgin forest with abundant game and clear streams.

How difficult am I to wonder the depth and breadth of Gods creation except to experience it first hand. Nestled gently between three canopied Ponderosa dense mountain hills flows year round crystal clear streams, trickling in soft-spoken serenity peacefulness for any within ears reach. The coolness and clear fresh taste of the waters are only rivaled by the glistening of the many diverse colors reflecting gently from the pebbles as elk abundantly drink from her shores. Such a place, I dare hope still exists and does; Indian Creek Meadows.

And as her name might suggest; Imagine a soft grassy meadow lined on all sides by this majestic oak and pined ridges, a stream flowing right through the heart of the property, then let your mind dare hope, two natural springs producing the clearest and cleanest water tested and tasted, a sense of heavenly gardens’ comes to mind. As the cool year round brook flows cutting its way gently so many years ago through the natural rock wall formation, this grand majestic structure of beauty passes also through the property.

What makes the property even more attractive is its location, lying almost hidden at the end of maintained forest service road, bordering on seven side national forests that continue on for almost sixty miles in secluded and pioneering like access. A favorite place having over one hundred and seventy acres that for decades blessed private hunting and naturalist enthusiasts alike, only minutes from an active precious metals mine, this land itself must have been at one time considered for such prospectus, having its own derelict cabin and closed off mine on the property.

Only a few miles from town, yet far enough to allow a body the sense of seclusion, there is still the security of know town and utility is within reach. Multiple beautiful pad locations exist, with forest roads already cut in, granting the owner all possible views whether mountain, meadow, stream or any combination. If someone wishes a piece of true natural seclusion, safely away from the prying eye of neighbors, this is a true sanctuary.

This gift from Gods hand is being offered for sale either in whole or in part and would be perfect for consideration in a conservation land tax credit option, or as a refuge long and away in times of tribulation. This blessing I wish at this time to either share or hand off to him or her who will build a place for a safe and secure peaceful sanctuary, away from the business of the town, hidden in the hills and forests of central Colorado.

Bless You


“Dear Lord let the gift of which You have handed me be given to him whom You intend it to, allow the peace and blessing this land is intended to be granted to them who desire it.”

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