Fear Of Man

Plenty strong was the fear as it cast it’s shadow with her dark tentacles pulling at every part of my being, not allowing me to even leave the car, sitting in the driveway waiting like some bored taxi driver buying time until his fare came back.

I was already thick into the gift of God blessing’s, the many gift’s a man might see as he but stumble’s on the path our so Glorious Father. When you witness gift after gift given in such miraculous ways, freely in glorious bounty, how could someone possibly turn their face, or worse yet, hide from meeting yet again another gift.

But such a man was I, no correction, having no problem meeting people I feel comfortable with; unstimulated, unchallenged, never purposeful, unable to prompt inner growth, basically anyone that kept me wallowing in the dirt I so fervently served for years, those kind of people I had no trouble knowing. Maybe it was because I was so secure in where I was at, that it was where I was yet going which prompted the scary, exciting, and challenging sight.

But step out, look into the face, not even the grand confrontation of the eyes of someone who actually might press and ignite that within me, which so desperately tries to shine out, no I think I should just sit in the car and let my mother visit herself the “Hidden Prayer Room”, she so eagerly spoke of.

When all fear was gone what was this that remained, a pride that I have all I need? A confused sense of someone or something seeming different is just to strange to risk yet another change in my already rapidly fluctuating life?

Could this lowly feeling, this whispering voice, this dark lurking creature, hiding under the bed of my youth, or in the dark closet peering out at night be “The Fear of Man”?

What could possibly a man fear, hearing word’s spoken of the another his mother wishes to meet. A Messianic Jewish man, a man who believes in Christ, who built a hidden payer room for people to stay, free of any costs, just to rest their head from the worries and torments of world and soul. Ok, he has also told people on more then one occasion about the “Chair where Jesus Sits