Eliminate Evil and Humanity Will Ascend

This spiritual awakening is important to say the least, especially when it comes to the entire human existence on our planet, but this awakening or the gifts that seem to come with it especially economical, are nothing in comparison to the other battle that is waging out there, and that is one between good and evil.

If what they say is true and our world has been held captive for a very long time by a very few people who are not only at the top of all the power, media, royalty, industry, as well as the financial control of the worlds monetary systems, and up until recently in control of every major industry in the world including all of the military, it would seem that they are losing their grip on the narrative as their secret seems to be leaking our like water through a strainer.

Much worse than all of this control is their reported devotion to Satan along with a deep addiction to perpetuate absolute evil throughout the world especially towards the most vulnerable and innocent in our societies.