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Eliminate Evil and Humanity Will Ascend

This spiritual awakening is important to say the least, especially when it comes to the entire human existence on our planet, but this awakening or the gifts that seem to come with it especially economical, are nothing in comparison to the other battle that is waging out there, and that is one between good and evil.

If what they say is true and our world has been held captive for a very long time by a very few people who are not only at the top of all the power, media, royalty, industry, as well as the financial control of the worlds monetary systems, and up until recently in control of every major industry in the world including all of the military, it would seem that they are losing their grip on the narrative as their secret seems to be leaking our like water through a strainer.

Much worse than all of this control is their reported devotion to Satan along with a deep addiction to perpetuate absolute evil throughout the world especially towards the most vulnerable and innocent in our societies.

It is unfathomable to think of the network of support and the reciprocal mopping up it would take to likewise take down the entire corrupt spider web that must exist to abduct a reported 22,000 children worldwide a day. It is inconceivable to think how much control over the medial, governments, all aspects of society including communications, transportation, even the medical fields, to keep such a large-scale human trafficking ring running to the point of such numbers and keep it under wraps from the general public.

Many researchers, investigators, whistleblowers, and insiders who have been captured or turned throughout the world, have reported increasing supporting evidence whereby it has become impossible to keep under wraps, especially for the perpetrators of torture and human sacrifice of children to go unnoticed any longer. We are indeed in a time of enlightenment.

I heard it said recently that the actual word Apocalypse comes from the Greek word “Apocalypto” which means to be revealed or enlightened. If we are truly in the end times as spoken of by John in Revelations of the Bible, it would certainly look like for the first time things are truly being revealed, especially when it comes to the horrors perpetrated against the most innocent of our children. But also on that fact, there are many places throughout the old and new testaments when significant warnings made against harming children.

That’s another thing, our God led President did sign into order almost immediately an Executive Order that anyone partaking in human trafficking against children received a mandatory death sentence.

I don’t think it takes a great deal of contemplation, nor do people have to have children themselves to realize that acts of cruelty towards little children, especially torture, rape, or sacrificing them to Satan, constitutes a deep-set evil inside of a person, and itself demonstrates an act against humanity itself. Children on even the most basic level represent our future, anyone cruel enough to participate in such atrocities in any capacity has no good whatsoever inside them.

I recently contemplated with my lovely wife the difference between people who maybe act bad or possibly have bad tendencies compared to people who are truly evil, and we came to the conclusion that people who act bad, while often they know what they are doing, there is always an opportunity to repent, make up for it, or turn around for good. But for people who have crossed the line into the baby blood-drinking arena there is no going back, these people by the way of partaking in such a horrible act, actually freely invite evil into themselves.

But back to the ascension, if by only the means of eliminating all or a large portion of the evil in the world that is responsible, as well as partakes in the human trafficking of children, the world could with one stroke find itself in a much cleaner, and as the result of much more enlightened spiritual universe to reside.

I guess in a simple example; take a dirty glass of water, foul-smelling, even harmful for you, but filter out all or the majority of the toxic components and the resulting glass becomes clear, life-giving, and refreshed; “enlightened”.

The remaining whole world may begin to ascend spiritually, mentally, and physically.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord protect and guide our President and all the brave soldiers who fight all around the world to rid the scourge of child trafficking, help us all see the truth and likewise ascend into a higher clearer spiritual consciousness.”

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