Daddy Can I Have A Bunny? An Excerpt From; “A Father’s Love”

Tell me oh God, what a beautiful world you have made? Have you made it for me? It sure does seem like it, when You have given me so much.

I love walking to school even by myself. While I know I could ride with dad, or mom, and my little brother, I always preferred to walk. Walking, even alone, seem’s so fun. Is this normal?

My eye’s fly over the ground, and I imagine I am a bird, or maybe in a plane flying along. Small cracks in the ground look like canyon’s, small grasses look like tree’s, and the smallest water puddles look like lake’s or river’s, wandering softly past. Is this what angel’s get to see?

Every day it seem’s like I see something new. While I know I have been by this way before, my eye’s alway’s find something new. How beautiful are all the thing’s that You have made. Did You make all this God? I think so, because my mom and dad say so.

There are those old orange tree’s again standing along the road. I love grabbing a green orange off the bottom, the low hanging branches I can just reach. They make good softball’s. Sometimes they land just right