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Combatting Goliath Attacks Like COVID

These sicknesses, which in most symptomatic cases, merely result in an inconvenience and only in the most severe cases when left untreated or mistreated for long periods of time, could result in anything that actually could be life-threatening. The majority of these such as cancer, people often become truly sick not from the actual tumors but from the treatments given them consequently, and ultimately die from other issues they acquire because of the now severely depressed immune systems. I have personally known people who have died within moments of hearing they had a severe disease long before the actual problem could ever spread throughout their body and attack the vital organs to cause death, once they seemingly believe they have something it actually manifests in them, COVID being a perfect example of this.

In such an accusation based hysteria, I credit the media, the doctors, the Big-Pharma, that props up the reputations, gloom, and doom of these almost inconceivably small bugs to the point where the rest of us people have become so afraid of these bullies that the mere mention of them places us into a complete state of mind of submission; one of acceptance of the fact as well as the course of action they decide to place on us without question or accountability. Kind of like a bully does when the young child runs into him on the way home from school. I have written in past publications regarding the comparison of bullies with afflictions, but to properly examine the quantum awareness of sicknesses as well as our own infinite abilities to overcome it is necessary for me to bring back an earlier story and expand upon it to properly make my point.

Lacking as much in the stature department as they do in compassion, Bullies always seem to present themselves with the heart that drives them to particular behaviors of cruelty, perpetrated against what society has deemed weaker or defenseless opponents. Showing up in vulnerable locations, often present themselves at times only for reasons known to their own jealous desires or those who have viciously sent them.

Once said bully is spotted, or at least finds himself within striking range, one of three responses for the would-be victim must follow;

These choices include either “turn and run,” or what happens in most cases just “stand there and take it” until the beating is over, or the third and often most frightening option “fight back.” Let us examine each on its merits?

Turning one’s back on the attacker puts the child in a particularly vulnerable position, by presenting one’s back they invite attack without defense, blind to any blows, tail tucked in pathetic attempt to protect private parts in the backside of running retreat, it becomes impossible to even dodge a haymaker blow that might find pay dirt as we turn to flee. Protecting private parts, now that’s a statement; trying in some desperate way to protect a person’s destiny, their not yet conceived future, even maybe their future children, holding tightly to a hope that not only pain will be avoided, but maybe other daybreaks warmth still might be found shining on their face, if only through survival.

“Turning and Running” demonstrates and grants most assured defeat if not today for many more days down the road when the same tuck tail and run posture is assuredly repeated!

But let us make one thing clear, we are talking about a bully here, not standing and fighting battles we are not equipped, nor called to fight against in our own proper time by Him who would command us. Running, and while in certain undeniable and overpowering attacks, survival can in itself find certain qualities of victory, but for the sake of the bullying, we can assume that God will never place His children who seek Him in a place where defeat is possible.

For He has said in many places throughout the Bible; “I will give you all you need!”

Notice He says; “seek ye first,” so by assumption, if we are seeking first, looking up to God, doing what we are supposed to, in each and every one of our steps, then we can also assume by His promise, that He will give us all we need to overcome any challenge as well as any attack that presents itself on this path.

But God also doesn’t honor the footsteps of fools. If we by our own selfish desires and sin find ourselves not only off the path but knee-deep in the camp of the enemy, then getting everything we need to overcome may just reside in a pair of good legs and enough oxygen in the blood to get us out of there with barely our skin.

Back to the bully, running is defeat, and results in two things that only a good God could even remotely turn to positive; it reduces the value, the stature of our would-be hero in the eyes of most of the groupies watching, those eyes of the child himself being the greatest effected. A shift of energies takes place and all the energetic physicality that makes up this particular person becomes a bit diminished as the result, they, in essence, believe themselves to be less than they were only moments before. Popular phrases that one will often hear include; “Once a coward always a coward,” “You chicken,” or “Run piggy run” these just being a few terms, that have been associated with people who flee. God’s ability to even turn this into positive is without dispute, for no other reason than just because He said so, but we will have to reserve this topic for future writing. Most importantly in this scenario the person doing the running believes a sort of diminishing has taken place on their entire being, this belief-based spiritual change is the most devastating effect on us.

The second effect of running and one that seems to be further perpetuated by those who promote the bully in the first place is that it builds the confidence of said bully. Making it more likely he will just do his mouthing-off again, louder next time, more often, and cause even more damage in the direct vicinity. The digression or increase in negative energy is the very elemental energy that feeds the demon. Creatures that have had all goodness, light, love, peace or compassion taken from them, have only negative energies available such as hate or fear in which to realize some recognition of gain. Fear becomes the food or drug of the bully.

So confident becomes the bully, that in time he doesn’t even care if other people learn the truth of him, he becomes overconfident in his own elevated status, he could care less of victims of his past or where he has been, so much so that he doesn’t even look back. And why should he, only the conquered reside behind him? But it is in his confidence that he exposes his weakness.

The medical community, the system as a whole would have us chose the second platform of performance, the “just bend over and take it one.” It has gotten to the point that even to question the absolute authority of their recommendations as to how to deal with affliction bullies is met with aggressive opposition, basically; “Put your mask on and shut up,” “if you don’t do what I say you could lose your insurance,” “oh, by the way, take the vaccine, even if you have heard it may be dangerous.”

This is where we find the final glorious and optimal choice; “Stand and fight!”

“Standing and Fighting” grants and demonstrates certain and absolute victorious parts! Victory is victory!

By definition first, a person must stand; get up, rise, look up, take that first step in Quantitative Awareness that brings the soul out of the valley and up the slope of the Godly mountain, never to return. Now with this image carries a meaning of an immediate and direct increase in stature and almost heavenly perspective allowing the mountain climber to look back down and get a clear vision or really was going on down there. When a person rises to the occasion they grow larger and stronger, their vibration increases in intensity and frequency, and indirect counter-reaction, their opponent must decrease, remember for “every action in the universe there is an equal and opposite reaction,” if by no other means then just simple vantage point. As a person being attacked gets higher, the object against which one stands and views in visual appearance becomes smaller.

To stand also implies to find a firm foundation, one can only successfully achieve a firm foundation if they press against something also firm, the rock being the strongest, but make no mistake even deep foundations in the sand, the key being deep, can be a significant pillar for resistance. God describes studying the Word as finding a deep foundation or building on the rock, so learning truths, discovering spiritual truths, energizing dormant portions of our own being, all must apply.

As I have already stated the physical changes that one will benefit from in standing and fighting, those being first an increase of the defender, and a decrease of the attacker are invaluable. These are immediate and Godly provisions given by the natural laws that nobody can deny, promised to each and every one of us, it is these provisions that the enemy would so desperately deny us in our very existence. It is, for this reason, all of their would be solutions aka pain pills, sedatives, tension relievers have a dumbing down, clouding of the mind, a sort of placing veils over the eyes of people who chose to use them. There is movement in dark entities as well, and that movement is backward into a realm the giant never looks at because he has no experience there, it’s called retreating or fleeing.

Let us examine further a historical event of overcoming a Bully, nothing demonstrates the power of supernatural belief over the physical like the depiction of David and Goliath especially in the area of supernatural effects, those just under the skin.

What must have gone through Goliath’s mind, and maybe even that dark hole which represents his heart, when David walked out there unto the battle plane? And we might even possibly take a glance at what may have been going on supernaturally, in and around the environment. Remember on a quantum level Goliath is only slightly bigger than the smallest virus, but in the eyes of all the people then he was a monster not only in star but reputation. Then up steps a boy!

So when Goliath saw someone step up and faced him, even just a boy moving towards him rather than away, most likely doubt from witnessing something new and yet unseen must have at least tickled the edges of his senses. It wasn’t tickling the hordes in the supernatural cronies watching, for the wave of force that shot through their ranks most assuredly shook them to their black bones. We can call it a wave of righteous fear, a blast of truth that would mimic the initial blast of an atomic bomb in the supernatural. Kind of like, suddenly lighting a flair in a dark cave.

Goliath was bigger than anyone, so fighting from a height advantage in downward blows allowed him to engage much stronger muscle groups than having to fight upward. Goliath was used to only forward motion, using his imposing size, weight, and great strength to do most of his work for him. Most of the people he had ever fought by the time he caught up to them, they were so afraid they barely offered any resistance, merely laid there and whimpered as the Bully dished out his cruel blows.

When David stood his ground, the increased advantage, even if it had been but a slight decreasing effect on Goliath, was a decrease none-the-less! Anyone who participates in any kind of top sports activity, or fighting, will tell you momentum is a powerful thing, and when someone starts a downward or decreasing trend, it is ultimately coupled with some kind of loss and or pain.

Next, David not only took Goliath’s insults and threats but laughed at them and responded with his own, backed by the power of the Creator of the Universe! Oops! Suddenly Goliath’s words that usually made his opponents quiver, made this person laugh, but notice Goliath wasn’t laughing, he was to busy shaking from The Lion’s Roar, the flash of blinding light, he just heard! Something was seriously wrong here for Goliath, and for the first time in his life, he might have even felt that cold chill going up his spine, and if he wasn’t, he should have been!

Momentum shifting from Goliath moving forward his whole life, to being suddenly held in check, someone stepping up, the great Goliath shrinking in stature, and getting less than expected result from his threats, even resulting in further diminishing on the bullies part. Momentum had definitely shifted!

Goliath threw out his last desperate comments, trying to weaken David with statements such as; “You come at me like a dog, with a stick.” His comment was not as much of a joke, but a feeble attempt to assure everyone watching and maybe even himself that what he saw with his own eyes wasn’t reality, lies, they love to spout their lies even up to the end, for it was designed to make David believe he is ill-equipped to the task. But really who is trying to convince, because God Himself who created everything equipped David with everything he needed to overcome, and Goliaths negative energies spouting out of his yap would no effect in the brightened illuminated realms of Davids realized truths.

David’s faith and the trust he had everything he would need from God to defeat this man, threw the insult right back stating that Goliath’s weapons were nothing compared to that of the Living God. And if Goliath’s eyes weren’t wide with fear at the power of these words, they were the moment the giant took but a single step forward and David started running straight towards him!

At every turn, victory was accomplished, and the actual deliverance had not even been dealt out yet. In everyone’s eyes, natural and in the supernatural, there was no doubt as to the sudden cease and immediate reversal of the momentum.

But the moment they registered the blast of light created by the image of someone actually attacking Goliath, many a troop probably were so gripped in paralyzing oppression, that they were too busy protecting their soft underbellies in some kind of fetal self-comfort, to even pick up the sword and shield that lied only hands reach from them. I can hardly imagine the hot blast that must have flowed over them like boiling anointing oil as the demon horde immediately stopped the attack, withdrawing into their own defensive positioning at the sign of the sudden and direct momentum shift exploding in front of them, like the explosion a thousand suns or bright holy light!

I can almost hear thousands of smaller demons squealing and running in every direction almost immediately as the light went on! “A Scattering of the Roaches” does apply here very nicely! There must have also been an immediate chaotic withdrawing of the more herd animal type troops, first pulling back hard and then maybe interlocking the shields in some kind of desperate counter defensive. This had no doubt, sent that physical twinge up the spine of not only Goliath but all of the Philistine troops assembled, cold and lonely was it’s chill as all the supernatural dark forces they had so depended on were running like frightened bugs. A direct opposite the counter anointing, the refreshing warmth that thrusts power and confidence into the souls and bodies of the Israeli army, as they saw fear manifest in the eyes of their enemies, the empowerment that confidence grants erupt in their very hearts.

But I also know when David charged, any demons of herd animal status, the entire front lines, dropped everything and ran, even trampling those who were not as fortunate to get out of the way. That’s what herd animals do when someone charges. Ripples of fear and fiery Godly retribution sent choking shivers through the remaining demonic soldiers, and this feeling was backed by the power and presence of the God who created the universe.

The Stone, the hurdling of the rock, the spoken manifestation, the small representation of the word of God, even in its simplest form, was all it took to open the floodgates of God’s deliverance. David could have thrown anything, the giant was already doomed, but throwing the simplest small seemingly insignificant thing out a single small piece of the Word was all it took. This is a clear demonstration of even the slightest smallest word in the quantum realm can be spoken against any giants when backed by the belief of truth resulting in the same effect and likewise vanquishing of darkness.

Once contact was made result was immediate and sealed. Down onto his face, Goliath fell, back exposed, demons of all ranks were running for their lives, very much emulated in the natural as the armies of the Philistine who also broke and ran.

By Peter Colla

“Lord help us see the lies that would place us in fear, gain the wisdom to look to You, and realize the strength to stand up to the Bully and fight.”

For more information about our books such as Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” or soon to be released; Quantum Ascension In Health, Wellness, and Healthcare contact Anna and Peter at

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