Cleaning Out Cobwebs In My Soul

As I sit in the group of young believers in the beautiful mountain town of Pagosa Springs, I find us waiting patiently for the Lord to descend on this meager band. I say young, being from ages of mere adults to seventy plus years on this earth. I guess if we consider, we will all have endless millennium to yet live, even a seventy or so life span, would be but a blink in the totality of what is to come.

First of all does He descend, as so many of us eager Christians have been led to believe by a church who presents to us the interpretation of His Word, or is He ever present?

I believe the latter, as any good Father would do, sometimes just keeping his face just out of our immediate sight, for one purpose and one alone, to promote our growth. As to when He does show up, in a more experiential way; 1) He will manifests His presence in a real way when we present ourself as a pure and unblemished sacrifice to Him, or two) He just shows up when ever He feels like it, as to benefit the Kingdom.

The long weekend had been a mixed bag of mountain top experiences, mostly finding us serving the needs of various peoples longing to taste a bite of the feast that we have been so privileged to dine. When I say serve, each of us rests in, better yet takes upon themselves, the privilege of service. How sweet is the taste of service for the Kingdom, especially when you are in the service of the King, and not only yourself.

Splintered off into various fractions of the whole group, each in his turn being drawn into the conversations of which weaves the fabric of the lives of those who have come to visit.

As guests come, these interactions propel us into a realm of His word, commissioning’s occur; coins are handed to officers in