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Children of the Morning Sun, Chapter 2: Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

Children of the Morning Sun

Hands and feet ache, so much so, that they can hardly walk anywhere else. Where would they go? For they are right in the place, doing exactly what they have been told to, by the very rulers they have submitted to for generations. And where would they go anyway, there is nowhere apparent they can go for relief, all the teachers are telling them to just sit still and drink the drops or eat the bits of dirty filthy blackened waste they are given as food, eat the black tar that is given, for everybody knows from death it comes and to death, it is meant to bring. But what other choice do they have, do not the experts tell them; It is what is done?

Some of the children even use their hands to produce the tar-like substance, carrying it, selling it, sometimes even shoving down weaker smaller children’s mouths regardless if they want it or not. These are traders and they trade for their own food, more of the same black muck, their hands are stained dark with the deed, more so their eyes, for dark have they become in their own sympathies or lack thereof for what they are doing.

These beautiful children all just seem to get sicker the longer they sit, and while a few do pop up occasionally and seem to improve, the majority just fall back down, failing from another issue different but unusually similar to the previous one suffered.

He gets up and starts walking along, slow oh so slow at first, not even knowing completely why he is walking or even the direction for sure he needs to go, or even remotely starting to fathom the infinite life that may await? He says to a few of the children within earshot, “Get up and walk to the hill nearby, I think we could drink of that clear brook, eat of the small herb that is growing on the bank, I think I see one sitting quietly, peacefully, and perfectly in the sun, it looks good so it must be good?”

“Don’t you realize the very food you are eating is causing you to feel the hunger pain, the dark dirty water is making you sick?”

“The fact that you use your hands for the wrong work, collecting the wrong things, is causing them to ache, and your feet are twisted and sore from you sitting on them in your foolishness. Lift up your heads and straighten your bent backs, it is but a short climb.”

Suddenly and for the few that listen, the pains of the sword diminish and the strength of healing flows through their body like the warmth of the summer sun on cold wind frosted skin. Merely by looking up, spitting out the tar, or walking in the right direction, life’s blood suddenly flows back into their bodies, into their feet, color returns, and the stiffness with its pain screams fade. The shadows that seemed to cover their faces immediately disappear, no they flee.

The herbs are everywhere ripe and eager to be picked, their taste a perfected blend of everything they know they need to satisfy the desires of their bodies need. Some of the children partake of this colored flower, others another, but each seems to know exactly which one is the right one for them. The sun revealed it clearly in the mountains. With each cupped handful of clear cool water, they drink, and they become more and more refreshed, like taking a river of pure water and cleaning the muddy floor with it, the darkness of years of stain washes away in but a moment.

Oh, how they give loving smiles and speak thankfulness for the water they drink. One can almost hear the soft rumbling sounds of the water in response, waves rolling softly on the shores of life’s warm sands. A child can almost hear the soft rumbling sound of thankfulness in the water as it too is being used as God intended from even unto creation.

Each child experiences healing in their own unique manner and at various moments along the path of which they have picked up their mats and started to walk along. The minute they moved towards the new direction, ideas, and dreams flow from the mouths of the children in exhilaration as they marvel at the diversity and majesty of a world they only moments before hardly realized existed.

Spirits before that were hardly aware of anything but the tar, sitting in tear and doubt, now start to believe they can actually get better, where painful paralysis once lied, now the same spirit fly. the world seems so bright and fresh, new as a baby’s sweet breath.

Many of the young children run back and tell others of the wisdom they have heard, some even bring the nourishment back. The disease that they all were told was incurable, flees their bodies like cockroaches fleeing when the light is suddenly turned on, and murmurs of despair are replaced with sudden smiles and voices of happiness, hope, and faith.

Understanding the relative structures of why some people get diseases and others don’t especially when considering not only the effects of sickness but the cause, it is important for a person to set aside everything we have been taught regarding sicknesses and open our minds to a new and more complete understanding of the sickness process as a whole.

Sicknesses are the result of outside attacks on the healthy perfectly created structures or systems of our body, and simply stated it is no different than basically the results of us swimming around in filthy water, and then getting polluted.

Rebellion finds itself in many forms, great and small, in large social environments even entire countries, and as small as in the very cells that inhibit our own social structures that form our bodies. The rebellion is not the sickness, it is the product of the prompting the sickness causes, rebellion is the reaction.

When a twig is bent enough it finally snaps, it is no more the twig’s fault or the break itself these are merely reactions to the forces being pressed upon it from outside.

Chapter 2 of my book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” by Peter Colla available for free download on our website:

This book is a compilation of twenty-five years of experiences, witnessed healings, and examples of how placing God’s Word and truths into the health care environment healing is available to everyone free of payment or ritual stipulation. 

A look at the healing process from a Quantum level examination along with a Therapist’s application of using these truths to facilitate Spiritual Ascension, Health and Wellness in your own life. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day another chapter of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter and translate them for free distribution in multiple languages. 

“Freely these gifts have been given to me, and freely I give them on to others.”

Over the last thirty-five years, my wife and I have given everything we have to bring the truth to the many Patients we have had presented before us. Yet God clearly stated; “if you freely give to others it will be given back to you, but not without persecutions.”

My first wife and unborn child were taken from me on the eve of the birth of our second daughter, by who I have come to now know to be the Cabal, thank God I never gave up on God or faith. Finally, twenty-five years later He restored to me all the love that was taken. I believe we are in a time of restoration for all who look to God.

Revelation, Justice, and Restoration

Bless You

Peter and Anna Colla

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