Breaking Of Bread, What Could Be So Delicious?

A golden loaf of light browns and earthly tans, crusted flakes, out from the warmth that bursts from within. Light goes in, binds to the essence of the pure white grain that rest under the surface, wrapping it’s arms around the bread that will not give, but sustain life. Heat, warm light, God’s created gift of being presented to the body for the nourishing of its parts, given by God for all parts equally, needed and free with love.

There is just a singe on the bottom where the bread came in contact with the fire baked stones, heat and fire to erupt the life generating processes that expand this wonderful gift of God from mere elements of the earth. Life within life, grain, yeast, water, a touch of salt, and oil, all the gifts any part might need.

He broke the bread gave it to his deciples and said;

“Take this, all of you and eat of it, for this is my body, my body which has been given for you.”

“Take this and eat, in remembrance of me.”

The bread was broken and given to all, everyone present took a piece, receiving all they needed, all that could be given by the bread.