Ascension In Spirituality Starts With One Single Step

What I mean by this is; as a person concentrates on more basic things such as the needs of the world, especially health care concerns, and we will use for the purpose of this illustration “the sore little toe?” I have seen this particular issue manifest itself in patients especially when they are having acute symptoms and/or are under direct spiritual attack.

As a person concentrates continuously on the “sore little toe” it is difficult if not impossible for the same person to place their eyes let alone their attention on anything else. No need to talk to the same person about anything even remotely spiritual, they will absolutely not hear you.

With these people, it is of utmost importance to remove their attention even if it is for a moment from the all encompassing “little toe” that has dominated their whole life or soul (the same thing by the way). But of course taking steps in spiritual ascension is the most important, and absolute if there is any chance for the person to obtain healing.