Armor On Time; My Name Is Infirmity

Helmet on, Chest gear which includes a new and very secure Harness, Tools of action including many cams, nuts, quick draws, everything he needs to help with victory. Weapon of choice, the pickax grappling hook dangling securely from his belt. Oh one last thing, the thing he needs most to Shield against certain defeat, good strong and safe rope.

Standing before the lone crest, is a solitary man looking up at the massive formation that looms ahead of him, so broad the arms of it’s mass, his wits breadth can not hope to hold, so tall in his mind staring down at him, taunting him, he is yet just beginning to fathom the power and scope of the task that rests before him.

Last chance, he could turn back now, nobody would be the wiser? Sure, he could find any number of excuses that could satisfy any who would inquire, rational excuses that would appease everyone but the one who resides in his own mind, for whatever excuse this time he uses to turn, he will himself always know the truth, that any and all excuses are just that; bail-outs designed to excuse the last remnant of rational thought before he takes on the impossible.

“Well I guess that’s it, I’m going!” he says with less of resound and more of hopeful anticipation. Up he goes!

Hours in, that seem like weeks, he presses face down against the hot stone, a clenching hold on to her like a long lost lover, and while he holds for his dear life, the adoration of her is only measured by the adrenaline produced with the ever present chance of certain death. If but one rock releases, one slip of foothold, a single clip falters, a death is most assured to follow, but this fear yet dims in comparison hopefully to the ecstasy of overcoming.

Conquering this giant of a mountain, pushing a lifetimes fear behind, is about as easy as facing the creatures that looms under the bed in our childhood dreams. As was in this man, and I would venture in any, before there is a unsettling desire to first conquer said giant, he has to come to the realization that there was such a one even out there.

Spotting the mountain in the recesses of our desires, those that may push us one way or that, and hold us back from going yet another, that looming presence that chains us back from accomplishing those mountaintop experiences that sit on the path of our destiny, finally reaching those cloud shrouded dominions that some only hope to find in the safety of dreams, has gotten to be one of the quintessential discoveries and subsequent victories God has designed in us from times birth.

He clears the fear from his mind and wills a covering to stop those thoughts from entering.