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All I Want From Christmas Is You

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Morning on the dawn of another day, not just another, a new day, fresh in its undiscovered slender, a completely new creation like none other before it, a gift wrapped in the golden ribbons of the new morning suns’ light dancing majestically across perfectly painted scenes. What would God give his child today, as the eyes open to the faintest first speckles of mornings light softly bouncing across infinite peddles of each of the created flowers in the perfect garden of this child’s soul?

A question of yet discovery, for in this season of celebration, the birthday of His Son, the Great Giver wraps each of His gifts and lays them under the branches of the tree of life, granting the peace and protection of calm revery. What might I give to God for His birthday this year?

Oh, how many days have come and passed hardly noticed for their individual perfected brilliance, each a new masterpiece of created erected hues of dazzling colors and perfectly blended hues resting in the forefront, their light enhanced high lights reflect and contrast the shadows that hide behind, symphonies of gentle tones pirouette their perfect steps in sweet morning sounds of Gods gentlest natures creatures sing their praises for the new day.

The thought in my head, a sweet song, singing and playing as sweet as a child, quietly but comforting, as lay in conformable rest warm under the blanket of yet another gift from God. I snuggled up next to creation manifested in perfected love, my wife next to me, I hear a song softly playing in the hallways of the house God created for me this mansion of many rooms, this garden I know in my mind as my soul. Her gentle breaths and the realization of life perfected beauty, but that is not the song in my head for this one is the answer to my first question; “What might I give to God for His birthday this year?”, and the song gently playing over and over in my head is; “All I want from Christmas is you”.

As a father myself I think about my own children and the realization that I have truly been given everything I could ever want from a Father who loves me, knowing this but also knowing my own children express their own wish to give in this season, I realize in one splendid moment that this is the truest and perfect answer to such a perplexing thought. For truly all I do want for Christmas this year from each of them is them, to see them, to hear them, to experience them even if but a moment.

The face of my daughter brushes before my eye even as I hear this song repeating in my head the answer to my own question even as I speak it, yes it is true all I want for Christmas this in Gods perfectly created Grace, is you.

By Peter Colla

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