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Adrenochrome; Could It Be The Mark Of The Beast

I vaguely remember back around the time of our countries Bicentennial, there was an increased Revelations interpretation of the then signs of the times, speaking of the many facts and the deciphering of prophecies spoken of in Revelations. This manifested itself into exactly what the various symbolic representations of John’s visions meant, how they were demonstrated in that particular time, even how various technological advances could only be interpreted to mean the return of Christ, along with the exact meaning the dread of the evil mark of the beast signified within itself was unquestionable. 

The unanimous thought was the ultimate acceptance of this mark more importantly resulted in a voluntary relinquishing of God and a sort of bowing down to Satan that was unmistakable as well as irrevocable, of this fact nobody seemed to dispute. 

This is not to say the Dark Entities that would plan such things would love nothing else but to corral a large portion of mankind especially the innocent, and they might try to develop such programs for those specific purposes. But God in His infinite wisdom has placed fail-safes into the physical universe that protect innocent people especially from plots and plans evil-doer may design to remove from his children their options of free will. In such a case their plans would never work, God is in control.

Maybe it is for these reasons that recently I have seen various aspects of what is being shown in the furthest hidden recesses of hell on earth, the revelations of human trafficking, the trafficking of small children, the vast as well as unbelievable dark reasons why such acts could occur? I have to admit my self, as much as I have researched in the past the darkness that hides behind human trafficking and its connection to satanism or sex trafficking, I could not fathom that it could be of such numbers worldwide to warrant the then-candidate Donald Trump mentioning combating human trafficking, needing it to be on the forefront of his Presidential docket. Nor after his election the need to actually send in multiple warships into the Caribbean to battle drug and human trafficking?

Apparently, this chemical compound not only has life-improving qualities such as making women appear younger more womanly, men more masculine, muscular, and young, but apparently along with its many age reducing and disease healing attributes it renders upon the user an intense almost uncontrollable high which is immediately and completely addictive, many thousand times higher than the strongest heroine. Making it as well the most expensive and addictive drug in history, and thus making it only accessible to the richest and most affluent on earth. 

Another interesting fact was the information that it was being reported whereby there was supposedly a lab in China which accounted for the worlds synthesized supply of Adrenochrome processed from the blood as it was harvested from children and then distributed. The same lab apparently the COVID-19 virus was developed in Wuhan. It was also reported at this time that the supply was cut off, but shortly before, the last few months of supply of Adrenochrome was allowed to be shipped out but was “Marked” with a specific, non-transmittable, and particular strain of COVID whereby if anyone used this substance their body would be forever “Marked” by this virus, and all the authorities would have to do is test the blood and a person would be revealed if they were an Adrenochrome user or not?

Immediately when I heard this and the fact that it was referred to as being “Marked,” I had an “Amen” thought in my spirit about the Mark of the Beast. Perhaps this was what John was referring to when he said anyone who took the Mark, they would be damned.

Ritualistic drinking of human blood and eating of human flesh is nothing new to this world, and while Hollywood may want to somehow desire to shirk it off as artistic or hip, there is no doubt the connection to the darkest aspects of devil worshiping or satanism that seems to be the driving force behind these activities. 

I think a person would already have to be insane to even think about drinking the blood or eating the flesh of a traumatized child.

There are also references in Revelations about the mark would be clearly visible on their hand/wrist or their forehead/face, and at first, this only seemed like some kind of coincidence, I also began to realize that people who commonly use this drug clearly show signs of it on their hands, but especially that it causes them to develop black eyes about the time when the drug’s effect is wearing off.

The atrocities that seem to be insinuated in reference to what these beasts must do in order to facilitate the production of Adrenochrome in abducted children are almost too unthinkable to imagine let alone speak of. I believe it is in reference to these act though that Jesus himself stated; “All sins could be forgiven, except those against the holy spirit.” What if he is referring to holy spirits as those that reside in children? 

He also said; “It would be better a millstone is tied around your neck and you were cast in the abyss, then to hurt one of these little ones.” 

The President did sign into executive order a mandatory death sentence to anyone involved in or benefiting from the abduction and trafficking of children.

I believe that anyone who places Adrenochrome to their lips must know in advance not only what they are doing and their choices but know full well where it comes from. They must in essence be willing to sell their souls to Satan in order to partake. 

Those children that were abducted, raped, and even killed for their blood, for the innocence of their blood, the only good news is that try as they might, evil cannot hold onto the light. While these demon-possessed animals that hunt our children may benefit for a short time from the physical essence of such pure spirits as little children, the essence that is spiritual cannot be held by darkness thus resulting in an immediate return to God the Father. 

The souls of the innocent are Martyrs for Christ, and we who are believers, who have lost family, loved ones, a friend through the greed of a few blood drinkers, we will have our vengeance, we will see them again in the next life because our vengeance rests with God. 

God has created the very mechanism that was their lust, has become the Mark of their death.

“The Mark of the Beast”

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord, I pray for our great President Trump and the many brave Warriors that are working around the globe to free the innocent children that have been taken. Free them, protect them, and bless them as you authorize your army of avengers to bring a real plague down on the perpetrators of the horror of child trafficking.”

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