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Adam is in Everything

Science will tell us that we are merely a conglomerate of energy; particles of negative charges revolving around positive ones with a few neutral ones thrown in there for good nature. Isn’t God wonderful, everything in His creation from the largest to the smallest mimics each other, and ultimately Him, as to place His perfect design on the fingerprints of everything we may take the time to look at, and then hopefully give Him the glory for the creation.

In my own observations positive particles or in this case people with truly positive spirits, those who have a Good God dwelling within, rest in a balance of secure stability knowing where they are, and more importantly where they are going, having a sense of balance in the cosmos. Neutral particles can come in close proximity to the positive ones, close but not quite touching, there is no fear, no repulsion, just calm acceptance with a mutual dance of a subtle rotation. Their relationships, even though seemingly held together with threads of a seemingly insignificant and immeasurable force, this force although seems to be blessed with energies of unfathomable consequence, as though the creator himself placed an enormous amount of importance that these bonds, the same force when split would produce enough power to topple all the creations of men.

But not so with the negative ones that circle at a distance, always in motion, unsure of where they are at any particular time, flying around in multiple looping chaotic ovals that speak more of irregularity and nervousness then anything remotely stable. These small almost inconsequential particles, and I say almost, because each while taken on it’s own merit from a worldly standpoint, seem unimportant, being tiny, easily replaced, and prone to chaotic and irrational behavior. They are constantly jumping around from one place to another in a haphazard exchange of static irritation. The energy exchange of this static irritation is minor on a one to one basis, requiring these little pathetic particles to join forces with many of their cohorts in order to issue any kind of measurable effect. In contrary to their positive brothers, the negative one’s must join in incalculable quantity of others to make an effect that might mimic the power of the positive one’s, such as seen in a lightning bolt, even a small discharge from the nucleus has a broader and more permanent effect on it’s surroundings when splits occur.

And what is further interesting is that the negative particles are repelled by the positive one’s, no the negative ones flee from the positive ones, because the positive particles remain stationary and its the negative particles that leave. “And darkness looked upon light comprehending it not, darkness fled!”

Let us suppose that these particles are nothing more the composites of electromagnetic oscillations, as science would have us believe, which is the very same kind of energy that makes up sound. And to further stretch our limit of faith in their suppositions, science would have us believe that these incredibly small particles which relative to their size orbit at incredible distances from each other; It has been supposedly scientifically proven, for example, if a standard proton of a nucleus of an atom was merely the size of a basketball and it sat in Chicago, the closest electron would be the size of a pea and be the distance to Kansas City away. But somehow they are being held together by some immeasurable force, attractions so strong that they can form bonds that are strong as diamonds, making them somehow also impenetrable to blending of other unwanted visitors, even through these large gaps, these pea size so called insignificant creations.

But the bonds of the positive ones, the likes of which when mere grams are split, not destroyed, but their initial bond split, form altered, discharge energy of a caliber so magnificent it can take out entire cities of things man built. It was material the size of a penny that fuels atomic bombs. “What God has brought together, let no man bring apart!”

And all of this magnificent power a result of something equivalent to the spoken Word. Wow, if the Bible is merely the writings of men, what genius that these men, for they knew without the aid of modern instrumentation and centuries of learned reference that the universe was “Spoken” into creation. So Moses with out the advantage of thousands of years years of our so called evolved intelligence was able to guess that everything was created from sound, when he wrote “God SAID let there be…”, and we are supposed to believe this was a random guess on his part not inspired by God Himself, I think not!

Everything that is seen, touched, smelled or tasted, can speak to the glory of God, if one will just take the time and look close, even science.

By Peter Colla

“Open my eyes Lord Jesus to Your every wonder, Your every Word, in all of the creation that resides around me.”

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